Classics Turkey: fires controlled around a threatened thermal power station

20:55  04 august  2021
20:55  04 august  2021 Source:   lepoint.fr

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  Turquie: incendies maîtrisés autour d'une centrale thermique menacée © AFP

L Firefighters in Turkey managed to master Wednesday the lights encircled a thermal power plant in the south of the country, while fires "unprecedented "Rugged for more than a week in this agricultural and tourist region.

The Milas Thermal Power Plant has been spared by the flames thanks to two bomber aircraft sent by Spain and helicopters, which spilled seawater on the wooded peaks and nearby residential areas.

A team of the AFP in Milas saw forest workers dig trenches around the central threatened to protect her from the flames.

Most fires could be extinguished in Milas and only white fumes rose behind the hills near the central Wednesday afternoon.

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"The security forces have asked us to evacuate the village, but we stayed," said AFP an electrician from the region, posing under the name of Ersoy. "I did not think to run away. Otherwise, there would be no one to turn off or contain the fire," he said.

The Mayor of Milas, elected from the main opposition party, said the hydrogen tanks used to cool the plant had been emptied and filled with water as a precautionary measure.

"I'm going to cry rage," Tweeted Tuesday the Mayor, Muhammet Tokat, who had asked during his many television interventions that a bombardier plane was directed to Milas, in vain.

More than 170 fires ravaged forests and farmland, as well as inhabited areas on the Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coasts since last Wednesday, making eight dead.

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Fires also seriously affected the tourist sites that had recently been able to resume their activities after months of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the satellite surveillance service of the European Union, the "radiative power" fires in Turkey has reached an intensity "without previous" since 2003.

Interview Wednesday of President

The Turkish government is the target of criticism because of its management of the crisis and the lack of water bombers.

The opposition reproached the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to have failed to maintain his fleet of bombers of water and to have taken time to accept international aid.

The Turkish Head of State also sparked the anger of many Turks on social networks for throwing tea bags to confused residents when he visited the city of Marmaris, affected by the fires, with a strong escort. Police last weekend.

Turkey. Tourists and local residents evacuated to flee fires in southern country

 Turkey. Tourists and local residents evacuated to flee fires in southern country © Erdem Sahin / EPA-EFE Firefighters try to extinguish a forest fire in a rural area in Mugla, Turkey, July 31, 2021. Foreign tourists and Turkish residents have been evacuated from their hotels and domiciles on Sunday 1st August 2021 in southern Turkey to the progress of fires that have been ravaging the country for five days and made six deaths.

Faced with the rise of criticism, Mr. Erdogan decided to give an interview on a national channel on Wednesday night.

In the first days of fires, pro-government media columnists had accused the Kurdistan workers' party (PKK), an organization considered terrorist by Turkey and its Western allies, to be behind fires.

But the authorities now cite the extreme heat wave that continues to hit the south of Turkey.

According to experts, climate change in countries like Turkey increases the frequency and intensity of forest fires.

The Turkish Minister of Agriculture, Bekir Pakdemirli, stated that temperatures in the Aegean city of Marmaris reached a historic record of 45.5 degrees this week.

"We lead a very serious war," said the minister to journalists. "We have to keep our morale and our motivation. I urge everyone to be patient," he added.

04/08/2021 18:46:50 - Milas (Turkey) (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

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