Classics in pictures. In Rennes, a street-art ride in Colombier

12:39  08 august  2021
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near Rennes. This weekend, the crazy herbal project in Tizé

 near Rennes. This weekend, the crazy herbal project in Tizé © Dr. Artists Louis Guillaume, Anas Benghanem, Loan Nguyen Thanh Lan graduates of the Master of Trades of the exhibition of Rennes 2, Mathilde Moreau and Pauline Thoër invited three Young artists in the field of Tizé, who will present their creations around plant resilience. crazy herbs is the fruit of a week of creation at the field of Tizé, in Cesson-Sévigné ( Ille-et-Vilaine ).

À chaque œuvre, Aurélie Debris raconte le projet de l’artiste, mais aussi la façon dont elle a été réalisée. © West-France at each work, Aurélie Debris tells the artist's project, but also the way it was done.

The Teenage Kicks association organizes a walk every Saturday in the Colombier district, in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), to discover a dozen works of Street-Art. The opportunity to discover the works of the Teenage Kicks festival.

Devant l’école du Colombier, Aurélie Debris raconte les coulisses de l’œuvre de Loraine Motti. © West-France In front of the Colombier School, Aurélie Debris tells the scenes of the work of Loine Motti.

In the Colombier district, Rennes ( Ille-et-Vilaine ), Aurélie Debris advance with a small group of people by his side. "What does this work represent for you? , she asks her audience. The cultural mediator, who works with the Teenage Kicks association, organized, on Saturday, August 7, 2021, a particular visit. She made the works of Street-Art discover the neighborhood. "The idea is to make known murals and graffitic paintings and the Rennais. We started this activity at the end of the confinement of the spring 2020. We realized that people wanted to reclaim the public space.

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Le collectif Moromo a peint une œuvre en hommage au cycliste rennais Louison Gobet. © West-France The Moromo collective painted a work in tribute to the cyclist Rennais Louison Gobet.

An entry into

the visit begins at the street car park of the 7th-Regiment-d'Autillery, opposite the Wall of Fame, where several graffitiors have released their spray. Aurélie Debris tells the story of this wall along railway lines, Colombier boulevard, and the artists' project. An entry in matter, to start the visit.

The opportunity to discover the works of the festival organized by Teenage Kicks every two years, whose most recent have just been completed at the end of July.

On the edge of the elementary school, the young woman stops. "I do not know you, but I make me think of the universe of dreams. The work in question is a painting of the artist Lyonnaise Lorraine Motti, on a large facade of the school. A discussion then takes place with the four visitors. In this dialogue, Aurélie will give the secrets: the techniques used by the artist, the choice of the wall, the duration of his establishment ...

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Derrière le Cinéville, Nélio a réalisé une fresque de 450 m². © West-France behind the Cinéville, Néio made a fresco of 450 m².

"The ride is very rewarding"

"I learn a lot , whisper Caroline. It was the school of my two daughters, so it's funny. This resident of Rennes, who lived ten years in the Colombier district, came "to discover this aspect of the district" . She likes "interactivity. The ride is very rewarding ".

The ride continues behind the shopping center car park. There, Séverine observes the painting of the collective Moromo, in tribute to the cyclist Rennais Louison Gobet. "This allows to see the city from another angle " , entrusts Rennes. She came with a lyonnaise and wanted "do an outdoor activity " .

Sur l’autre façade du Cinéville, Fortness a réalisé un graff avec son personnage emblématique Teddy troop. © West-France on the other facade of Cinéville, Fortness realized a graff with his iconic Teddy Troop character.

Next step, the old building of Cinéville. The artist Néio has made a fresco of 450 m² on the facade. "Depending on the light, the colors of the fresco can be different " , observes the cultural mediator. Caroline outbreak: "Yes, gray is now clearer! , while a ray of sunshine goes there. The walk lasts two hours and ends on the Colombier slab.

until 4 September, walk every Saturday at 3 pm Price: 5 €, booking mandatory.

INSIDE / OUT: In Bayonne, Street Art admits on the walls but also in gallery .
"Inside / Out" is a collective exhibition of ten invited artists as part of the Street Art Festival "points of view". Bayonne and its surroundings turn into an open pit museum and prestigious case for a movement that continues to grow. To see until 14 November at Didam, a contemporary art space of the city. © provided by FranceInfo on the walls, in galleries, Street Art is everywhere in Bayonne. And especially in the Didam, the city's contemporary space for the exhibition Inside / OUT .

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