Classics Corvette after fire repairable! Callaway at the Sachsenring

19:50  14 september  2021
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Mercedes G-Class SUV is quickest to fly off dealer lots

  Mercedes G-Class SUV is quickest to fly off dealer lots The boxy Benz managed to beat out other hot sellers like the C8 Corvette for that top spot.You probably think that it'd be something affordable and practical like a Honda or Toyota , but no, the car in the US that spends the least amount of time on dealer lots as of May 2021 is none other than the Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV.

Die Schäden an der Corvette sind nicht so übel wie man hätte befürchten können © Alexander Trienitz The damage to the Corvette are not so bad how to fear

"We will be there at the Sachsenring!" Callaway Managing Director Ernst Woehr tells 'Motorsport-Total.com' the redeeming message: The CORVETTE C7 GT3-R, which stood at the Lausitzring in flames has survived the fire with relatively low damage and becomes the fifth race weekend of the ADAC GT Masters be there again.

The team started on Monday to disassemble the Boliden in Leingarten and cleanse from the fire foam. It turned out that more components have remained intact when the scary pictures had expected on Sunday.

The most important news is that the chassis has remained intact. The team had already feared the worst on site, as the flames were very high. That spoke for a great heat development, causing the frame to stiffness. However, a first analysis showed that the chassis can be used.

Marc Marquez for the first time really fit: breakthrough at the Sachsenring?

 Marc Marquez for the first time really fit: breakthrough at the Sachsenring? © REPSOL Media Honda-Pilot Marc Marquez sees himself physically again at the height on the Sachsenring Marc Marquez can look back on a unique performance series. For the last ten races that the Spaniard has driven on this route, he won: 2010 in the 125-class, 2011/12 in the Moto2 and from 2013 to 2019 in the MotoGP. In addition, he started every time from the pole position.

Of course, this still means a significant effort, both in working technically and financially. "We currently capture all parts we need. What we need exactly everything will show up if we have expanded and tested everything," says Wöhr.

The engine is expanded and replaced by a substitute unit. This is penalized in the ADAC GT Masters as long as the change is not on the race weekend. The replacement motor is reinforced and can be used from the Sachsenring.

The unit affected by the fire will be precisely checked for a motor builder. Callaway is optimistic in this regard, because the engine was still running during the fire until Jeffrey Schmidt stopped him (which speaks in view of the situation for Schmidt).

The interior has been spared by the fire, just the front left wheel house and the engine compartment have made a lot. A completely new harness is being installed.

One point where the team is still hoping that everything is alright, the cardan shaft is because this is a very expensive part. Since the fire has worn on the left and the shaft is centrally located, one may be careful here.

BOP ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring: Beat for Corvette and BMW .
© Alexander Trienitz All cars are faster, Corvette and BMW slower bad news for Callaway Competition and Schubert Motorsport: Before the start of the "Hot Phase" in the ADAC GT Masters has The GT3 maternal organization sro severely punished the Corvette C7 GT3-R. While all other vehicles of the German GT championship receive a better classification on the Lausitzring, the Corvette must shut down and the BMW will be able to paint something.

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