Classics Firefox Suggest: So the Mozilla Tool should facilitate the search in the network

19:50  16 september  2021
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Firefox picks up another tool for search completion in its repertoire - and is a rather untypical step. Mozilla sucht bei seinem Browser Firefox sucht nach neuen Wegen. © Shutterstock / Monticello Mozilla is looking for his browser Firefox looking for new ways.

The Mozilla Browser Firefox recently turned out in an report of the company as a problem child: the number of users had declined significantly over a longer period of time. Now Mozilla wants to increase the user-friendliness in the browser search function by a new feature. The function is first tested in the USA.

What does Firefox Suggest?

Under the name "Firefox Suggest", Mozilla introduces an extension that complements existing components. So far, Firefox proposes the most popular additions to the "Search Suggestions" function, which are typed in the search line. For the so-called "Address Bar AutoComplete", users can also complement their addresses in the address bar on the basis of information such as bookmarks and browser curls to complete addresses.

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For Firefox Suggest, the provider works now with partners and proposes certain destinations below the most popular searches, which match the topic . For example, Firefox displays appropriate Wikipedia entries, Pocket articles and reviews. In addition, the proposals include "credible contents of sponsored, audited partners and trusted organizations", it says in the release notification of the company - who seeks for example after a specific garment, could in the suggestions for the search directly an offer Get from Ebay.

One also work on context-oriented proposals. Overall, the innovations should make the viewfinder more efficient and faster. The new proposals would initially offer in the US as an option for a part of the uses.

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attacks Mozilla for Firefox Suggest on more data?

Firefox, for example, has been blocked by the of certain tracking cookies again and again that user data in the network should only be collected transparent and to certain standards. For the new suggestions for search requests, however, Firefox would also have to send more information than before to Mozilla - concretely that the respective search query, location information and how the proposed pages are used.

can be deactivated Firefox Suggest?

One continues to trade in the further development and use of the search feature according to the company's privacy principles, it is said in the message of Firefox, the use of the data should be handled transparent. Who definitely does not want to use the new feature after its introduction or only restricted, but also finds an detailed manual in the support area of ​​Firefox.

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