Classics No mentality? Bochum boss defends itself to 0: 7

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 from a spicy reason: This flidger sells the Mercedes Boss Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff throws a few of its super sports cars on the market. These sweetheart - including two Ferraris - he offers for sale. © Provided by SPORT1.DE made of a piquant reason: This flidger sells the Mercedes Boss of Mobility Change attacks in Formula 1. Sebastian Vettel sold his super sports car and acquainted himself to choosing the Greens, now Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff place in his garage.

The VfL Bochum must accept a sensitive defeat in Munich. Sport director Sebastian Schindzielorz clarifies about the situation at the newcomer.

Keine Mentalität? Bochum-Boss wehrt sich nach 0:7 © Provided by sport1.de No mentality? Bochum Boss defends himself after 0: 7

"that we are not allowed to occur, I'm going with it. But to say, we have no mentality, I do not go with me, "Sebastian Schindzielorz said a day after the fierce 0: 7 bankruptcy of the VfL Bochum at Bayern in the steelwork double pass on Sport1. (Data: Results and Schedules of the Bundesliga)

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The Sport Director of the VfL knows that the climb must vote if the league wants to be achieved: "We also have a well-rehearsed team this year, we have to come over the cohesion So go through all heights and depths. Only against Bavaria is at some point but the quality. Nevertheless, we need to perform better against other opponents. "

Attack on officials at VfL ascent: Investigations

 Attack on officials at VfL ascent: Investigations Almost four months after attacking a police officer at the rise ceremony of VfL Bochum, the police have identified a suspect. The 31-year-old man from Dortmund had placed his lawyer, said a police spokesman on Wednesday. The investigators had sought publicly with a photo after the man on Tuesday. There are several hints. © patrick pleul / eg / dpa / symbol image blue light on a police car. On May 23, fans celebrated the rise of VfL Bochum into the Football Bundesliga.

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apprenticeship at the German record champion pay, that's okay for the Bochum. But the way of defeat was the question of whether the team of coach Thomas rice is not simply lacking quality for the Bundesliga - and perhaps the experience of how chindel orientation grants.

Schindzielorz: "Always the Underdog"

"the question is: how does the VfL Bochum experience in the 1st Bundesliga? A Bundesliga player who comes to VfL Bochum and the quality demonstrably raises, it's just money. And we have to get along with our funds, which is only about the community, and a single player will not keep the VFL Bochum in class, "the 42-year-old realized. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

"Must find solutions": RB coach March takes itself into the duty

 Leipzig (SID) - Trainer Jesse Marsch takes itself in the duty in view of the unstable services from RB Leipzig himself. "We are a bit unstable, but it's my job to give the guys self-confidence and explain how the way of our football will be better," said the American in front of the home game on Saturday (18.30 / SKY) against Starter VfL Bochum.

Low financial resources, which has a lot of tradition in Bochum like a tradition like the football itself. "We have to put on key positions on continuity to get out of the very few possibilities a lot, historically we were always the Underdog. Calm is also very important in a traditional club with a very emotional environment, "summarizes Schindzielorz.

An interesting tactic does he have searching for players: "Where are the release-free players? What story do you tell? A younger player tells you something about the permeability that he can create the breakthrough in Bochum for the next step. An older one may be about connecting to the Ruhr area, the emotional. "

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Effenberg: "A piece of naivety"

and from a sporting point of view? "You have to get used to the 1st league first that you have less the ball than in the 2nd league. You have to learn that quickly, "says Felix Kroos, who finished his career in the summer, in the steelwork double pass on Sport1.

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"You have to defend better if you are with eight players in the Bavaria half and then get out of a long ball, then that's a piece of naivety," says Sport1 expert Stefan Effenberg.

If the class stop succeeds, then Bochum could establish itself permanently in the Bundesliga. The concept for this has Schindzielorz: "We have to find ways to get money in the club. We are in the development very well on the way, we have a season ticket record, sell as many jerseys as never before, the membership numbers go through the ceiling. We also try to develop the talents from their own stable. "

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Bochum wants to continue upward trend in Leverkusen .
Bundesliga returnee VfL Bochum wants to continue his sporty upward trend in away games. © Provided by sport1.de Bochum wants to continue upward trend in Leverkusen Bundesliga returnee VFL Bochum wants to continue its sporty upward trend in away games. "We have played away almost only with top teams, partly we paid a lot of apprenticeship. But I see a development," said coach Thomas rice before the game on Saturday (15.30 pm / Sky) at Bayer Leverkusen: "Of course that's back Great caliber, but w

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