Classics Hamilton world champion by collision? "I would never want to win!"

21:50  04 october  2021
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Formula 1 Concretized scholarship and internship plan for more variety

 Formula 1 Concretized scholarship and internship plan for more variety © Motorsport Images With the initiative "We Race as one" wants the formula 1 more varied as part of the initiative "we race as one" was the formula 1 in June last Annual anniversary that they will found a foundation to finance scholarships and tuition for students with a migrant background - supported by a personal donation of a million dollars of the then CEO Chase Carey.

Lewis Hamilton möchte am Ende des Jahres Max Verstappen die Hand reichen © Motorsport Images Lewis Hamilton wants to stip the hand rich

of the World Cup fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Stapen takes on dramatics, which continues the season progresses - and no one knows, in which highlight you ends. The collisions in Silverstone and in Monza may have given a taste of what could still expect us.

For now both seem in the tight duel - Hamilton only two points in front - no compromises to enter. That was different at the beginning of the season. Especially the seven-time world champion had avoided more than once a collision by not cleaning against stages - for example at the start of Imola or Barcelona.

therefore has been outdated: Mercedes explains Hamilton Start in Silverstone

 therefore has been outdated: Mercedes explains Hamilton Start in Silverstone © Motorsport Images Start to SprintQualifying in Silverstone: Stairing snaps Hamilton he had conquered the best time in qualifying and thus starting up one for sprintqualifying in Silverstone. But lost Lewis Hamilton against Max - the crucial scene in the first sprint race of the formula 1. Why is Hamilton did not succeed in defending P1 against stages? This explains Mercedes Technikchef James Allison.

"Yes, I had to go back to Max in several scenarios because otherwise there had been an accident," says Hamilton to 'ESPN'. The Briton had at that time in mind that he would crack the Red Bull in another way - for example, a later duel or about the strategy.

"That comes with the experience, and I really hope that will pay off at the end of the year," he says.

But the scenes were harder and controversial in the further season. In Silverstone, both collided in the first round, resulting in significant cracks in the relationship between Mercedes and Red Bull. Because while stapping in the hospital was, Hamilton cheered his home win fairly offensive .

Hamilton: With 25 I did not call ...

in Monza, there was the next collision rather from stages, according to the racing commiss, and that Hamilton has phoneted over pain in the neck . The Dutchman had not reported at Hamilton, unlike Silverstone, when the Mercedes pilot had grabbed the listener according to its own statement.

Mercedes wants to fight in the Tempo Temple Monza

 Mercedes wants to fight in the Tempo Temple Monza After the mood highlight in the dunes of Zandvoort, WM-leader Max Max Stappen must be made in the Tempo Temple of Monza on the counterattack of record world champion Lewis Hamilton. © Andrej Isakovic / Pool AFP / AP / DPA wants to retract his sixth victory in Monza: Mercedes-Pilot Lewis Hamilton. Some should actually speak for the silver arrows, superstar Hamilton dares in the gripping World Cup fight with stages in the Red Bull but no forecast.

"I called him to Silverstone, but I'm a lot older," says Hamilton. "It was important for me to call and break the ice." But he does not want to make a reproach Hamilton his World Cup rivals, because he gives them: "With 25 I would not have been able to do so." Alredy today.

Many see the relationship between Hamilton and stages at the latest since the incidents quite tense. But according to Hamilton, this does not correspond to the truth. He emphasizes that he does not care enmity with stages and have not changed the relationship.

Of course he knows that the environment in two opposing camps plays a big role and that people behave differently when they are in this environment as if one sees themselves personally. Also when you were to MONZA together with the commissioners, the mood had not been poisoned: "He presented his view, I mean," says Hamilton.

Main thing, all come home to your family

This is necessary to know at the Grand Prix of Russia

 This is necessary to know at the Grand Prix of Russia Only five World Cup points is the projection of max stages in the Formula 1 overall standings on Lewis Hamilton. © John Thys / Pool AFP / AP / DPA Max Max (R) and Lewis Hamilton provide an exciting struggle for the overall standings. at the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi is expected on Sunday (14.00 pm / sky) the next duel between the Dutchman in the Red Bull and the British World Champion in Mercedes. Last in Italy, both were collided and excreted.

"When we see each other after the race, I always try to be respectful - whether it's first or behind me," emphasizes the Brite. "I always try to make sure that I go to him. For me, it does not feel different."

for Hamilton is above all important: that no one is injured. "With all the excitement and the championship: What we want to see at the end of the year is that people come home home to their families and have a good winter," he clearly represents.

He is also sure that stages will learn from the incident in Monza - just like himself. But: "I can not expect things to change," he says.

"I think it's an incredible talent and like to drive against him. But I agree with everything he does? It does not matter. It depends on that he does his thing, and he will learn from it. Everything I can control is, as I deal with my things, "says Brit.

Hamilton emphasizes: Do not want to win through collision!

But the question is: how far does the spiral still turn in the remaining seven World Cup races? Will the bandages still harsher and the tones are even rougher? And if the World Cup may be decided at the end by another collision?

The history of Formula 1 is rich in such stories: Senna against cheese (and vice versa) or Michael Schumacher against Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve are just a few examples.

Is there 2021 the next controversy between max stages and Lewis Hamilton? "The question does not," emphasizes Hamilton. "I would never want to win, even if that is, you do not win in the end, at least you have your dignity. You always want to win right."

for him is certain: "Whatever happen at the end of the year: we will rich our hand and be back in the next year to fight again."

Financial Investor Toto Wolff: Why a Mercedes title is unlikely .
© Motorsport Images Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was and is in the "Side Job" Financial Investor despite the victories of Lewis Hamilton last in Brazil and Qatar is Toto Wolff convinced that His Mercedes team in the fight for the Formula 1 World Cup 2021 outsider is: "It's easy for us," he says. "We are at the back. That means we have to bring our 'A-Game' for every weekend - as we have done us in Brazil and Qatar. Only when we work, we have a chance. It's still a chance Nothing lost.

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