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08:40  13 october  2021
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Tour de France - riders flashed by a live radar on France 2! (VIDEO)

 Tour de France - riders flashed by a live radar on France 2! (VIDEO) One after the other, the riders of the Tour de France went to flash this Sunday, July 18, which has a lot of surprised and amused the commentators of France 2. © Dr. one after the other, the Runners of the Tour de France went to flash this Sunday, July 18, which has a lot surprised and amused the commentators of France 2. this Sunday, July 18, France 2 broadcast live the last stage of the Tour de France.

Gare à ces contrats d’énergie risqués, les recherches immobilières en chute libre... Le flash éco du jour © Sophie Levy Ayoun / Capital station to these risky energy contracts, real estate research in free fall .. . The eco flash of day find most of the eco news of the day in the Flash realized by capital.

The number of the day: -37%. During the month of September 2021, housing research fell 37% compared to September 2020 on the PAP ad platform. Certainly, we must contextualize these numbers. Last summer, an unprecedented frenzy had hit the buyers out of confinement. The craze had exploded all recorded audience records for real estate research. The number of potential buyers has therefore logically fallen in this season, to return to levels similar to the pre-crisis period ... with some notable adjustments. For example, buyers target much more often than before houses and rural areas, at the expense of apartments and the largest cities ... Find the latest trends of buyers in our article on Capital.fr .

Nuclear Fusion: Researcher: Inside, Important step towards break-even

 Nuclear Fusion: Researcher: Inside, Important step towards break-even In the environmentally friendly power generation of the future, nuclear fusion plays an important role. Researchers: Inside is now a breakthrough. The ignition seems within reach. © Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Rendering The target chamber of the nuclear fusion reactor on the NIF. For decades, nuclear fusion reactors are being researched. For critics: inside are the reactors in which the energy production of the sun is to be re-emphasized, especially one: expensive.

The daylight of the day is pushed by the customers of certain energy suppliers. In a context of explosion of gas and electricity courses, the national mediator of energy alerts to the practice of some market players, who propose to their customers to switch to offers at fluctuating prices , indexed on stock market indexes. This is the case for the mega energy supplier or at Mint Energy. Certainly legal, these contracts may, however, be dangerous for unsected customers. Because the invoice may be required to fly under the effect of current energy prices. If you are concerned, know that your supplier has the obligation to prevent you at least one month in advance. You also have the opportunity to terminate your current contract at any time and free to compete.

Diagnosis of energy performance of housing: what changes with the new formula

 Diagnosis of energy performance of housing: what changes with the new formula © Infographic West-France The thresholds fixing the energy labels of the buildings have been revised on July 1st in the context of the new diagnosis of energy performance. Since July 1, the results of the new energy performance diagnosis have appeared on real estate ads. Some owners have surprises. The new formula's energy performance (EPD) diagnosis has been operational since July 1st.

The Capital Practice Info concerns the payment of the property tax. As every year, the settlement of this local tax comes in mid-October . This Friday, October 15 is the deadline for payment for households that do not use a dematerialized means of payment (Internet payment or automatic debit) and whose property tax does not exceed 300 euros. Other homes, who pay online or who are deprived at maturity, have five additional days, until October 20th. Bercy has already clarified that the levy will be made on the families bank account on October 26. For taxpayers who are part of the 20% of the wealthiest households, it will be rebel in a month, with the payment of the housing tax. Only consolation this year, it is discontinued by 30%, then completely removed by 2023.

and we finish with the call launched by the Minister of the ecological transition to distributors. While the diesel beat its historic record, by appearing at the pump at 1.53 Euro Le Liter, Barbara Pompili rose to the niche, Tuesday, October 12. Asked at the National Assembly on the rise in fuel prices, the minister asked "to distributors to make a gesture in this difficult period by reducing their margins". The minister stated before the members she was going to "first make sure that distributors play the game" and "that none of them take advantage of the situation to increase the pump prices excessively to the detriment of the most modest French ".

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