Classics Rennes. The artisans of inhabited wall opened their doors

15:50  25 november  2021
15:50  25 november  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

video. In Rennes, the highly anticipated new antipode is preparing to open its doors

 video. In Rennes, the highly anticipated new antipode is preparing to open its doors © West-France Stéphanie Thomas-Bonneti, director of the MJC antipode since February 2021, in the concert hall of 1000 places brand new new antipode. The MJC Antipode team, focused on current music has just moved into its new highly anticipated building, the new antipode at the courrouze. It houses a 1000-seater concert hall, workshops and studios and a very nice library.

Les artisans d’art du Mur habité, près des Ateliers du vent, ouvrent leurs portes en décembre. © West-France The artisans of art inhabited, near the wind workshops, open their doors in December.

screen printing, crafts plumatier, sewing, jewelery, lampshade manufacturing, styling, design ... it is the local know-how of the arts of the hand that gives rise to Rennes, in December, to the inhabited wall near the Wind workshops.

"The city of Rennes and public territories wanted to set foot to the stirrup for young companies in accessible premises. Mathias Baden and Nicolas Mangin hold the Septentrion jewelery workshop, on the wall inhabited near the wind workshops, Gisèle Freund Street.

A wall that was opened in March 2020 on the eve of the first confinement. "We did not have the opportunity to make us know," add the two jewelers Rennais.

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The 4th, 11, 12, 18 and 19 December 2021, the nine art workshops will open their doors. What to do its purchases before Christmas. "Thursday, December 16, we will propose a night opening in connection with the Christmas market of the wind workshops.

An anti-haired wall

designed by architect Nicolas Lebunetel, the inhabited wall has several functions. It is first an anti-haired wall, which masks the sound of the Brest-Rennes railway. The whole building, mixing wood, glass and color panels, is punctuated with plantations that offer breathing. It is also a wall inhabited by artisans of art Rennais.

Mathias and Nicolas are part of it. They met at the Jewelry and Orfevrerie School of Ploërmel, in 2013. "We then made our experiences each on our side, in Paris, before returning to Rennes and to associate ourselves. Both work precious metals according to the very old method of sand melting. "A matrix is ​​conceived in a sand mold and flowing the molten metal, which gives a particular aesthetic. That we highlight with patina work or stones. »

Rennes. It exposes rurality and ... Catherine Ringer at the gallery 40 m cube

 Rennes. It exposes rurality and ... Catherine Ringer at the gallery 40 m cube Fascination for rural questions among her works, a painting focuses on the details of a painted threshing scene by Maxime Maufrat. A great fresco, which is pop art of big wheat grains and corn, welcomes visitors. It evokes wheat as an object of stock market speculation. A goose painted in a naive way clips a hand that holds a wheat plant. "The goose is a figure that often comes up in the tales, but it has almost disappeared from the low-classes.

Domains Miscellaneous

Each 20 m2 workshop welcomes both the workshop and the art craftsmen who exercise in various fields: design, graphics, screen printing, sewing lessons, decoration, craftsmanship plumatier, silver jewelry, Ceramist, linogravure ... everything is made on site. It is facing the wind workshops. The two jewelers add: "We are very happy to have this locomotive next door, with the craftsmen it creates a beautiful emulation. »

Open House Artisans from the inhabited wall, Gisèle-Freund Street, the 4th, 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th, 19th. Schedule: from 10 am to 8 pm Saturday and 10 am-6 pm on Sundays. Night opening until midnight in connection with the Christmas market of the wind workshops, Thursday, December 16th.

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