Classics Carsten Breuer is supposed to lead Olaf Scholz 'crisis rod: a general against the pandemic

18:35  29 november  2021
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Lufthansa boss: State aid repayment by federal election

 Lufthansa boss: State aid repayment by federal election Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr has a repayment of German state aid for its company before the federal election now for unrealistic. © Sven Hoppe / DPA Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa. "You have to write off that," said the boss of Germany's largest airline group on Monday evening at the International Club Frankfurter Business Journalists (ICFW). Now it's about whether the step will succeed this year. "We would like to make clarity with the current contact persons," Spohr said.

The model is an Italian with alpini hat: Generalmajor Carsten Breuer, the head of the new Corona crisis rod, should speed up the vaccination campaign.

Generalmajor Carsten Breuer. © Photo: Nicolas Armer / dpa General Major Carsten Breuer.

When Carsten Breuer takes over the new Corona crisis rod in Olaf Scholz 'Chancellery , the General Major does not have to change in the word as well as in the broad sense. The desk chair could even conveniently walk from its previous service seat in the Julius liver barracks in wedding.

He also takes his own area of ​​responsibility. For the 56-year-old is as head of the Command's Territorial Tasks of the Bundeswehr so ​​far for the assistance of the army in civilian catastrophic operations

Sunday in the ARD and ZDF: The rules on the second TV Triple

 Sunday in the ARD and ZDF: The rules on the second TV Triple for the second time Meet Baerbock, Lashing and Scholz in a TV three-fight. Some details of the broadcast of the public broadcasters. © Photo: Wolfgang Kumm / dpa The moderators Maybrit Iller (ZDF) and Oliver Köhr (ARD) in front of the TV triple of Chancellor's candidates. Sunday starts the second triple on TV. ARD and ZDF have teamed up and ray the live show together. Time: ARD and ZDF show this Sunday TV Triple number two, according to RTL and NTV at the end of August and before ProSiebenSat.1

his troupe has been well done since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic in the spring of 2020. In the liver barracks, the inquiries of countries and municipalities are involved who ask the Bundeswehr for help - from vaccination on assistance in overloaded health offices to secure frozen storage of the vaccines of Biontech and Moderna.

Breuer and his people know each other in the federal braid of the republic. This makes him the logical choice, his future staff should work closely with the countries and, how government spokesman Steffen Seibert explained on Monday, among others, promote the vaccination campaign .

Italy as a role model

There seems unmistakable the model that stood at the traffic light rod. In Italy, the General Francesco FigIluolo as a boss of the vaccination campaign brought to legendary status.

Europe: Nice words do not range from

 Europe: Nice words do not range from the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, speaks to the situation of the Union. The decisions but still fall somewhere else. © Philipp von Ditfurth / dpa Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and member of the EPP Group, speaks of the European Parliament to the Union's situation. beautiful words do not rang actually the world would have to persist the breath when Ursula talks about the Leyen for the situation of the Union.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi had appointed Covid Special Commissioner's logistician experience in Kosovo and Afghanistan in March. The 60-year-old maintained in full uniform with religious land and the spring hat of the mountain hunter troupe was little took care of the competence of the regions for the health system.

Figliuolo built a network of vaccine centers and distributors, committed employees wherever he found them, and made sure Italy's lean vaccine rate in eight months to 78 percent under the top four in the EU increase

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This is not so shirt-tightness, his German colleague can not act - there is the German country priority. But he and the leaders of the civilian side already know each other.

Breuer began his career in 1984 at the armiliment of the army. He has since taken over a variety of command and staff tasks, among other things at the central Afghanistan command in Kabul.

parking with a SUV should soon be six times as expensive

 parking with a SUV should soon be six times as expensive Boris Palmer times again, black sheep of the Greens - in Tübingen is always something going on! This time it's SUVs to the collar, at least when parked. © Darthart / iStock Chevrolet Tahoe K2UC, parked Boris Palmer, Lord Mayor of Tübingen, like to shoot past the green party program and therefore is a black sheep of the party. But with his latest idea, he should be full of line again, because he plans to significantly increase parking fees for SUVs within Tübingen, possibly up to six times.

Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) harvested him as responsible for the new white paper of the Bundeswehr, which has been the basis for the security policy of the Federal Government since 2016.

A second general has been still unclear in Corona use

is still unclear how Breu's job from that of a comrade in uniform. General physician Hans-Ulrich Holtherm was taken 2020 by Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) as Head of a New Department of Health Protection, Health Security, Sustainability "from the Bundeswehr Hospital Ulm.

The learned Tropical Medicine Holtherm also leads a crisis staff in cooperation with the interior ministerial. The occurs, according to a Spahn spokesman once a week and also delivers a daily management report . Whether he continues, Spahn's successor must probably decide - that before maybe Scholz himself knows no one.

a last hint of power .
Berlin. During the election of Olaf Scholz to the new Federal Chancellor, in parliament, clear which faction has already found its opposition role and which is still looking for. Especially for the Union, the opposition banks are now particularly hard. © Kay Nietfeld That's it. Angela Merkel's chancellery is over. From the visitor's grandstand of the Bundestag she waved one last time. a hint of power to avoid the deputies of the Union fraction then again.

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