Classics podcast. Presidential. Mitterrand, Machiavere of Politics, Without Rival In 1988

14:10  11 january  2022
14:10  11 january  2022 Source:   ouest-france.fr

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There are many major events of the last 50 years whose consequences always affect news. In our series, "When history does the news," in partnership with the INA, relive some of the great appointments of our recent past. In this new production, discover in audio the sixth presidential election of the Fifth Republic, where François Mitterrand once again demonstrated its incredible strategist donations.

Since 1958 and the first presidential elections of the VE REP.

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The first septennat of François Mitterrand was Not a long calm river. First elected Socialist President of the Fifth Republic, he knew how to make himself perfectly unpopular during his first years of power. Until the inevitable: its majority being logically disavowed in the 1986 legislative elections, the President was forced to appoint Jacques Chirac as the Prime Minister of a government right.

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The two heads of the executive had to compose during the first cohabitation while lacing each of their weapons for the 1988 presidentials.

Outstanding political strategist, Machiavellian sphinx, Mitterrand did not hesitate from L Élysée, to orchestrate the rise of the National Front and its leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen openly breaches voices on the right of Chirac RPR.

How François Mitterrand allowed the extreme right theses to be heard? How does he roll his prime minister, Jacques Chirac, in flour? Why was the former Prime Minister Raymond Bar, a time presented as a favorite feet in the carpet? Which roles play drama events such as the assassination of the student Malik Oussekine or the massacre of the cave d'Ouvéa in New Caledonia?

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In our series, "when the story does the news," in partnership with the INA, we propose to come back to each of the presidential elections, to relive the highlights, to hear the actors through Sounds of archives, to analyze the highlights with the experts of the writing of West-France and thus to be able to better understand the elections of 2022.

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1988, Mitterrand without rival : a podcast of Philippe Joubin with collaboration with the collaboration of Yves-Marie Robin, political journalist from West-France, Deputy Chief of the Service France as well as the West France Documentation Department. In partnership with the INA. Realization and assembly: Colyne Emeriau, Maëliss Hentietier and Ronan Coquelin.

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