Classics Formula 1 Technique: Why the brakes 2022 are so important

14:50  06 april  2022
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"Considerable": Formula 1 boss hopes on comeback from Germany-GP

 also 2022 there will be no formula 1 race in Germany. If you take the race at the Nürburgring 2020, which was subsequently put out because of the Coronapandemie as a great prize of the Eifel in the calendar, once, there has been no official Germany-Grand Prix since the 2019 season. © Motorsport Images Previously, Michael Schumacher lured numerous fans to the racetracks and according to Stefano Domenicali, neither the Nürburgring nor Hockenheim has been very interested in a comeback.

Mechaniker mit Bremsscheibe des Ferrari F1-75 in der Formel 1 2022 © Giorgio Piola Mechanic with Brake Disc of the Ferrari F1-75 in Formula 1 2022

Not only the aerodynamic concept is new in the formula 1 season 2022. Other technical areas of the vehicles have learned changes, for example the brakes. And the two first race weekends have shown: Not all teams already have these changes completely under control.

What is different in the season 2022? The diameter of the brake discs may now be greater because the Formula 1 cars have gained weight again. Starting from 278 millimeters, the brake disk on the front axle may now be between 325 and 330 millimeters in diameter, in the back are allowed in diameter between 275 to 280 millimeters.

"Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss

 between Red Bull Team Chief Christian Horner and Mercedes-Boss Toto Wolff always fly the poison arrows. Now the Brite refers to the Austrian as a "tax refugee". © Provided by sport1.de "Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss Whether Red-Bull team boss Christian Horner and his Mercedes-opposite Toto Wolff are still friends? Hardly likely! in an interview horner compared with his counterparty and shared it vigorously.

New in the technical regulations is also noted that the holes in the brake discs from 2022 must be at least three millimeters wide. Of course, this has an impact on how many of these holes can be drilled in the brake disc and how these holes can be arranged. Finally, all this may not go at the expense of durability.

To prepare for these changes, Ferrari has already experimented in the 2021 season with a new layout in the holes in the brake disc (small image, red arrow).

2022: New air flow at the brakes

Another aspect of the control changes is the new air flow around the brakes. Because 2022 the air must be derived backwards from the brake shafts. It at least partially hangs together with the new air control plates on the front wheels that fulfill an aerodynamic function. This function should not be disturbed by deriving the teams, for example, hot air through the wheel outward.

Chaos! Ferrari cheers after stages drama - Hamilton in luck

 Chaos! Ferrari cheers after stages drama - Hamilton in luck Better would not have run the prelude for Ferrari! © Provided by sport1.de Chaos! Ferrari cheered for staged drama - Hamilton in luck 45 races long had to wait the Tifosi - now Charles Leclec has been able to win a victory for the Scuderia at Formula 1 season opener in Bahrain. Sebastian Vettel had brought the last success for Ferrari in Singapore 2019. (News: All current information on Formula 1) But it came even better for Ferrari: The second place grabbed Leclerc teammate Carlos Sainz Jr.

The altered air flow has led to a rethinking in some racing stables, which precludes the position of the caliper. Because the caliper had to be re-aligned to the season 2022 to optimize the air flow over the front of the brake drum.

before the season 2022, the caliper was usually - viewed from the front - between six and nine clock on the brake drum. Thus, the technicians had more freedoms for the air flow through the wheel to the outside.

Because the signs are now but others, some teams have decided to return to the rather traditional three o'clock position. Our picture shows the appropriate constructions at the Alpine A521 from the season 2021 and on Alpine A522 from the season 2022.

Alpine also has dropped drop-shaped openings in its brake caliper case. Thus, the heat resulting in the brake disc can escape outward.

Why the brake drums 2022 are larger

because the wheels are grown to 18 inches for 2022 from 13 to 18 inches, the brake drum has become larger to fill in the newly recovered space. This has an influence on the movement of the air and on the cooling of the brake system, but also how the heat can be dissipated to the outside.

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is interesting, this point is mainly because the teams in the past have a great deal of attention to dissipate airflow and heat so that the tire temperatures (at least partially) could be influenced.

Let's take the Red Bull RB16B from the 2021 season as an example. The team set different brake shafts, depending on the requirement for aerodynamics, cooling and necessary temperature in the rims or depending on the driver's request. Let's do more, sometimes less air through the construction.

The brake disk panel does not fit everywhere ...

for the season 2022 Alphatauri and Red Bull have covered their brake discs. In this way, they restrict how the heat resulting there acts and can draw these heat faster backwards. Although

is the same basic philosophy here, alphaauri and Red Bull are subject to individual constraints due to the respective brake system constructions. Even with the material used there are differences, depending on the thermodynamic needs.

McLaren is another team that sets such a solution. However, McLaren was plagued in the second week of Formula 1 winter tests in Bahrain of Brake Problems. Therefore, the team has made a change of material: the carbon fiber construction was in this case of a metal construction.

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