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1972 Datsun 240Z - The Fairest One Of All

Friday  23:31,   07 september 2018

To build the best, you must seek out the bestThe Z is, rightfully, a perfect choice when it comes to the topic of nostalgia. During its initial release, it was considered an affordable sports car and helped catapult Datsun to its cult status. Daniel [...]

Bullitt on the Outside, Shelby on the Inside

Thursday  09:58,   06 september 2018

Bullitt on the Outside, Shelby on the Inside , and John Hotchkis gave it all...[...]

This GTO-El Camino mashup is the muscle truck of our dreams

Sunday  10:10,   02 september 2018

It's for sale at RM Sotheby's right nowThis looks like a product that Pontiac could have sold at the time—its builder, Ron Lindeman, did an excellent job making it look like a factory product, right down to the taillight strakes inspired by...[...]

Aston Martin's New James Bond DB5 Isn't Road Legal Because the Gadgets Are Too Real

Friday  11:21,   31 august 2018

Aston Martin has announced production of 25 new continuation DB5s , modeled after the iconic car from the 1964 James Bond movie, Goldfinger. The cars will even be equipped with some of the spy’s gadgets, but there’s a catch—sadly, none of them will...[...]

Tons o’ Trucks at the 2018 Woodward Dream Cruise

Wednesday  17:50,   29 august 2018

During the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, a little bit of everything flocks to this important stretch of asphalt. Among those vehicles are a whole lot of pickup trucks. During the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, a little bit of everything flocks...[...]

RUSH 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS Raises the Bar

Saturday  21:55,   25 august 2018

Taking the iconic lines of a first-generation Chevelle and infusing it with more than just an updated suspension and wheel/tire combination raises the bar and makes the difference in creating a car that stands out wherever you see it. It's the...[...]

Epic 1969 Ford Bronco Test Vehicle to Cross the Auction Block

Saturday  20:31,   25 august 2018

Spectacularly restored Bronco Hunter with unique history could fetch $200KWe’ve seen a lot of cool vintage Ford Broncos pop up in recent years, especially as the triumphant return of the Ford Bronco draws nigh. But none has risen to the level of...[...]

A 2012 Mustang GT Running Gear Disguised In A 1964 Ford F100

Friday  21:31,   24 august 2018

The introduction of the Coyote engine in the 2011 Mustang GT not only impacted the Mustang performance industry, it has also had a huge impact on the truck market. Research the Ford Mustang on MSN Autos | Find a Ford Mustang near...[...]

An infestation of Oldsmobile Jetfires

Wednesday  18:50,   22 august 2018

Most people have never heard of the Oldsmobile Jetfire. It was released just a few weeks after its more famous corporate twin, the Corvair Turbo. Unlike the Corvair, Jetfires came with the 215ci, aluminum V8. Only produced for two years, they are...[...]

Three Reasons Why: This Is the Best Restored Mustang Ever

Monday  22:14,   20 august 2018

By all odds, there is not a finer restored Ford Mustang than this 1970 Boss 429, and for three main reasons; the first being a starting point of just 1,608 original miles. Reason No. 1's importance, originality, matches Bob Perkins' restoration...[...]

Long Lost Mustang Shelby GT500 "Little Red" Prototype Found in Texas Field

Monday  18:36,   20 august 2018

This notchback coupe served as a test bed for Shelby's go-fast Mustang parts.Only it wasn’t. As it turns out, the Mustang was sold off as a used car, cycling through a few owners until settling onto its rear suspension in a Texas field, its...[...]

Stunning big-block–powered 1970 Chevelle SS

Monday  17:31,   20 august 2018

Steve Wider's attention was focused on cool cars when he was growing up. Though High Grade is focused on late-model collision repair, not custom car builds, Wider and his team have turned out many top-shelf Pro Street and Pro Touring cars,...[...]

This Old Beetle Is Worth About $500 Million Because Of Pizza

Saturday  00:55,   18 august 2018

It’s the story of an old Beetle that ended up being worth about a half billion dollars because of Domino’s Pizza. The story behind the half-billion-dollar-bug is the story of the origin of Domino’s Pizza, the ubiquitous pizza delivery chain that, if [...]

This One-Owner 1970 GTO Keeps Evolving

Thursday  01:20,   16 august 2018

In the fall of 1969, Tony Palmieri accompanied his dad to their local Pontiac dealer to consummate the purchase of a new Catalina. Everything about his first GTO encounter the look, feel, and even the smell was seared into Palmieri's brain....[...]

You won’t believe the amount of work it took to put this 1953 Ranch Wagon body over a Z06 Chassis

Wednesday  19:41,   15 august 2018

Now, here's something different. It looks like a 1953 Ford Ranch Wagon, right? But there's something kind of odd about this classic grocery-getter. The tires look a bit oversized, but they belie their size on first review. The interior is...[...]