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An uncertain summer for the Street Arts Festivals

Monday  19:13,   15 february 2021

© Archives Ouest-France Gaspar, performing at the Renc’Arts de summer 2020 in Dinan, in the courtyard of the Roger-Vercel college. Coming from the great West, representatives of some thirty cultural events met on Thursday February 11 in Lamballe to >>>

Burma: a little less demonstrators in the street, facing the military deployment

Monday  13:15,   15 february 2021

© Supplied by Le Parisien Le Parisien pro-democracy demonstrators took to the streets again this Monday in Burma, but they were less numerous than in previous days, due to the intensifying repression by the junta, which deployed troops in the... >>>

Two Formula E overlaps with DTM: The consequences for Rast and Müller

Sunday  10:55,   14 february 2021

© Audi Rene Rast and Nico Müller: Is Formula E thwarting your DTM dreams? Will the Audi figureheads Rene Rast and Nico Müller compete in the DTM this season parallel to their Formula E engagements? For the traditional series, the start of the... >>>

New study: Large majority considers continuation of the lockdown to be correct

Friday  16:36,   12 february 2021

It is more common to hear that popular support for combating the corona pandemic is crumbling and trust in politics is falling. The Forsa Institute's continuous corona monitoring shows something else: As since the outbreak of the pandemic, a large... >>>

Formula E asks manufacturers to go to the checkout

Friday  16:05,   12 february 2021

© Motorsport Images Formula E binds manufacturers to the series After BMW and Audi withdrew, Formula E took precautions to prevent manufacturers from doing so in the future to get out of the series overnight. In the Gen3 era, which begins in the... >>>

VfB supervisory board boss Vogt criticizes board members

Thursday  21:20,   11 february 2021

In the ongoing dispute at VfB Stuttgart, President Claus Vogt criticized his two board members Bernd Gaiser and Rainer Mutschler. Against Vogt's will, Gaiser and Mutschler are said to have set March 28 as the date for the next general meeting in a... >>>

Olympia OK boss Mori is about to resign

Thursday  08:30,   11 february 2021

Another blow for Japan's Olympic makers: Japan's top Olympic official is about to resign just a few months before the planned summer games in Tokyo. He had been derogatory of women. © Kyodo / picture-alliance Trade unionists demonstrate against... >>>

Twitter boss wants to build an app store for social media algorithms

Wednesday  18:48,   10 february 2021

company boss Jack Dorsey wants to transform Twitter into a decentralized platform in the long term. In a kind of marketplace, users could choose which algorithms should sort the displayed social media content. © Shutterstock Twitter boss Jack... >>>

China: Clubhouse, a social network where citizens expressed themselves freely, finally blocked

Tuesday  16:10,   09 february 2021

Many Chinese citizens had notably mentioned the imprisonment of Uighurs, the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong or their homosexual experiences © CHINE NOUVELLE / SIPA Chinese President Xi Jinping, November 24, 2020 in... >>>

Scotty, beam me up: Zuckerberg talks about teleporting at Clubhouse

Tuesday  00:05,   09 february 2021

Like Elon Musk before, Mark Zuckerberg asked Clubhouse questions about the future on the “Good Times” channel. He particularly focused on opportunities through mixed reality. © Rob Lavers LRPS / Shutterstock.com Teleportation Mark Zuckerberg... >>>

This E-type with harlequin paint and a checkered past is worth a small fortune

Monday  15:12,   08 february 2021

Silverstone Auctions A 1964 Series 1 Jaguar E-type that was wrecked in a race and has never been repaired could fetch as much as $200,000 at auction in the U.K. The 4.2-liter Jag was built in December 1964 but came to a halt against the crash... >>>

A network of shared vans deployed in Paris, a first in the world

Sunday  01:25,   07 february 2021

© Clem ' INFO JDD - The Clem' company aims to put 300 electric utility vehicles into service in Paris and the inner suburbs. A unique rental network in the world. An electric van rental service "unique in the world", according to its promoters, is... >>>

Hoeneß-Rat für Löw: "Paint Müller's name red"

Saturday  20:31,   06 february 2021

Bayern Munich's honorary president Uli Hoeneß has further fueled the debate about Thomas Müller's return to the national soccer team. © Provided by sport1.de Hoeneß-Rat für Löw: "Paint Müller's name in red" Bayern Munich's honorary president Uli... >>>

$42,000 Cadillac Allanté: Were we wrong?

Saturday  02:51,   06 february 2021

Bring a Trailer/ROADRACER33 Yesterday, a Cadillac Allanté sold for $40,000 ($42,000 with commission) on Bring a Trailer. Eyes popped. Heads exploded. Refresh page? Yup, still $42,000. The result generated this sort of shock because, well, the... >>>

Bordeaux. Three Chinese nationals sentenced to prison for trafficking in glass eels

Friday  23:25,   05 february 2021

© Joel Le Gall / Ouest-France The defendants' lawyers have indicated that they have not heard from their clients. Illustrative photo. The three men, who left French territory, were sentenced to prison in connection with trafficking in elvers (young >>>