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7 of our favorite movie cars

Friday  01:26,   05 june 2020

Photo by Warner Bros./Charles BailWe love to trace the myriad ways that cars (and trucks!) permeate our culture and our lives. When we’re not documenting our own adventures or analyzing the collector market or swapping an engine in the garage, we’re >>>

Guide to 1963-1967 Corvette C2 Sting Ray One-Year-Only & Rare Paint Colors

Thursday  23:15,   04 june 2020

The rarity of any Corvette is always of interest to a serious Corvette collector and mixed in with rare options rare paint colors are equally important. It is unfortunate that detailed Corvette production records were not kept, as each year a... >>>

One-Owner 1983 Porsche 944 Time Capsule Can Be Your Retro Gem

Thursday  20:16,   04 june 2020

Only 26k miles grace the clock. Based on Porsche's 924 platform, the 944 featured a front-mounted engine and rear-wheel-drive. Produced from 1982 until 1991, the mid-level model was offered in both coupe or cabriolet and powered by either a... >>>

Check Out This Beautiful 1958 Chevy 3100 Apache Stepside Pickup

Thursday  18:17,   04 june 2020

Even with baseball players and apple pies in the payload, it couldn’t get more American. What we have here is a very clean Chevrolet 3100 Apache Stepside that’s been through a body-off restoration. It returns this hallowed member of the Task Force... >>>

1965 AMC Marlin Lets You Stand Out From The Crowd

Thursday  17:27,   04 june 2020

Sure, you could buy a Mustang or Barracuda, but this is a little more interesting. Far too many people aren’t aware that as the pony car wars began in the mid-1960s AMC was actually right at the front lines with the Marlin. Those who remember them... >>>

What would a car built by Koenigsegg and Polestar look like?

Thursday  00:20,   04 june 2020

Photo by Polestar & KoenigseggEven though there is a single brand name on a car when you buy it, the reality is that the automobile has always been an assembly of partnerships channeling their ingenuity into the mission at hand. Some partnerships... >>>

15 star cars from the French racing driver Marcel Petitjean’s collection

Wednesday  22:50,   03 june 2020

Photo by RM Sotheby's/Diana VargaOne of the most interesting car collections to come to market in 2020 will open for bidding this week. An impressive assortment of 96 classic cars and racing cars are being sold by Marcel Petitjean, a former... >>>

These Downhill Die-Cast Car Races Are More Exciting Than Most F1 Grands Prix

Tuesday  23:15,   02 june 2020

These Downhill Die-Cast Car Races Are More Exciting Than Most F1 Grands PrixThis sort of grown-up pinewood derby is the brainchild of Adriel Johnson, who got the idea for his videos from similar races uploaded to YouTube. Johnson, however, elected... >>>

Alliances with the right: the indignation with variable geometry of the macronie

Tuesday  16:17,   02 june 2020

© Copyright 2020, L'Obs Logically, the management of LREM should have been indignant about the "malaise" of Bordeaux. A mini political scandal that went almost unnoticed. And yet. On the banks of the Garonne, we experienced a small case of loss of... >>>

Listen to this Cosworth DFV V-8-powered Ligier JS2

Monday  17:10,   01 june 2020

Photo by Flickr / Brian SnelsonWhen was the last time you thought of the Ligier JS2? Staring blankly into the ether? That’s hardly surprising. Ligier may have been a force in Formula 1 from 1976 until 1996, but lately the French company has focused... >>>

Sad: This $1.5M, Track-Only Porsche 935 For Sale Was Robbed of Ever Being Driven

Sunday  20:15,   31 may 2020

Sad: This $1.5M, Track-Only Porsche 935 For Sale Was Robbed of Ever Being DrivenThis Martini-liveried P-car is headed to RM Sotheby's European Sale in less than two weeks. There, it's expected to fetch between $1.25M and $1.5M via the consignor's... >>>

A 1-Of-4 1953 Nardi 750 Frua Body Can Be A Concours-Worthy Project

Saturday  01:15,   30 may 2020

Only four Nardi 750s were ever built, and this example is just 1 of 2 built with a Crosley engine. Here we have an incredibly rare 1953 Nardi 750 Frua Body, and this one sports chassis number 3 out of just 4 ever built. That's right, only four of... >>>

Southport looks to replace weather tower

Friday  20:20,   29 may 2020

Southport looks to replace weather towerIn February, the 90-foot tower toppled over when a series of storms passed through the... >>>

Could Vector Have Been More Than A Footnote In American Car History?

Friday  20:20,   29 may 2020

Here's a look at what almost was for the maker of America's first supercar.Had the M12 production run gone as planned, Vector's parent company at the time, Indonesia-based MegaTech, had the designs for three more cars to grow the brand. The... >>>

Ferrari F40 With Connection To Sadam Hussein Found By Internet Warriors

Friday  18:16,   29 may 2020

Warning: The images you are about to see may be disturbing to some enthusiasts. Viewer discretion is advised. The internet has proven time and time again that it is one of the most powerful tools we have access to. It certainly came in handy when... >>>