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Man Sues NYC Garage for Crashing Ferrari 458 Spider, Diminishing Value by $140,000

Wednesday  00:55,   21 november 2018

"You're driving a car 5 mph in a garage, it's almost impossible to do that unless you're really careless," said the... >>>

McLaren 720S Stealth isn't all that stealthy

Wednesday  00:40,   21 november 2018

Here's what McLaren Special Operations can do, by... >>>

Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept Previews Racing Version of SUV

Tuesday  21:40,   20 november 2018

Urus will race in a single-make... >>>

Barb's 1988 Volkswagen Cabrio from Stranger Things Is for Sale

Tuesday  16:55,   20 november 2018

I’m still currently going through a Stranger Things withdrawal. And if you’re in the same boat as me, then there might be a some relief for you in buying Barb’s 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet. In the listing, the seller claims that this is the car that... >>>

Lamborghini SC18 Is A One-Off Devil Child Of The Aventador

Tuesday  02:45,   20 november 2018

It's the first such machine to come from Lambo's motorsport division, Squadra Corse. Lamborghini is taking a new step into the world of custom-built one-offs with this radical new machine called SC18. That’s not necessarily new ground for the... >>>

First AI-scripted commercial tugs hard at our heart strings—for a Lexus

Monday  23:30,   19 november 2018

The script for the Lexus ES ad was developed by IBM's Watson artificial intelligence system. Watson basically figured out how to hook us... >>>

Sweet Christmas: Get a Load of This $2.3 Million BMW Dream Car Sale

Monday  21:05,   19 november 2018

If you’re like me—and God help you if you are, legitimately—you’ve browsed the website of Ohio’s Enthusiast Auto Group and said “Yeah, one day when I get on, I’m going to dump $85,000 on a pristine E36 M3 CSL, because why the hell... >>>

Japanese Tuner Offers Kit That Makes Suzuki Jimny Look Like Mercedes G-Wagen

Monday  20:45,   19 november 2018

Also available: a Land Rover Defender doppelganger based on, you guessed it, the Suzuki... >>>

Here's Why Tires Are Black

Saturday  23:55,   17 november 2018

Tire technology has come a long way since the Ford Model T first rolled out of the factory in... >>>

Lamborghini's Racing Division Created a One-Off Road Car for a Customer

Saturday  00:20,   17 november 2018

The SC18 Alston is based on the Aventador, with even more extreme styling meant for the... >>>

DeLorean hovercraft is back with a slick trick video

Friday  23:05,   16 november 2018

And it's for sale on eBay for... >>>

Ford Dealer Selling “New” 2005 GT For $449,900

Friday  21:35,   16 november 2018

If money's burning a hole in your pocket. Ever wanted to buy a brand new Ford GT? It’s still not too late – the Blue Oval company is extending the production run of the new supercar by adding 350 more cars through 2022. But now you can also buy a... >>>

The Polaris Slingshot Is Way More Fun Than You're Willing to Believe

Friday  19:11,   16 november 2018

This trike isn't for everyone. That's exactly the point. Prepare yourself before sliding into the bucket seat of a Polaris Slingshot. There will be reactions. Big ones, small ones. Kids shrieking with joy. Grownups shooting glances as sour as... >>>

Behold the Beautiful Monstrosity That Is a Plane-Inspired GMC Sierra 2500 HD

Friday  18:50,   16 november 2018

Perfect for cross-country flights drives with your best... >>>

You Can Buy These Totaled Rolls-Royces for Half Price, If You're Brave Enough

Friday  18:50,   16 november 2018

If you're mechanically inclined and have a chunk of spare change, this might be the deal of a century for... >>>