Enthusiasts Chad: Transformers accuse the power to weaken them by debauchery their members

09:00  14 november  2022
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State Secretary interprets the review of the funding to

 State Secretary interprets the review of the funding to according to the allegations of abuse by the former water jumper Jan Hempel, the German Swimming Association (DSV) may have to worry about public funding. © Britta Pedersen/DPA central image/dpa/archive image According to Mahmut Özdemir (SPD), the funding allowance could be reduced to the DSV. divided Mahmut Özdemir (SPD), Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, in the “Sportschau”.

Vue aérienne de Ndjamena. © David Baché/RFI Aerial view of Ndjamena.

The political situation remains tense since October 20 in Chad. In addition to the 50 dead and 300 injured, dozens of people were subsequently arrested and the members of the Party the transformers, at the head of the protest, say they are hunted down and accuse the authorities of trying to weaken the party as starting their members. This thanks to alumni like the former party-president of the party, Moustapha Masri, who had resigned after the violence.

Moustapha Masri had slammed door saying that the transformers had radicalized. Some followed him, as Romeo Djerakoula Miankain who considers today to fear for his life:

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Our struggle was to be peaceful. Faced with too radical transformers, I made my choice and it was my right to be with [Moustapha Masri]. I had threats from comrades that insult me, who curse me, who tell me that I take advantage of the blood of Chadians to make money. I register false against that.

still faithful transformers accuse Mustapha Masri of being a tool for power to weaken opposition formation. Serge Ngardji, a transformer official, was able to be joined while fled Chad by bus to Cameroon. He claims to have received calls to make him leave his party:

is not the first time that I have received this type of temptations. They also told me that they were going to guarantee my security and that they were going to give me what I want. As soon as we refused the offer, we live from hiding place in secret, because manhunt has become really complicated.

Moustapha Masri's house is now kept by soldiers. He said he was threatened by the transformers and denies the accusations launched against him:

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I am disgusted that this violence can come from my ex-party, I am threatened. If I have to be bought or sold somewhere, I would have been for a long time. I am not in the purchase of consciences, I am not in the false promises, and during my message I said that we will ensure their safety, especially coming from their own camp. So it's manipulation.

Mustapha Masri nevertheless affirms that the parties must continue to dialogue , because they are not enemies, but complementary.

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© Simon Ksiazenicki Franck Leroy, during the inauguration of the Viti Vini show in Épernay, October 11, 2vice022 is now the interim president From the Grand-Est region./simon Ksiazenicki to everyone's surprise, The President of the Regional Council Jean Rottner (LR) announced, Tuesday, December 20, to "leave public life" and to withdraw "from The set of [its] mandates by the end of the year "due to" family imperatives ".

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