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19:20  20 december  2022
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experts explain: Why the gas price falls again and the trend will last

 experts explain: Why the gas price falls again and the trend will last is still extremely expensive. However, the situation relaxes somewhat on the stock exchanges. Several factors play a role. © Photo: Jens Büttner pipe systems and shut-off devices in the gas reception station of the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 and the takeover station of the long-distance gas line opal (Baltic Sea pipeline connection line). German Gas customers shake from drastic price increases of their providers and see the winter in unheated apartments.

The energy consumption in Germany falls to the lowest level since reunification in 1990. Compared to the previous year, consumption will decrease by 4.7 percent to 11,829 petajoules. The Energy Silances Association reported in Berlin on Tuesday.

Wasserdampf steigt aus den Kühltürmen des Braunkohlekraftwerks Jänschwalde der Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG (LEAG). - Braunkohle hat beim Primärenergieverbrauch zugelegt. © Patrick Pleul/dpa Wassersteam increases from the cooling towers of the lignite power plant in Jänschwalde from Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG (LEAG). - Lignite has increased in primary energy consumption. As the cause, the AG energy prices assumes the AG Energiebilances. They would have led to behavioral savings as well as investments in energy efficiency with medium to long-term effects. "A reduction in energy consumption may also have led to price -related production cuts in individual economic sectors," it said. Despite the economic clouding, the economy assumed that an energy consumption consumption -increasing effect was increasing. Higher energy consumption has also resulted from the increase in the population. Until August alone, the number of people living in Germany increased by almost one million.

Warmer weather A factor of almost one percent of the total decline in energy consumption attributes the Energy Silances AG to the warmer weather compared to the previous year. "Adjusted to the temperature influence in 2022 in Germany only sunk by 3.9 percent." According to the estimate,

Federal Network Agency: Gas price cover by summer 2024 required

 Federal Network Agency: Gas price cover by summer 2024 required The planned gas price brake must apply according to the Federal Network Agency for a period of almost two years. "We will be in some kind of tense situation until summer 2024," said network agency president Klaus Müller in a podcast by the Baden-Württemberg finance minister Danyal Bayaz (Greens). © Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa Klaus Müller is president of the Federal Network Agency. The gas price lid is surely used until then. The quantities of Russian gas that would have to be replaced are "huge".

mineral oil had a share of 35.2 percent in total primary energy consumption (previous year 32.5 percent). Natural gas came to 23.8 percent (previous year: 26.6). Renewable energies achieved a share of 17.2 (previous year: 15.7) percent.

Coal also added: Braunco had a 10 percent proportion (previous year: 9.1 percent) of total primary energy consumption in 2022. "The multi -mission of other energy sources to produce electricity and heat equalized," it said. The proportion of hard coal in total energy consumption increased from 8.9 to 9.8 percent. Here, too, the increased power played an important role. After switching off three blocks, the proportion of nuclear energy decreased from 6.1 to 3.2 percent.

The AG Energiebilances calculates about one percent with a decline in the energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. The substitution effects in the energy mix have led to an increase in CO2 emissions. "However, this increase was below the savings, which results from the decline in total consumption."

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