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22:09  19 march  2018
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Genovation's GXE is an 800hp electric Corvette with a manual transmission

  Genovation's GXE is an 800hp electric Corvette with a manual transmission Finally, a proper electric sports car.An all-electric Corvette is pretty cool in its own right, but Genovation is going one step further, offering a seven-speed manual transmission in the GXE.

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

  2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport So far, it's mostly a wheels-and-tires story.WHAT WE DON’T LIKE: Both the rearward and forward cameras display a hilariously low-resolution image in our 2017 model, the lack of crispness making it difficult to discern the edge of a hard object. Chevrolet claims to have upped the pixel count for ’18. Also, one astute reader pointed out that when we chided this car for not quite making the same grip as other Grand Sports, we were comparing a car with its tires inflated to 35 psi (this one) to others with tires set to 30 psi. So, we don’t like it when we (meaning this author) make boneheaded comparisons.

Last year, Felix Eaton managed to shock the experienced Geneva audience with his Rolls-Royce-based Black Cuillin, only to return in 2018 with a somewhat more feasible proposition. Stepping up the game, the much smaller Zeclat Coupé not only runs, but it runs fast, hiding a C7 Corvette Grand Sport under its art deco carbon body. The displayed prototype also managed to challenge camera sensors with its paint job called "petrol," which should remind you of the colors you get from the reflections of gasoline on a wet floor. Or, if you're like me, TVR's pearlescent paint from the early 2000s.

To find out how the plan has evolved over the last twelve months, I turned to Felix himself for a very detailed answer:

How Would You Spec Your 2019 Corvette ZR1

  How Would You Spec Your 2019 Corvette ZR1 Want a 755 horsepower Corvette? Of course you do. Show us your ideal spec.The 2019 Corvette ZR1 goes on sale soon, which means Chevy's car configurator is now live. If you're a frequent reader of this website, you know that means we're playing around building our perfect ZR1s. And, of course, we're curious to see how you'd spec yours, but first, here's mine.

"The reason is that the Black Cuillin would take about another two million (pounds) to finish, if I was going to finish it for production. I decided that it was never gonna be an economic situation with that car, so I’m just gonna finish that one car for myself, and the cost of developing that car will be used to produce the Zeclat.

a car parked in front of a building: This Is a Corvette Grand Sport© Máté Petrány / Road&Track This Is a Corvette Grand Sport

Lots of people asked last year about a smaller version. A sports car. And I’ve been thinking about it. So, we came away from the show and decided to invest the money and the time into creating this. Because this is sellable. I wanted something that was thoroughly modern. So, we took the Corvette C7, Grand Sport, stripped it, and then re-dressed it with a new design. What we got is a really up-to-date technological piece of work from GM, in my opinion. The way it drives, it’s like European cars. I mean, the lateral g-forces on the road are just astounding. Takes corners like nothing else! So, I bought one for myself, just to have a Corvette. And as I was driving, I thought... hmm... I think I could fit my design to this. So, we set to it.

This 1990 Corvette ZR-1 Has Only 350 Miles

  This 1990 Corvette ZR-1 Has Only 350 Miles I might get some flak for this but I truly believe the 4th generation Corvette is the best generation. Sure it had barely 200-horsepower out of a wheezing V8 when it debuted in 1984 but it also had pop-up head lights, saw blade wheels and looked like a shovel with t-tops. In 1990 Chevy decided to debut the first ever Corvette ZR-1. This new performance package included modified suspension and an entirely new engine built by Mercury Marine that made 375 horsepower. The ZR-1 competed against the likes of Porsche and Lamborghini. It was a big fiberglass Vaporwave wedge and I still think it looks great today.

You look at the first car, and they are two different characters. I always loved fast cars, so I had Ferraris, and so on. I also like Rolls-Royces, so really, it’s about having this style in a sports car. The Black Cuillin will be a one-off car for me. The Zeclat Coupé, we can produce. This is not a concept, it’s pre-production. It’s been designed to go on the road, as the Black Cuillin was. That wasn’t a concept either. It was designed to go on the road, and it will. We were secretive about it because last year, we were wondering how we would approach Rolls-Royce.

The Black Cuillin was built on a Rolls-Royce Wraith platform. We decided not to speak to Rolls-Royce in the end, because we’ve seen that the new Phantom has come out, and that’s a more interesting proposition. We already have a design in mind, once we can get hold of the architecture below, to make a big four-door sedan. Looking very much like the Black Cuillin, but on the Phantom platform. We intended to use the previous Phantom at start, and then it went out of production, so we switched to a Wraith. Good performance car, but I'm not quite as keen on the Wraith. So, the Black Cuillin is on hold until we decide whether to go with the Phantom or not."

Superformance Corvette Grand Sport First Drive: A roarty, snorting real-life unicorn

  Superformance Corvette Grand Sport First Drive: A roarty, snorting real-life unicorn For those who want something with car-guy cred out the sidepipes and only five known examples.While there's a litany of things you can do to vet Rover before he comes home to meet your new infant, classic cars are more buy now, inspect later. That's because of things such as distance, competition from other buyers and difficulty even finding a car at all. Sometimes, your dream is a unicorn. Something with style and history. Something with car-guy cred out the sidepipes and only five known examples, say.

a black car on display: This Is a Corvette Grand Sport© Máté Petrány / Road&Track This Is a Corvette Grand Sport

When it comes to the Zeclat, we won’t make too many. Because in this world, you can make up to twenty cars, easily. At a hundred, it starts to get difficult, and a thousand is impossible. Bentley can make ten thousand cars a year, and small producers can make five or ten cars a year. Working with the Envisage Group, we can make about 25 cars per year of a carbon fiber design like this. If people are interested, and enough want to buy it. In a year’s time, the C7 Grand Sport will go out of production, and unless somebody wants us to use a second-hand car, we won’t have any donors. So, probably twenty, twenty-five cars. In terms of pricing, it’s basically the tooling and the building costs, divided by the number of customers. So, if we did 25 cars, probably £550,000 ($776,858 USD).

If we built five cars, a million. And somebody may pay a million. We have customers, one in Geneva, one in Canada who are waiting and want to pay two million for a Black Cuillin. But they want to drive one first. And two million is not even enough to do that, because, we already spent another three developing that car. There are people who will pay a lot of money for something unique. The question is, how many of them goes: “if you’re making five, I’ll have one. If it’s twenty, I don’t want one, because I want it to be special”

The racing driver who drove it on the video had it up to 100 mph on a little country road, at 32 degrees, with it snowing ten minutes earlier. After having it up to 100 mph, he said the car is planted. So, we feel very confident that the aero is correct. But before it will go into production, it will go actually to a wind tunnel as well. We know where the air technically goes from the computer modeling, and funny enough, when we filmed this video, there was salt on the roads and it was filthy. And all of the waterlines were where the CFD said they would be. So, the CFD is pretty good, and we feel very happy. It’s been designed with engineers from Envisage Group in Coventry. They make the Queen’s state Bentleys, Range Rovers. These are people who work with the OEMs. So, they are very-very expensive people, but they get it right. We have a good car.

460 horsepower, 465 lb-ft of torque, and GM's excellent chassis says that yes, the Eaton Zeclat may just be the right art deco design for this century.

Then again, it probably helps if you're the type of person who enjoys spending the weekend just running down a dream, working on a mystery, going wherever it leads.

The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is This Year's Indy 500 Pace Car .
Leading drivers in the 102nd running of the iconic raceAfter what felt like years of buildup, Chevrolet finally revealed the Corvette ZR1 in November of last year. With 755 hp on tap and an extreme aero package, the ZR1 has already set a lap record at Virginia International Raceway. Based on our first ride impressions, we have a feeling that won't be the last record it breaks. Next month, at the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500, the ZR1 will also hit the track as the race's official pace car.

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