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laughing gas may be known from the dentist or from a wild party night. It can soothe and calm pain, but it can also euphorize. But how exactly does the gas work and is it really safe to use?

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Laughing gas, chemically called nitrous oxide, is a colorless, sweet smelling gas. It was discovered as early as 1772. At first it served as an amusement for visitors at fairs and in the circus. Today it is used every day in various areas: In medicine it has been used as a pain reliever and sedative since 1844 or in combination with other anesthetics as an anesthetic. It is also widely used as an intoxicant. It also serves as a propellant in spray cans and as a foaming agent for spray cream.

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If you inhale laughing gas, it gets directly into the bloodstream via the lungs and from there into the brain, where it works. Exactly what processes change nitrous oxide in the body was not clear for a long time. It is now known that the gas blocks special glutamate receptors in the central nervous system, thus preventing signal transmission between nerve cells. The first effects appear after just a few seconds. No fear of the dentist

When used medically as part of a dentist's treatment or during childbirth, a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen ensures that pain subsides, anxiety is relieved and awareness is slightly dampened. In combination with other anesthetics, it is used in operations. A typical side effect is nausea and vomiting.

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Inhaled as a sniffing substance, laughing gas ensures a state of intoxication with feelings of warmth and happiness as well as weak hallucinations. After a few minutes everything is over again. The drug is particularly popular at parties. The party-goers inhale it from balloons or cream dispenser capsules. Dangerous party drug What sounds funny is not without risk - especially in combination with alcohol or other drugs . Nausea, dizziness, and numbness in the arms and legs are common. As a result, falls often occur. With high concentrations of nitrous oxide in the air we breathe, the lack of oxygen can damage the brain and death from suffocation also occurs. Under no circumstances should you inhale nitrous oxide directly through a breathing mask or from a bag placed over your head. Inhaling the gas directly from the capsule or gas bottle can also freeze the lip or the vocal cords and larynx can be severely damaged by the cold.

In addition to the acute risks, the long-term consequences of frequent consumption are serious. The gas damages the internal organs and the nervous system. Coordination disorders, memory problems and an impairment of the bone market and thus blood formation are common. Nitrous oxide also inactivates vitamin B12 and, like other drugs, can make you addicted.

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