Enthusiasts DRC: SNEL explains the reasons for the increase in power cuts

07:40  23 october  2020
07:40  23 october  2020 Source:   rfi.fr

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Les délestages sont notamment dus à des machines hors service au barrage d'Inga. © Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0 Radio Okapi Power cuts are mainly due to machines out of service at the Inga dam.

Electricity cuts exceed in Kinshasa. They have become more untimely and prolonged. The national electricity company (SNEL) faces giant blackouts from Inga's hydroelectric dams. Work is therefore in progress, but should not be completed quickly.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

The waters of the river are abundant, which should normally increase electricity production in this last quarter of the year, but if, since the end of September, entire municipalities have been poorly served, this is for technical reasons. Désiré Baleka, head of the electricity section at SNEL.

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Global demand for energy is predicted to increase in the coming decades. The International Energy Agency’s 2007 World Energy Outlook states that between now and 2030: Global energy needs are expected to grow, with fossil fuels remaining the dominant source.

“There are three machines stopped at Inga, they are machines that have had their day. When you take the three groups down today, that's over 350 MW. This is what makes the power cuts intensified in Kinshasa. By the end of December at the latest, we will be spending the New Years holidays with more power than we had three weeks ago. "

So a third of production is at half mast. This is also causing unprecedented cuts in the mining region of Katanga as well as in central Kongo, which is home to the two Inga dams.

System D

To deal with the deficit in the capital, system D applies. "We have come to an agreement with the industrialists so that they can work during the day, and that at night we can use energy to supply the population," explains Désiré Baleka.

Theoretically, SNEL supplies Kinshasa only about 500 of the 800 MW needed. In addition to its technical problems, there are the theft of cables and line supports. Consumption has also increased sharply in Kinshasa against a backdrop of fraudulent connections and disproportionate use, according to SNEL leaders. They now intend to generalize the consumption of electricity in prepaid mode, an option that is encountering resistance in the field.

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