Enthusiasts DFB power struggle between Keller and Curtius: between contract dissolution and distrust

13:05  23 october  2020
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The German Football Association is not calm: Internally, power struggles are smoldering, based on gross distrust and "existing misunderstandings" - above all between DFB President Fritz Keller and Secretary General Friedrich Curtius.

Zerrüttete Fronten beim DFB - speziell zwischen Fritz Keller und Friedrich Curtius | Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images © Provided by 90min Shattered fronts at the DFB - especially between Fritz Keller and Friedrich Curtius | Christian Kaspar-Bartke / Getty Images

Today, Friday, there should actually be a big clash: President Fritz Keller and General Secretary Friedrich Curtius would have seen each other again at the presidium meeting of the German Football Association that was scheduled for the morning - there is now a deep distrust between the two, that culminates in an internal power struggle.

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The meeting will not take place now. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that Curtius will not show up. In a letter to the presidium colleagues, he explained his decision, which is based on the alleged suggestion "that I should not attend tomorrow's presidium meeting at the request of a presidium member". He seems to want to adhere to this, although in the same letter he addresses what he sees as internal disputes at the DFB and tries to explain them.

Keller and Curtius quarreled at the DFB - conflict driven by tax scandal

A process that currently ensures that the apparently broken relationship at the top of the DFB is increasingly evident. Keller, who has been president for 13 months now, is said to have broken with Curtius as well as with Vice President Rainer Koch and Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge. The current criminal proceedings with allegations of tax evasion are also directed against the latter three. Even if a bit of fire was recently taken from the topic when it came to the fact that the current trio might not be to blame, the fronts are hardened.

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Friedrich Curtius (li.) und Rainer Koch (re.) genießen kein Vertrauen seitens Fritz Keller | Simon Hofmann/Getty Images © Simon Hofmann / Getty Images Friedrich Curtius (left) and Rainer Koch (right) do not trust Fritz Keller | Simon Hofmann / Getty Images

The SZ further reports that Keller has called for Curtius to terminate his contract. Upon request, the DFB did not deny this request, but declared that it did not want to comment on such speculations. In his letter, the Secretary General stated that he had "tried to clear up existing misunderstandings together with Fritz Keller. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a reliable solution in the conversation." The rifts are apparently so deep that even a mediation - that is, a mediation between the parties with neutral assessors - was suggested to "clear up existing misunderstandings and dissonances".

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Curtius continues: "None of us should put personal sensitivities above the welfare of the organization." A clear pointer in the direction of the cellar, which apparently can no longer imagine ongoing work with the Secretary General. Due to this ever-growing power struggle, even the potential was asked to ask the vote of confidence on the part of President , either to leave today's meeting strengthened or to cut the internal anger.

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Adolescents’ transitions between different views on democracy: Examining individual-level moderators. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Vol. 66 Jiang, Liang and Ma, Xiangjun 2020. Political distrust and right-wing populist party voting in Australia. Australian Journal of Political Science, p. 1.

The struggle between Catholics and Protestants continued for the next thirty years. Both France and Spain were Catholic. Earlier kings had allowed the powerful Anglo -Irish noble families to rule, but Henry destroyed their power . He persuaded the Irish parliament to recognise him as king of Ireland.

Der Schein trügt: Curtius und Keller im zerrütteten Verhältnis | Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images © Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images Appearances are deceptive: Curtius and Keller in a broken relationship | Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images

Thus, there currently seems to be no clarification and debate in sight, even if Curtius also emphasized that he was convinced that the investigation would soon be discontinued. He would still make his offices available if he were "convicted of any misconduct during my work at the DFB".

No appeasement for Keller and his advocates. The conflict, fueled by allegations of tax evasion, will persist and further damage the image of the DFB. While Friedrich Curtius has some supporters in the workforce, according to SZ, possible models of thought about the possible future of the post of Secretary General, or even the President, should be played out. Should the 'basement side' ultimately prevail, Samy Hamama, his personal advisor, appears to be a candidate for the office of Curtius' successor.

DFB finance boss Osnabrügge: Red zero instead of 16 million euros minus .
In July, treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge spoke of a 16 million euros loss, which the DFB expects by the end of the year due to the pandemic. According to the third extrapolation, due to the "triple header" for the international matches and austerity measures, he assumes that the year 2020 will be closed without a major minus. At the same time the prospects for 2021 are darkening.

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