Enthusiasts Adopt the tonka bean to enhance your dishes!

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The tonka bean is rather like an exotic vanilla replacement. “ Tonka is less sweet than vanilla and much more complex and fragrant,” James Ransome tells The Indpendent, who sources tonka beans from Brazil to sell online through The Spicery.

A wrinkled legume could be the next big thing—if only the FDA would stop busting chefs who crave its spicy, fruity aroma.

Adoptez la fève tonka pour sublimer vos plats ! © Getty Images / ISTOCK Adopt the tonka bean to enhance your dishes! This funny black seed with a wrinkled appearance reveals surprising, bewitching and sweet scents. The flavor of the tonka bean is both greedy and herbaceous. A magical, multi-faceted spice that works equally well in salty and sweet versions. Will it dethrone nutmeg? How to use the tonka bean. What exactly is tonka bean?

Native to South America, the tonka bean comes from teak, a hardwood tree that produces an oval fruit. Once fallen to the ground, it is harvested and dried for several months before its seeds are harvested.

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The tonka bean smell comes from a chemical compound called 'coumarin'. Whole tonka beans can also be used to infuse spirits or sugar syrups. Adding a whole bean to a jar of sugar or tin Much like vanilla, tonka beans are most often used in a sweet dishes — but the more experimental cook might

Tonka Beans Everything You Need To Know About Tonka Beans | Stay tuned for my Top 20 Tonka Beans Fragrances video tomorrow. ➡️Buy Discounted Niche/Designer

These tonka beans, slightly rounded, black and wrinkled, are particularly tough and must be grated to be eaten. They are distinguished by their hot and marked flavor reminiscent of of vanilla, caramel and almond.

How to use tonka bean in cooking?

The tonka bean is grated like a nutmeg , and always sparingly. Better to taste as you go and readjust, rather than dose too much, at the risk of spoiling your dishes. Because its bewitching aroma can be very captivating.

Its slightly smoky and spicy taste works wonders with a velvety pumpkin , grilled fish, or pan-fried scallops.

In a sweet version, we love it to spice up a compote of

apples , shortbread, pan-fried fruit or an crème brûlée . Also try it to flavor an cocktail.

But it's probably

with chocolate that it causes the most sensation. One or two pinches sublimate a mousse or an ice cream. You can also infuse it in cream to prepare an ganache . Simply divine! The tonka bean: unsuspected properties!

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Tonka Beans . Explore Le Petrin's photos on Flickr. Homemade five spice powder is a superior spice mixture that is cheaper and makes your Chinese dishes immediately taste better.

Tonka beans have many uses, including as a vanilla substitute, in perfumes and as a popular gin flavoring spice, just to give a few examples. Tonka beans are also considered to have magical properties and are sometimes used in spells.

The tonka bean is known for

its antispasmodic and anticoagulant properties . However, since it is used in very small amounts, these benefits have very little impact on health.

Be aware, however, that, consumed in very high doses, it becomes a powerful psychotropic

very toxic . How to store the tonka bean properly?

The tonka bean keeps very well

several months in an airtight container.

Make sure to store it

away from humidity and heat so that its scents do not deteriorate. Where to buy tonka bean?

Relatively expensive (count between 16 and 20 € for 100 g), the tonka bean is sold in

delicatessens and online .

Prefer the whole

, its fragrance will be better preserved and grate it as and when you need it.

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