Enthusiasts All 36 professional clubs get the license, but: Points are deducted for violations of the conditions

13:36  16 february  2021
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A virtual conference of the 36 professional clubs has been called for Thursday at short notice. The licensing process suspended due to the pandemic is to be reactivated. But no club should become a victim of the pandemic.

Die DFL vergibt unabhängig von der wirtschaftlichen Situation Lizenzen für die Vereine. © Getty Images The DFL issues licenses for the clubs regardless of the economic situation.

At short notice, a virtual conference of the 36 professional clubs has been called for Thursday. This general meeting will not be an emergency meeting. A clear majority of the clubs already agree that after the outbreak of the pandemic in spring 2020, the licensing procedures should be suspended again for the current season. However, without any possible consequences for the award of the licenses to the clubs for the 2021/22 season. That means: all athletically qualified clubs will receive the license regardless of their economic situation!

In the northeast, regional league football will not take place again until 2021.

 In the northeast, regional league football will not take place again until 2021. After the federal government extended the partial lockdown to the end of the year, the uncertainty in amateur sport remains - also in the regional leagues. There are clear decisions here, including the northeast relay. © imago images To be continued in 2021: For the time being, the balls in the Regionalliga Nordost like here at 1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig.

The 2nd Bundesliga starts the coming season on July 23, the season opening game of the Bundesliga will kick off on Friday, August 13, 2021, with the participation of the next German champions. In the past few weeks, several clubs have asked the DFL to resume the licensing process. In particular, a current review of economic performance is urgently needed after the debts of numerous clubs since the outbreak of the pandemic due to a lack of spectator income at ghost games, a collapse in revenues in the areas of sponsorship, marketing and other sales from other events in stadiums and arenas, their Owners or operators who own half of the 18 Bundesliga clubs have increased.

Financial situation of many clubs questionable

After 13 clubs, including four Bundesliga clubs, and the new television contract from the coming season with an average of 1, spoke of the risk of insolvency in the two professional leagues in April 2020 due to the interim cessation of payments of television funds during the interruption of the game , 1 billion euros in the next four years will bring the clubs slightly less money than the current agreements, the financial situation of many clubs is worrying.

Mainz boss Lehmann would have liked "an even stronger signal".

 Mainz boss Lehmann would have liked 14 clubs had contacted the DFL presidium at the end of October to ensure that the TV funds were distributed more evenly. The Mainz board member Dr. Jan Lehmann is only partially satisfied with the solution that has now been found. © imago images Not entirely satisfied: Jan Lehmann. "The decision of the DFL Presidium on the distribution of media revenues must be viewed in a differentiated manner.

No association should become a victim of the pandemic

But no association should become a victim of the pandemic. For this reason, all clubs receive the license for the next season in the spring. In order to receive the license, no economically troubled club will first have to meet conditions as is fundamentally prescribed in the licensing process! In contrast to the current season, conditions that are issued to clubs that are economically endangered when the license is issued and that have to be met during the course of the season apply again from summer. As early as autumn, the clubs affected must prove to the DFL that they have met the requirements. The negative equity must not increase in the coming season. If the requirements are violated, the sanctions are tougher than in the past. Primarily through the deduction of points in the current season.

With this measure, the traffic light should primarily be set to red for financially weak clubs, both in the case of disproportionately high transfer investments and in the case of contract extensions with the players. These are the areas where the most effective ways to reduce club costs when revenues are falling.

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