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19:14  18 february  2021
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Second League adjusts the hygiene concept after criticism

 Second League adjusts the hygiene concept after criticism The second basketball league reacts to the large number of corona infections. The hygiene concept is expanded. © Provided by sport1.de Second League adjusts the hygiene concept after criticism The second basketball league ProA has reacted to the multitude of corona infections and expanded the hygiene concept. From now on, all players, coaches, referees and commissioners involved must be tested for the virus "mandatory" before the games.

Slowly but surely, spring is making itself felt: the sun is shining, the spring flowers are sprouting and the winter coats can be packed away. At the same time, it is often noticeable in the sun's rays that the windows have not been cleaned for a long time and the apartment deserves a spring cleaning. In order to really get a hygienic result, however, a few points should be observed: Cleaning expert Roxanna Pelka from Helpling, the online placement portal for cleaners explains the most common mistakes when cleaning the house. Various cleaning utensils should be changed regularly, otherwise only additional bacteria will be spread in the apartment.

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frühjahrsputz © iStock / Moyo Studio spring cleaning cleaning cloths

According to Roxanna Pelka, cleaning cloths should be replaced before a proper spring cleaning, as new ones are much more receptive to dirt. Old ones are often fluffy, cracked or covered with a film of grease. If this description applies to your cleaning cloth, you should definitely replace it.


A mop can hide billions of bacteria, as Pelka warns. There is a risk that when cleaning the house with an old specimen, bacteria will only be distributed in the apartment. To avoid this, removable wipers should be washed at 60 degrees without fabric softener, while fixed fringed wipers should be replaced immediately.

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Toilet brush

When was the last time you replaced your toilet brush? Don't worry: if you have to think hard, you are not alone. We like to forget the toilet brush, as cleaning expert Roxanna reveals. However, this should urgently be replaced during the spring cleaning, as the bristles stick together in the long run and bacteria and odors settle. The expert also has a special trick in store: she recommends filling the holder with a mixture of sanitary cleaner and water. This kills germs and prevents unpleasant odors.


We can all well imagine that bacteria feel particularly comfortable in damp sponges. However, these numbers are still frightening: An old kitchen sponge can contain ten million bacteria per square centimeter. So sponges should be replaced at regular intervals - spring cleaning is a good occasion.

tea towels

The same applies to tea towels: They regularly come into contact with leftover food and moisture, which is what attracts bacteria. 89% of all tea towels have been shown to contain bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal diseases. So these should definitely be replaced for proper cleaning!

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Dishwasher and washing machine

Even these energetic supporters do not clean themselves: the dishwashing machine and washing machine should urgently be cleaned as part of the spring cleaning. Simply put six spoons of citric acid inside the machine and let it run through at 60 degrees or with the intensive program. In addition, the washing machine's rinsing compartment and rubber seals should be cleaned with water.

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