Enthusiasts 3 Gardening Chores You Should Do in Spring

21:20  26 february  2021
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When nature awakens, there is a lot to do in the garden. From sowing to cutting to lawn care: Here you will find the most important to-dos.

Strauchrosen zurückschneiden © Provided by My Beautiful Garden Cut back shrub roses

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year for many gardeners: nature is finally awakening to new life and you can get back to work in the garden. According to the phenological calendar , the first spring begins as soon as the forsythia bloom. Full spring is reached when the apple trees open their blossoms. Whether in the kitchen or ornamental garden: We reveal which jobs should definitely be on the to-do list between March and May.

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1. Sow vegetables and summer flowers

As soon as the sun has warmed the soil in the garden sufficiently, you can start sowing outdoors. The optimal germination temperature differs depending on the type of plant. Carrots, radishes and lettuce are content with relatively cool temperatures - they can be sown directly in the bed as early as March / April. Among the summer flowers, marigold , nasturtium and gypsophila are suitable for direct sowing in spring. Always pay attention to the sowing times that are stated on the seed bags.

species from tropical regions such as tomatoes and cucumbers need a lot of heat to germinate. Basically, frost-sensitive plants with a long cultivation period are best preferred under glass - in the greenhouse, in the cold frame or on the windowsill - so that they can be planted out well developed. In addition to

eggplant , chilli and paprika, this also includes classic balcony flowers such as Busy Lieschen or petunias. After the Eisheiligen from mid-May they come outside. Kitchen gardens

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 New podcast episode: Rent an allotment garden - How it works with your own plot of land Hedges trimmed accurately with nail scissors, older men in ribbed undershirts, flags from your favorite football club: These and other clichés about allotment gardens persist. And at the same time allotments are experiencing a real boom. Because in times when only very few can afford a house with a garden and more and more people are drawn to the cities, they are a great opportunity to be active in gardening and, for example, to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

10 questions and answers on sowing You have to sow many vegetable and balcony flower varieties yourself because they are hardly available in stores as young plants. Here we provide answers to the ten most important questions about sowing. Find out more 2. Cut trees in the garden The rule of thumb when cutting trees in the garden is: cut summer flowers in late winter or early spring, spring flowers such as forsythia or

ornamental quince immediately after flowering. The classic fruit tree pruning of apple, pear and quince is usually due in February / March. With peaches, you can use scissors in spring just before or after flowering. The ideal time to cut roses has come when the forsythias bloom. First, remove dead, damaged and diseased shoots. You can then shorten the bed and hybrid tea roses that bloom more often. Important: Place the scissors about five millimeters above one eye. Ornamental Gardens Cutting Roses: Tips for All Rose Classes

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Cut your roses in spring while the forsythia is in bloom - this will keep them vital and blooming. Here are the cutting rules for all rose classes. Find out more 3. Maintain the lawn in spring At the beginning of spring, the lawn

also needs the right care in order to be able to get started again. The first step is to rake off the lawn and remove branches, old leaves and other remnants of winter. The grass grows from a soil temperature of around five degrees - depending on the region, the first cut is usually due in March. Mow the dry lawn to encourage the grass to grow and branch. You can then fertilize the lawn for the first time - preferably with organic slow-release fertilizer. About three to four weeks after fertilization is the ideal time to scarify the lawn and free it of moss and felt. You can then reseed bare spots. Tip: If you want to completely re-sow a lawn or create an flower meadow , it is best to use the seed bag in spring between April and May. window.bridPlayStack = window.bridPlayStack || []; bridPlayStack.push ({"div": "brid-c9hlQTz_LEg", "obj": {"id": "14126", "width": "662", "height": "408", "video": "384063 "}}); After winter, the lawn needs a special treatment to make it beautifully green again. In this video we explain how to proceed and what to look out for.

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