Enthusiasts "Major Tom" star Peter Schilling: About his burnout: "It is important to get yourself out of such a hole"

10:40  01 march  2021
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"Completely detached from the earth, the spaceship floats, completely weightless ..." At least someone in the 1980s Having listened to music, these lines can hardly ignore a catchy tune. Peter Schilling (64) landed a world hit with his "Neue Deutsche Welle" song in 1983, which was number 1 in the singles charts in Germany for 23 weeks and also made it into the US Billboard charts in the English version.

Peter Schilling © imago images / miХ- $ Peter Schilling

But this success brought the NDW star, who turns 65 on January 28th, not only luck. In 1989 Schilling suffered a burnout and many years followed in which a large audience stayed away. The Stuttgart singer picked himself up again and his new album "Vis Viva" will be available from tomorrow (January 15th). At "t-online" he now tells how he is today.

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Another music star from the past. In the next video we'll show you what "No Angels" star Nadja Benaissa looks like 10 years after the band ended.

"Major Tom" star Peter Schilling looks to the future with confidence

Right at the beginning of the conversation, the singer emphasizes that today he is actually looking quite positively into the future again. "If someone had told me 45 years ago that I would release a new album in 2021, I would not have believed it at first. That's not bad."

Schilling is aware that he had a decisive influence on the music of the 80s, "and even worldwide", as he himself says. His interest in music has remained unbroken to this day. "That's why I started my career and that hasn't changed until today." He doesn't believe that the songs always have to be "up to date". He "prepares music, also current music, just fun". Good pieces will always prevail, says Schilling, even if the musical experience of today is completely different than it was back then.

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For Schilling, creative crises are part and parcel of artists.

To this day, Schilling does not see the world hit "Major Tom" as a curse, but as a blessing. "Every author, every artist wants the perfect song . And I have the perfect song," explains the singer. The creative problems that overtook him in the 1990s, he classifies almost as normal: "If you look at the vita of the great artists, then there is no one with whom it only went up. 40 years permanently productive be, that doesn't work. " There must be "creative breaks" in the field of music, during which other things also arise, such as in his case the children's book and radio play series "Der kleine Major Tom".

The "Neue Deutsche Welle" star is proud of what he has achieved today.

Schilling emphasizes that it makes him proud that he has managed to overcome 's problems . "It's important to get out of a hole like this. I've got a lot out of that. I'm at an age where you can take stock of things, and I think that I haven't done everything wrong after that the burnout followed. " On his birthday, says Schilling, he will "humbly look back on my life and light a candle for me inside".

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