Enthusiasts in Dresden, the German far-right gather against the sanitary restrictions

16:25  11 april  2021
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Tokyo: 400 German participants expected

 Tokyo: 400 German participants expected Dirk Schimmelpfennig, Chef de Mission at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, is expecting a good 400 German participants. © Provided by sport1.de Tokyo: 400 German participants expected Dirk Schimmelpfennig, Chef de Mission at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, expects a good 400 German participants for the major event. This was announced by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) on Friday. Currently, 226 athletes are qualified by name or by quota.

Le parti d'extrême droite allemand AfD était réuni en congrès à Dresde, les 10 et 11 avril 2021, pour préparer l'après-Angela Merkel. © AFP - Jens Schlueter The German far-right Party AFD was brought together in Congress in Dresden, on 10 and 11 April 2021, to prepare the after -Angela Merkel.

Meets since Saturday in Congress in Dresden, AFD, the German far-right party, tries to conceal its divisions and concentrates attacks against "madness" of sanitary restrictions.

Reunited in Congress in Dresden since Saturday, April 10, the alternative for Germany (AFD) preferred to ignore its divisions and focus its attacks against "madness" of sanitary restrictions. The far-right party has chosen Saturday to wait again before choosing its candidates for the September legislative elections.

Research Center: In Saxony from 2014 to 2019 more than 700 anti-Semitic incidents

 Research Center: In Saxony from 2014 to 2019 more than 700 anti-Semitic incidents The Research and Information Center for Antisemitism (Rias) recorded a total of 712 anti-Semitic incidents in Saxony between 2014 and 2019. At 55 percent, more than half of these incidents occurred in the three major cities of Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz, as the research center reported on Tuesday. Almost a third of anti-Semitic incidents occurred in small towns and in rural areas.

The smashing entry of MPs in 2017 at the Bundestag, making the alternative for Germany (AFD) The first opposition force in Angela Merkel, seems far away.

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The far-right party, created in 2013, crosses indeed a serious crisis of identity and leadership which still risked to appear at the big Day this weekend in Dresden, in the former GDR, bastion of the Islamophobic Pegida movement and, more recently, opponents of anti-Covid restrictions.

But the direction of the party and his opponents of the radical wing, close to the Neo-Nazis, have chosen to temporarily bury the ax of war.

"Orgies of prohibitions"

motions demanding the election from this weekend of leaders in the legislative elections of September 26, which will mark the end of the Merkel era, have been withdrawn, which the dispute desirations Leader of the party, Jörg Methen.

Germany: the spy who informed Moscow about the Bundestag would have collaborated with the Stasi

 Germany: the spy who informed Moscow about the Bundestag would have collaborated with the Stasi © Supplied by Le Parisien Le Parisien Enough to further poison the already strained German-Russian relations. A German is accused by the prosecution of having transmitted data on the Chamber of Deputies to Russia. The suspect, simply identified as Jens F., worked for a company repeatedly mandated by the Bundestag to carry out checks on his laptops.

There are few surprises to wait. Tino Chrupalla, ancient 45-year-old craftsman became a member of Parliament for Saxony and co-chair of the party, holds the rope to embody in the future binomial the toughest wing of training in Parliament.

The other end of the spectrum could be represented by Joana Costar, elected 48 years in Hesse (West), who made his arms in the Christian Democratic Party of Angela Merkel.

They should succeed the head of the parliamentary group in Alexander Galand, 80, and Alice Weidel, suspected of illegal financing and who confirmed on Saturday that she was not a candidate for new responsibilities.

Similarly, a motion presented by a handle of the 600 delegates to dismiss Jörg Methen, described as unfit to "raise the challenge of his function", was rejected.

Another motion limiting the number of management mandates could, however, be voted during the weekend and thus entail the departure of Jörg Methemen at the end of the year.

Aue boss Leonhardt: "We are a figurehead of the East"

 Aue boss Leonhardt: Today, Thursday, the Erzgebirge Aue celebrates its 75th birthday. Two days later there is also the 500th game in the 2nd Bundesliga. Violet President Helge Leonhardt is proud of this. © imago images Standing with Erzgebirge Aue before the 500th second division game: President Helge Leonhardt is proud. "Pride - that's the right word", emphasized Leonhardt in an interview with kicker (Thursday edition). "I see the faces of many companions who have helped write this story since 1946.

Electoral Program

This party meeting is officially devoted to the presentation of the electoral program, little or forever identical to that of 2017.

Forces lines are the same, from the exit of the euro to the recovery of a military service Mandatory, passing through reduced immigration to welcoming "Persecuted Christians and White Farmers from South Africa" ​​or a rapprochement with Russia.

But it is especially on the sanitary front that the executives of the AFD worn their blows.

The party, which tries to surf on the anti-masks movement, particularly active in Germany , wants to finish with "these orgies of prohibitions, these imprisonments, this madness of the lock," said Jörg Methen.

On the eve of a probable new screw tour, desired by Angela Merkel and the Länder , the AFD a for slogan, unveiled on Saturday, the "but normal", ie rid of its rules Anti-Covid.

Infection Fireplaces

AFD hardly, however, since the beginning of the pandemic to be heard and enjoy the lassitude of the population after more than one year of restrictions. Worse, its ex-RDA bastions have become ending 2020 the main infection homes in the country.

The Party has been stagnating in surveys for months at about 10% of voting intentions, compared to 12.6% four years ago. Its position has been strengthened in the ex-RDA Länder but the party is in clear loss of influence in the west.

The party remains threatened by an official investment under police surveillance which accuses it of contributing to the resurgence in Germany of extreme right terrorism.

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For conjunctions, it is electrically: EM stands in the sign of electro-mobility .
as the EM will go over the stage in the summer, is still largely in the stars. Which cities are there? How many viewers can go to the stadiums? The Corona pandemic makes the tournament itself 56 days before the starting game still to a big unknown. © ZVG In September 2020, Joachim Löw received his ID.3 in Dresden.

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