Enthusiasts Google Search Engine: Why the service could threaten

18:55  26 april  2021
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SAG "Hey, Google" to Fiat 500

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A copyright reform could complicate the use of the Google search engine. Which draft legislation it is, was compiled below.

Naypong / Shutterstock.com © Provided by Finanzen.net Naypong / Shutterstock.com New Permission Law

reports the Australian daily newspaper "The Sydney Morning Herald" provides a new Emergency Protection Act that Google - the subsidiary of the Internet Giant Alphabet - in the future Local media companies remunerated if their contents are displayed over the Google search engine and thus distributed. However, since Google does not agree with the introduction of this kind of "usage fee", the Group threatens consequences.

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Melanie Silva, Vice-President of Google Australia and New Zealand, expresses itself before the Committee on Economic Law of the Australian Senate: "If this version of the draft would become law, we would have no choice when the Google search engine no longer available in Australia To ask. After we have considered the legislation in detail, we had to conclude that, due to the financial and operational risks, we did not see any opportunity to continue to offer a service in Australia "- such the Sydney Morning Herald continues.

Possible shutdown The Google Search Engine

Silva draws a comparison between the payment of media companies for their links with the recommendation of a café to a friend, which will be exhibited for this mention after the recommendation. She continues to say, "If you use a price for linking with specific information, then the functioning of search engines is broken, and you have no free and open web." It stresses that leaving the Australian market is the "only rational decision" should be adopted the law. In order to meet the Senate, Silva advocates a conciliation procedure that provides individual negotiations with the local media companies. Through lightweight changes to the bill you can find a "fair and practicable" solution - so read in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Australian Prime Minister

reacts the attitude of the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison opposite the threats of the US Internet giant is clear: "Let me clearly say: Australia sets the rules for things you can do in Australia. ( ...) That's how things work here in Australia, "he replies according to Sydney Morning Herald on Silva's decision. He also adds: "We do not respond to threats." Editorial Finanzen.net

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