Enthusiasts Rally Dakar 2022: Appointment is - Route to "80 to 85 percent New"

21:45  11 may  2021
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Dakar project from Audi: First test drives from the middle of the year

 Dakar project from Audi: First test drives from the middle of the year © Audi Motorsport Communications The Dakar Renner of Audi is supposed to debut in the middle of the year preparations from Audi to the Start at the Rally Dakar 2022 progressing. As the German manufacturer announced on Friday, the conception of the emergency vehicle is largely completed. The roll-out is provided for at the end of June, the world premiere in July. First test drives are scheduled for the middle of the year also Personal has set the course for the first Dakar start as a work team.

In January 2022, the Rally Dakar will be held for the third time in Saudi Arabia: Mostly new route leads to the infamous "empty district" in the south of the country

As in the past two years, the Rally Dakar will take place again in 2022 in Saudi Arabia. The route, however, will look largely different than in the two previous conditions. Appointment for the 43th edition of the famous desert rally is the 1st to 14 January 2022.

According to Dakar-Organizer ASO, the route of the Dakar Rallye 2022 will be compared to that of 2021 to "80 to 85 percent new". Among other things, it goes into the dreaded, 650,000 square kilometers great sand desert RUB Al-Chali. This desert, located in southern Saudi Arabia, is known as the so-called "empty quarter".

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Let's start at the Rally Dakar 2022 already at New Year with the prologue. This takes place in Ha'il in the north of Saudi Arabia. On the 2nd of January is then the first stage on the program and the Dakar-Tross starts to move parallel to the Persian Gulf in the south.

"empty district" as the core of the Rally Dakar 2022

An essential part of the rally takes place in the infamous "empty district". The most dangerous is not the central area, but the edge areas. In just that area, the Rally Dakar 2020 was the deadly accident of the motorcyclist Pablo Goncalves . In the sense of risk minimization, the rally of Dakar 2022 the edge areas of the "empty quarter" are traversed in the form of a non-tapered connection stage.

Route für die Rallye Dakar 2022 in Saudi-Arabien © Provided by Motorsport.com Route for the Rally Dakar 2022 in Saudi Arabia

The route for the Rally Dakar 2022 in Saudi Arabia

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Photo: ASO

Time dangers is then used for three days in the extensive center of the RUB Chali. And also on the onward journey from the "empty district" out in the edge areas is not on time. Instead, it is for the rest day (January 8) by airbridge in the capital Riad. The goal of the rally is on January 14 in Jedda in the west of the country.

"If you are preparing a Dakar, there is always a story to tell. It was clear that we can not drive in two or three countries, we have considered what we could plan instead," says rally director David Castera.

"Much more sand" than the rally Dakar 2021

"I belonged to the people who told me that we had many rocks and that it lacked dunes," said Castera with a view of the Rally Dakar 2021. "So Let's start in Ha'il. This allows us to start with a sandy section. There, the participants can find their rhythm and tempo. This part is not easy with some dunes, but comparatively quiet, without surprises. "

Senegal: The Theodore-Monod Museum takes advantage of the reopening to dust off its image

 Senegal: The Theodore-Monod Museum takes advantage of the reopening to dust off its image © AFP - Seyllou The Theodore-Monod Museum of Dakar has taken advantage of this year of closure imposed to do work and propose a new scenography of the works exposed . in Dakar, the Theodore-Monod Museum reopened on May 18 after more than one year of closing related to the Pandemic of Covid-19. The museum holds a rich collection of some 9,000 pieces of African art that come from twenty countries. But he suffers from an outnounced image, according to his curator.

Yazeed Al-Rajhi © Provil by Motorsport.com Yazeed al-rajhi

dunes and desert sand will determine the image of the rally dakar 2022

Photo: Dirk of Zitzewitz

"then", so Castera Next, "It's the south to the 'empty quarter' where there is nothing but dunes. We will find out only dunes for three days, with a bivouac that enables us to return to the origins of the rally. There will be no caravan to sleep. That's the spirit I like And the Dakar had in her beginnings. "

"Then it will say, say, let's say more normal second week, focusing on navigation," explains the rally director and describes the area for this second Dakar week 2022 with "slopes in the midst of large rocks and valleys, but also with dunes ".

Details of the new route still open

Although the exact stages of the Dakar route 2022 are not yet fixed, Castera already reveals that it will be "about 4,000 kilometers of special exams and 2,500 to 3,000 kilometers connection buildings" and that the rally "much more sand as In the past two years "will be.

In January 2020, the 1979 Rally Dakar launched for the first time in its history in Saudi Arabia. Already in the previous year, an five-year contract was signed, which allows the legendary desert rally until at least 2024 in the Arab country.

Flagge: Saudi-Arabien © Provided by Motorsport.com Flag: Saudi Arabia

in Saudi Arabia will discharge the Rally Dakar until at least 2024

Photo: Motorsport Images

with image material from Toyota Gazoo Racing.

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