Enthusiasts Moving to Tianenmen's Chars: The Bing Searches Engine made the Famous Photo

12:30  05 june  2021
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Manifestant face aux chars de Tianenmen : le moteur de recherches Bing a fait disparaître la célèbre photo © Photos / Getty Images Images Faced with Tianenmen's Chars: The Bing Search Engine has removed the famous photo the famous photo Showing a protester facing military tanks during the repression of the Tianenmen uprising in 1989 disappeared, Friday, June 4, from the bing search engine. Microsoft pleads the "human error".

When we refer to Tianenmen uprising, the memory of "tank man" (the man in the chariot), the famous photo of the unknown protester blocking a column of Chinese tanks on Tiananmen Square in June 1989 comes back regularly. This photo has mysteriously disappeared from the Bing search engine on Friday, June 4, on the eve of the anniversary of the repression.

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"It is due to a human error and we are actively working to solve it," explained a spokesman for Microsoft, the computer giant who operates bing, several hours after reports in the American press.

on "Google Images", the competitor service very largely overlooking the Internet, the search for "Tank Man" showed hundreds of occurrences of the image of the American photographer Charlie Cole, among others.

There is an unknown protester in a white shirt, trying to symbolically block the progression of a column of at least 17 tanks on June 5, 1989, on Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

The demonstrations for democracy were held for seven weeks. Their repression had made hundreds or more than a thousand deaths.

But the cliché, which had received in 1990 the World Press Prize for the photo of the year, remains largely unknown in China because of censorship.

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Commemoration forbidden in China

The country has a vast Internet monitoring system that allows it to expurge any sensitive content, such as political criticism or pornography. And in the name of stability, the country imposes on the digital giants to have their own censors to carry out this task upstream.

Failing to comply with this regulation, the vast majority of foreign search engines and social networks (Google, Facebook, Twitter ...) are blocked in China and Internet users can only access it with bypass software (VPN). But the disappearance of the photo on Bing, outside of China, seemed incomprehensible.

Any commemoration of Tiananmen 's repression is prohibited in China, and the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong was the only place where it was tolerated.

But with the Beijing screw turn against any form of opposition in the former British colony, the vigil to candles was, this year, prohibited. The park where she stands remained empty for the first time in 3 years.

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