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02:10  16 june  2021
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A hundred elected officials call in a forum to grant the right to vote at 16 to the municipal

 A hundred elected officials call in a forum to grant the right to vote at 16 to the municipal © Philippe Desmazes "Open the vote in 16 years in municipal elections in the form of a premajity, that would be the first plea To evolve our cities, "write the signatories of the platform. The debate often comes back on the political scene in recent years: should we lower the legal age to vote from 18 to 16 years? "Yes", clarify this Sunday a hundred elected, in a tribune published in the Sunday newspaper.

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L e Party to power in Algeria, the National Liberation Front (FLN), won the anticipated legislative legislative on Saturday, but with a Historic abstention, in crisis in the country and in a widespread repression climate.

These elections had been rejected by the unpublished popular protest movement, repressed by power, and part of the opposition, who had called for the boycott.

The Victory of the FLN is a surprise because this party was considered discredited, exhaustly, because of its compromise with the fallen president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, driven out of power in February 2019 by the hirak. Even if it enjoys an old and extended implantation.

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The FLN is in the lead with 105 seats on 407, followed by independent candidates with 78 seats, said Tuesday the president of the independent national election authority (ANIA), 72 hours after the ballot.

Its traditional ally, the national democratic gathering (RND), won 57 seats (14%).

The main Islamist training of the country, the movement of the Society for Peace (MSP, Conservative), third comes with 64 seats.

The MSP, considered moderate, who had claimed the victory after the ballot, had warned against "the many attempts to change the results". "Unfounded" statements, according to the ANIE.

"The foundations of this Parliament were constructed freely and transparent by the people," Chorfi said at a press conference.

"Not the solution"

ex-party single and main training of the outgoing Parliament, the FLN nevertheless registers a large retraction in number of seats, according to the first official formal figures. He loses more than 50 seats to no longer control only one quarter of the elected officials of the new assembly.

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"The FLN dérérie in the street has arrived in mind to the legislative elections. With its twin RND, the presidential alliance under #bouteflika keeps the majority in the new assembly. Added QQ Pseudos independent, tolerated Islamists, V'la #Algerie new after #hirak ", rahim rail, a user, on Twitter.

Video: Algerians pending the results of the legislative elections (Dailymotion)

Sign of the disinterest of Algerians, the participation rate -23.03% - has reached the lowest level in the history of the Algeria, all elections combined, according to the anie.

"The rate is extremely low. It is a figure that shows how much this election, like those who preceded it, do not constitute the solution to the crisis," said AFP Louisa Dris Aït Hamadouche, Political Science Teacher at the University of Algiers.

Despite a very high number of independent candidates, abstention is even higher than during the 2019 presidential election and the constitutional referendum of 2020 (60% and 76% respectively).

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on more than 24 million voters, the Authority reported 5.6 million voters, including more than one million numbers.

A first interim participation rate of 30.20%, already very low, had been announced on Sunday.

But the delay in the publication of the results - is because of the "complicated" counting by a new voting mode - triggered a controversy on a possible "swelling" of this figure.

As a comparison, the participation reached 35.70% in the last legislative of 2017 and 42.90% in 2012.

"Greater Party"

For years, analysts qualify for abstention of "greater party in Algeria".

But President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has already chosen to ignore the figure of participation.

"For me, the rate of participation does not matter. What matters to me is that those for whom the people vote have sufficient legitimacy," he argued after voting.

The power, is indeed determined to impose its "road map" electoralist, ignoring the claims of the Hirak: rule of law, democratic transition, popular sovereignty, independent justice.

Algerians had to choose from 2,288 lists, including more than 1,200 showed as "independent". A first. These lists were openly encouraged by a power in search of renewal of its legitimacy.

The Assembly therefore could seal an alliance between the FLN, the RND, the moderate independents and Islamists.

These are the first legislative since the popular uprising of the Hirak, which resulted in the resignation of Bouteflika after 20 years of power.


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