Enthusiasts "Laughing: science with splice": an interactive and fun exhibition for children and parents at the Museum of the man

17:15  21 july  2021
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The Yves Saint Laurent Paris Museum Rouvre with an Expo dedicated to Silky Lyonnais

 The Yves Saint Laurent Paris Museum Rouvre with an Expo dedicated to Silky Lyonnais © Courtesy of Museum Yves Saint Laurent Paris The exhibition "Yves Saint Laurent, the scenes of the haute couture in Lyon" * will settle in the Antre of the Parisian Museum, located at 5 Avenue Marceau, from June 17 to December 5, 2021. At your agendas! After a long closure period related to the health crisis, the Yves Saint Laurent Paris museum announces the reopening of its doors on June 17.

The Paris Museum offers families and children to discover what laughter, its functioning , thanks to multiple media, activities and interactions. A beautiful idea of ​​exit for this month of July.

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Want to develop your child's curiosity through the game? Address a positive theme in this complicated period? The Museum of Man currently proposes, and until 2 August 2021, an interactive and itinerant exhibition on laughter, designed by the association Art'M : science with splinters, for children from 6 years old.

for Noémie Verstraete, the Museum of Man, this reflection on the laughter "goes with our gallery of the man, who is there to define the contours of the human and wonder what is the own of the Man ". An event designed to be "a family and hybrid exposure". Clearly everyone can find pleasure.

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum reopens

 The Yves Saint Laurent Museum reopens © Reg Lancaster / Express / Getty Images Yves Saint Laurent in His Studio in 1965Photo: Getty Images We know the link between Yves Saint Laurent and the cities of Paris, Oran and Marrakech . But through an exclusive exhibition, another geographical connection appears: Saint Laurent and Lyon. In the creator's historic sewing house unfolds a course focused on seven Lyon companies who collaborated with Saint Laurent itself during his career.

In a long room, on the first floor of the museum, the exhibition is organized into several poles composed of workshops, games, screens and helmets to listen, look, test ...

No particular course or from specific meaning. Everyone wanders in his own way and stops where he wishes.

The benefits for health

In each workshop the proposed brackets range from the book to card games through playful activities where the child becomes an actor, like the tickling chair surrounded by his "torture tools"! Or the duel of laughter or the help of grimaces immortalized on tablet.

The scientific explanations of laughter are addressed, with a brain analysis and face muscles. The historical aspect is also, as well as health benefits: the decrease in stress and symptoms of depression, improving respiration and blood circulation.

Parked in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: What Fred Rogers Taught Us About Cars

  Parked in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: What Fred Rogers Taught Us About Cars Parked in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: What Fred Rogers Taught Us About CarsAnd yet: take a wider view, and his program showed children that the automobile is a fixture in modern American life over the second half of the 20th century, introducing them to everything from seat belts to automated car washes to early EV efforts. Fred Rogers himself wasn't much of a gearhead, but he knew just as much as anyone how much emotion can be wrapped up in a car, quietly maintaining a 1928 Ford Model A Sport Coupe over the decades that had been given to him by his parents.

Learn and participate

Is the human species the only one laughing? Why is laughter contagious? What are the consequences of mockery? All these questions are addressed with multimedia media: films or sounds to listen, objects to handle ...

Finally, Children share their best memory bound to laughter on small cards that are then displayed in the Exhibition: "When dad fell", "When Mom tickles me", "When a clown thrown a cake on another clown" or "my mother said allo when she opens the door, it's not a phone! "

"Laughing: Science with a splinter" Museum of the man 17, Place du Trocadero, 75016 Paris every day except Tuesday, 11h-19h from 6 years old and for the whole family Rates: 9 € / 12 € until August 2nd 2021

Technik Museum Pütnitz In the future with seafielder exhibition .
in the Technik Museum Purtnitz on the Saaler Bodden, an exhibition with seafluets is built in model growing size. Sea flyers are planes that can start and land on the water. The military location of Pütnitz was founded in the mid-1930s for the sea flying, said Museum Chief Frank Müller-Meinke. There these seaplanes were built and the pilots have been formed. It is also planned to build one of the aircraft themselves. Visitors could see the seafiest exhibition grow in construction.

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