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21:50  09 august  2021
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Ducati driver for Le Mans confident: But the first sectors are Yamaha

 Ducati driver for Le Mans confident: But the first sectors are Yamaha © Motorsport Images For the first time in his career, Francesco Bagnaia leads the World Cup to after the double victory in Jerez, Ducati traveled with a broad breast to the Grand Prix of France . Although Francesco Bagnaia is still waiting for his first MotoGP victory, but constant top results have brought the Italian for the first time the World Cup leadership. Teammollege Jack Miller dropped a lot of pressure through the Jerez victory.

Ferrari und Porsche werden sich dieses Jahr mit etwas mehr Power bekämpfen © Motorsport Images Ferrari and Porsche will fight this year with a little more power

The Long-distance World Cup (WEC) has the Balance of Performance (BOP) for the 24 hours published by Le Mans 2021. She will first be used at the Test Day this Sunday.

Traditionally, the Circuit de la Sarthe has a very own BOP, which is not bound to the automated from other WEC races. A comparison is therefore only possible with the BOP from 2020. And something has done here.

Both the Ferrari 488 GTE EVO as well as the Porsche 911 RSR-19 go to the start with a better classification than last year. After Porsche could not pass the pace of Ferrari and Aston Martin last year in the race, the RSR now receives two 0.7 millimeters of larger air volume limiter. There is also a kilogram less.

24h Nürburgring 2022 and 2023: Appointments in May

 24h Nürburgring 2022 and 2023: Appointments in May © ADAC / Group C The dates for the 24h race on the Nürburgring were preferred the appointments for the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring 2022 and 2023 have become changed. The weekends communicated in 2017 will not be booked for the motorsport spectacles. Instead, the appointments for the next two issues are forward. In both years, Christ's Ascension is now driven and not on the Corpus Christi. In 2022, the race takes place from 26 to 29 May and not from 16 to 19 June.

Ferrari gives in return over almost the entire speed band 70 to 80 millibar more boost pressure and may also unload ten kilograms compared to 2020.

The Corvette C8.R has received a very conventional basic rating for your first appearance in Le Mans. The US work team had left the 2020er edition because of the travel restraint. Especially the weight of 1,276 kilograms could provide for discussions, because that is much heavier than the previous WEC appearances (S.U.). Aston Martin is no longer represented in the GTE PRO.

For comparison: For the 6 hours of Monza, the Porsche 911 RSR-19 drove with two 30,8-millimeter restrictors and 1,264 kilograms. The Ferrari 488 GTE Evo had a boost pressure range from 1.10 to 1.81 bar and weighed 1,255 kilograms. The Corvette was classified with 43.5-millimeter restrictors and 1,235 kilograms, but did not participate in Monza. The deviation to the LE-MANS classification is blatant.

Schillers smoking Getspeed-Mercedes: "Thought my car burns from"

 Schillers smoking Getspeed-Mercedes: © Alexander Trienitz Getspeed-Mercedes # 8 at the 24h race on the Nürburgring 2021 The 24-hour race on the Nürburgring 2021 was just half a half Hour old, as it seemed to be past the Mercedes-Amg with Start Number 8 from the Team Getspeed. On the TV pictures was to see how the car was smoking in the goodyear sweep of the Grand Prix route.

BOP 24H Le Mans 2021 - GTE PRO

in parentheses compared to 2020

Corvette C8.R

Minimum weight: 1,276 kilogram

Air quantity limiter: 2х - $, 7 millimeters

Lambda minimum: 0.88

Tank: 99 liters

ferrari 488 GTE EVO

WEC and Le Mans 2023: Ferrari sets for Hypercar factory insert on AF Corse

 WEC and Le Mans 2023: Ferrari sets for Hypercar factory insert on AF Corse © Ferrari Ferrari and AF Corse also span in the LMH class Ferrari and AF Corse also tension together in the Hypercar era of the manufacturer of Maranello . As the Italian sports car blacksmith officially announces, Amato Ferrari's team will handle the LMH factory insert from the WEC season 2023. "We are proud of this announcement. It is the culmination of a dream and the recognition of the great efforts we have done over the years. Our partnership with Ferrari is a successful.

Minimum weight: 1.269 kilogram (-10)

boot pressure: 1.10-1.79 bar (+0,07)

Lambda minimum: 1.10

Tank: 94 liters (+5)

Porsche 911 RSR-19

Minimum weight: 1,285 kg (-1)

Air quantity limiter: 2х - $, 7 mm (+ 2х - $, 7)

Lambda Minimum: 0.89

Tank: 99 liters (+2)

BOP 24H Le Mans 2021 - GTE on

The Aston Martin Vantage AMR goes with a similar classification as 2020 in the test day, but has a little more power and a tiny kilogram more base weight. Porsche also receives more power, but a smaller tank and more weight. The cheapest is Ferrari: More performance and ten kilograms less.

Aston Martin Vantage AMR

Minimum weight: 1.257 kilograms (+1)

Loading pressure: 1,20-1,51 bar (+0,03)

Lambda Minimum: 0.94

Tank: 93 liters (-2)

Ferrari 488 GTE EVO

Minimum weight: 1,279 kilogram (-10)

boost pressure: 1.06-1.75 bar (+0,09)

Lambda minimum: 1.10

Tank: 91 liters (+4)

Porsche 911 RSR-19

Minimum weight: 1.295 kilograms (+7)

Air volume limiter: 2х - $, 2 mm (+ 2х - $, 3)

Lambda minimum: 0.89

Tank: 96 liters (-2)

"Hard to endure": Ferraris painful Monza defeat .
© Motorsport Images Square Two is not the result that Ferrari and AF Corse have hoped "That's the most disappointing second place I've ever had." - James Calado does not even try to find out. Ferrari has suffered a bitter defeat against Porsche at the home game in Monza. And that, though everything really had spoken for the jumping horse. "That's hard to accept. That was the race we really wanted to win. But Porsche seemed to have the certain extra," says a stunned Calado. "It was so tight.

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