Enthusiasts Daniel Ricciardo explains: Dark power drove me to the Monza victory

12:25  17 september  2021
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DTM Qualifying Monza 1: Abril brings at Mercedes-Amg Festival First Pole

 DTM Qualifying Monza 1: Abril brings at Mercedes-Amg Festival First Pole © Motorsport Images Vincent Abril grabs in Monza the first pole of the new DTM era first DTM qualifying of the new GT3 era at 26 degrees And perfect conditions in Monza - and Mercedes-AMG delivers a come-made comment: The Monegasque HRT-Mercedes pilot Vincent Abril secured the first pole position in 1: 46,488 - and thus three points in the championship. And leads a quadruple guidance of the brand with the star ( here's the result ).

Daniel Ricciardo feierte in Monza seinen achten Sieg in der Formel 1 © Motorsport Images Daniel Ricciardo celebrated in Monza his eighth victory in the formula 1

on the way to his sensational victory in Monza was Daniel Ricciardo apparently from an inner, dark Power powered. At least that says that the Australian himself, when he returns to the course of the weekend. This inner force was unleashed after qualifying on Friday, when the McLaren driver was fifth, he was not satisfied with it.

not even half a tenth second customer lacked Ricciardo in the royal park to a top 3 result in qualification. "After qualifying, I was pretty bleak," he says. "Something in me then meant that I do not want to be here anymore, in relation to that I want to win and that I want to be the guy. That has driven me more than anything else," says Ricciardo describes his emotional life.

FIA WEC in Monza Live on Sport1

 FIA WEC in Monza Live on Sport1 The FIA ​​WEC is for the first time on the high-speed route in Monza. Sport1 shows the race of the long-distance world championship in free TV. © Provil by Sport1.de FIA WEC in Monza Live on Sport1 The FIA ​​WEC LIVE at Sport1 : This year, the field of participant will start for the first time for a 6-hour race in Monza's high-speed temple. Sport1 shows the complete run of the long-distance World Cup on Sunday from 11.30 clock live in the free Livestream on Sport1.de .

From the team he received a lot of praise after qualifying and the difficult season so far. But Ricciardo felt that was more in it. "I know it was a good session at this year. But then the competitor came out in me. I can not explain it. It was like a burning feeling in me, which told me: 'No, that was not Good enough ', "explains the 32-year-old.

from Dr. Jekyll became Mr. Hyde

and so Dr. Jekyll Alias ​​Daniel for the further course of the weekend in Mr. Hyde Alias ​​Ricciardo. "For the rest of the weekend, I was equipped with blinds. That's easy to say, because I won. But honestly, there was something that came over me, especially after Friday evening. I was probably a man on a mission" , he says.

This mission initially led to third place in the sprint and finally to victory in the race on Sunday. Thus, the Australian finally made a hook behind a difficult season so far, in which for Ricciardo for a long time there was nothing together.

Kamui Kobayashi to Toyotas Zitter victory in Monza: "Do not know what was going on"

 Kamui Kobayashi to Toyotas Zitter victory in Monza: © Motorsport Images Toyota has to understand his hypercar even better to understand Toyota and the drama - a relationship that has been holding for years. The victory at the WEC race in Monza is only the youngest episode. Because even at the 6-hour premiere in the royal park was trembling again. In the first two rinsing, it looked like a relatively careful victory for the # 7 (Conway / Kobayashi / Lopez).

a little felt the now eight-time Grand Prix winner in Monza took the 2014 season when he experienced his final breakthrough in Formula 1 and at Red Bull also Sebastian Vettel put into the shadow. "I'm not saying that to look cool in front of the camera. It's really this other side of me, from which I know if she comes out, she can be so powerful," he describes.

Ricciardo: Need the dark side no more

"It was like 2014 in my breakthrough. I just loved the emotions on the track and that's why it was so powerful for me," says Ricciardo. But after his dark side of power in Monza came to light, he does not believe that he will need them soon.

"I like this fire in me. It lets you feel alive and it's a positive rage. One draws a lot of energy from this rage," he says. "But after this weekend, I'm not thinking that I always need it to be myself. I have taken a lot of self-confidence from this weekend, and the team, of which so many supported and believed me. This weekend has this weekend Everyone calms, "he says.

Hamilton world champion by collision? "I would never want to win!" .
© Motorsport Images Lewis Hamilton wants to stip the hand rich of the World Cup fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Stapen takes on dramatics, which continues the season progresses - and no one knows, in which highlight you ends. The collisions in Silverstone and in Monza may have given a taste of what could still expect us. For now both seem in the tight duel - Hamilton only two points in front - no compromises to enter. That was different at the beginning of the season.

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