Enthusiasts Ten years later, the Basque subject remains burning for Spanish power

11:20  21 october  2021
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Wednesday marks ten years since the Spanish terror group ETA was disbanded. Over 43 years, more than 800 people were killed in attacks by the Basque separatists, with thousands more injured. The socialist prime minister at the time, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, then confirmed the group had disbanded, declaring Spain “will be a democracy without terrorism, but not without memory” - meaning the victims of the group would not be forgotten. Here are the key dates that mark the emergence and demise of ETA.

Ten years later , the sociolinguistic survey showed that in 2016 of all people aged 16 and above in the Basque Autonomous Community, 33.9% were fluent Basque speakers, 19.1% passive speakers and 47% did not speak Basque . The Statute of Autonomy of the Basque Country is an organic law but powers have been devolved gradually during decades according to re-negotiations between the Spanish and the consecutive Basque regional governments to reach an effective implementation, while the transfer of many powers are still due and has always been a matter of heated political discussion.

Le porte-parole de Bildu et ex-etarra Arnaldo Otegi. © Rafa Rivas - AFP Archives Bildu spokesman and ex-Etarera Arnaldo otegi.

Ten years after stopping the armed struggle by ETA, the Basque Left claims the release of the inmates of the movement.

This is a video of which the Government of the Socialist Pedro Sanchez went well, while Spain marked yesterday the 10th anniversary of the abandonment of the armed struggle by the terrorist organization ETA. In this registration addressed to the militants of Bildu, Party of the left nationalist Basque, his coordinator Arnaldo otegi - himself an elder of ETA - considering an exchange: we have 200 prisoners and if we have to vote in favor of the budget to do them Going out, we will do it.

as Schlaudraff for 96 The door to Europe insists

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The Basque Nationalist Party ( Basque : Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea, EAJ; Spanish : Partido Nacionalista Vasco, PNV; French: Parti Nationaliste Basque , PNB; EAJ-PNV)

The land-based oligarchy remained powerful ; a small number of people held Spain was neutral in World War I. Following the war, wide swathes of Spanish society, including the armed forces, united in hopes of This republic remained in power until the culmination of the civil war five years later .[33].

These statements, who have leaked, fall at the moment when the psy-podemos minority government is looking for allies in Parliament to adopt the budget. As with each vote, small parties are dragged and Bildu (five members) is a partner that needs to be housed.

cold shower

It is a cold shower for the psychum that had greeted, Monday, October 18, 2021, other comments from the same otegi. In a solemn speech, he had recognized the pain endured by the victims of the attacks of ETA (829 dead from 1959 to 2018). We are deeply sorry for their suffering.

Faced with the evocation of a hypothetical bargaining, the government had to reaffirm its firmness on the Basque file. His spokesman, Isabel Rodriguez, judged the demand for insufficient forgiveness. She called for celebrating the celebrations in the Basque villages when returning from EtaRas released, so as not to punish the victims again. "

For its part, the People's Party (right), always inflexible against the independence, requires that the courses not explicitly condemn the crimes of ETA are excluded from any political agreement. In clear, Bildu should not be associated with the vote of the budget and laws.

proves that ten years later, the Basque subject is hot.

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