Enthusiasts IndexNow: Bing and Yandex shared URLs, other search engines should follow

20:01  14 january  2022
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The indexNow protocol should ensure that content is indexed faster. Now the process should be conveyed to the URL, still simplified. Wer eine URL zur Indexierung mit Indexnow bei Bing einreicht, übermittelt sie automatisch auch an alle anderen Suchmaschinen, die das Protokoll nutzen. © Chrisdorney / Shutterstock Who submits a URL to indexing with INDEXNOW at BING, automatically sends them to all other search engines that use the log.

IndexNow is a protocol from Microsoft, which was launched in October 2021. This is how it is to be website operator: inside directly possible to report new content to the search engine. The URL is submitted and the search engine signals so that the content is new and in the search could be played out. The transmission of the URL is not a guarantee for immediate indexing and a ranking, but it may be helpful to request a crawling with indexing problems .

Now announced Microsoft that it is recently even easier to submit content to indexing.

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Only one API endpoint is addressed

So far, the recommendation looked so that URLs had to be transmitted individually to Bing and Yandex. Now an exchange between the search engines used by the protocol should be automatically done: If a URL is transmitted to Bing, it is automatically shared with all other search engines using the IndexNox protocol. Currently only between Bing and Yandex is synchronized, but other search engines should follow. For this purpose, the required infrastructure is being implemented. Websites that use the IndexNow protocol can also submit URLs via the following API endpoint:

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Overall it should be faster and more efficient be to submit URLs, have crawls and indexing. Overall, the crawlers should also be relieved - which does Johannes Beus of Sistrix in question. Google has once tried a similar tool once and set again. There is a risk that instead, the volume would increase to crawling pages if all webmasters: transmit all URLs manually and repeatedly. It is not effective, simply all content to crawl, but only the relevant. Accordingly, it is important to observe whether IndexNow prevails and whether it brings noticeable advantages. Testing it, website operators can: inside but at least not hurt.

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for WordPress already has a plugin of Microsoft, which automatically creates the API key on the website and Hostes and URLs transmitted. The transmission takes place automatically, but can also be triggered manually. Last failed URLs should also be transmitted again. Google does not support IndexNox - but check the log.

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