Enthusiasts in Canada, Museum visits to medical prescription

06:10  04 march  2022
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Long live sport! What we really motivates

 Long live sport! What we really motivates A mega study shows how to motivate people to do more sport. Spoiler alert: It's really difficult, but bribery can help. © picture-alliance / Zoonar / R. Kneschke Some nudge entice us to overcome your weaker 2022 everything will be better. Everything! On good and optimistic intentions lacks at no year, even in pandemic situations. Why is it so do not try it again with a gym membership? Or online sports course - possibly overpriced, but the price keeps the motivation certainly above. Well .

Au Canada, des visites au musée sur prescription médicale © Getty Images / iStockphoto in Canada, visits to the Museum on Medical Prescription in the Country of the Maple Leaf, the doctor can send his patients not to pharmacy But at the museum! The therapeutic virtue of beauty has been officially attested. The museum, research laboratory

Museums, a place of care? The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Mbam) has become a kind of research laboratory for measuring the effects of art on health . His director, Nathalie Bondil affirms him: "I am convinced that culture will be to health what sport was in the previous century". An intuition attested by a 2019 study of the British Journal of Psychiatry *: The risks of depression due to old age are reduced by 32% by going to the theater, the museum or the cinema several times a year; 48% by going at least once a month.

Four exhibitions we can not wait to visit in 2022

 Four exhibitions we can not wait to visit in 2022 © Courtesy of the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles The exhibition "Cézanne" will retrace the career of the French impressionist painter through oil paintings as "nature dead with apples "(1895). The beginning of the year is the ideal time to update its cultural agenda. If the pandemic continues to throw a shadow on the world of culture, museums have announced many exhibitions and retrospective during the next twelve months. Here are four to discover around the world.

An alternative to medicines

Art would be an adjuvant to conventional drug treatments. Faced with patients with chronic diseases, too weak to exercise physical or stayed at home for a long time, visit to the Museum can be a tool for a Hollistic approach. This moment (to be shared with 3 other people), allows to refocus oneself while forgetting or attenuating its pain the time of the visit: the beautiful generates physicochemical phenomena and frees hormones related to well-being.

A cure for all

on what patients can the benefits feel? All! Art is treating the soul and the body. This invitation to well-being has the effect on psychic, mental but also physical disorders: from diabetes depression through chronic diseases, autism, anorexia or Alzheimer ... The doctor can benefit everything patient type, whatever the initial symptomatology. And at any age, minors like senior.

before 70th throne anniversary: ​​Queen Elizabeth II. Traveled to Sandringham

 before 70th throne anniversary: ​​Queen Elizabeth II. Traveled to Sandringham since 6 February 1952 Sits Queen Elizabeth II (95) on the throne. Your 70th throne anniversary will spend you on your property in Sandringham. According to the US magazine "People" , the Monarch is broken out on this Sunday (January 23) of Schloss Windsor with a helicopter there. The anniversary will be the first to celebrate Elizabeth II without her husband Prince Philip (1921-2021). She also usually spends the day in a quiet commemoration, as it is also the death day of her father George VI.

and France?

The Art-Therapy - which consists of accompanying patients through their artistic productions - has gradually made a place in medical-social media since the beginning of the twentieth. If it is not officially recognized, the practice has been democratized for 10 years and many renowned specialists use them in their services. Patients can visit the Castle of Compiegne on prescription, as well as those of the Hospital Center de Dreux, invited to the Museum of Art and History of the city. But these initiatives remain too rare.

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Already 65,000 visitors in the Nuremberg Future Museum .
In the more than six months since the opening, a good 65,000 people have visited the Future Museum in Nuremberg. Corona restrictions have been felt for a long time at the number of guests, most recently, the responsible persons recorded a visitor plus. Since last week you can feel a veritable run on the house, said a museum spokesman. © Daniel Karmann / DPA / Archive Image A Separator Coil Wendelstein 7-AS of 1990 is exhibited in the future museum.

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