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20:50  19 march  2022
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in Formula 1 2022, there is a policy change that is allowed to provide a little relief, especially in urban races in the teams. So far, a transmission had to hold six races in a row. This rule is now tilted: Instead, there is a pool of components, as is the case with the drive unit.

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Each driver now has to do with four gear units in a season over 22 or 23 races, say the new rules. Which transmission is used whenever is now the team.

gearbox now counts as a so-called RNCS - "Restricted Number Components". They consist of two elements: the gearbox housing and the cassette are a component, the powertrain, gears and other attachments fall into the second category. Each driver are available four of them.

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For comparison: For the PowerAnits there are seven components: internal combustion engine (ICE), turbocharger (TC), hybrid system kinetics (MGU-K), hybrid system thermal (MGU-H), battery (ES), electronics (CE) and exhaust ( EX).

Nevertheless, the durability of the gears must be extended, because unlike over the past few years, when other gearboxes were allowed to be used on freights, the 2022 is only four times possible.

Each team is available four jokers. In this case, a transmission outside the pool may be used on Fridays to test developments, for example. At the season opener in Bahrain, Sergio Perez (Red Bull) and Esteban Ocon (Alpine) have already made use of it.

Maintenance in consultation with FIA possible

To meet the greater load, maintenance work may be performed on the gearbox. However, this must be done in consultation with the FIA. In addition, all competitors must be kept in the picture.

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In a FIA document, it is said to: "It is up to the applicant to carry out all necessary measures to convince the FIA ​​that this article is fully complied with. This can be a precise documentation of the work done, photos, enumeration from part numbers and so on. "

Even during a race weekend, a gear may be saved for example after an accident. Thus, gears, the so-called "dog rings", which replace the synchronized rings in race gears, and the reverse gear can be replaced under the supervision of a technical delegate. This may only take place if damage to the components can be detected.

All in all, there will be no grid penalty over wide stretches of the season. As with the engine, this is a topic that will come in the second half of the season when it comes to the title.

also creates the system for the teams some air to breathe on street courses such as Monaco, Jidda, Baku or Montreal, where the walls are very close to the route. An accident here no longer automatically leads to a grid penalty when the gearbox is damaged. Of course, that also applies to all other routes.

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