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08:10  11 september  2022
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Mercedes Formula 1 team is investing in sustainable flight fuel

 Mercedes Formula 1 team is investing in sustainable flight fuel © Motorsport Images Toto Wolff also personally thinks a lot about the topic of sustainability according to as a "First sports team worldwide", the Mercedes formula 1 team is investing in sustainable Flow fuel. The measure is part of the program with which the racing team from Brackley wants to reach CO2 neutrality by 2030. "Sustainable flight fuel has the potential, the way we travel, and the effects we have on the environment.

with the start of the temporary cutting tax in June, according to industry data, the demand for gasoline has increased significantly.

Der Tankrabatt sorgte für einen Nachfrageschub an den Tankstellen. © Marijan Murat/dpa The tank discount ensured a demand for the petrol stations.

Domestic deliveries at petrol stations and other recipients rose strongly at the time compared to the previous months, as an evaluation of the official mineral oil data shows. With 1.58 million tons, they even exceeded the pre-corona value of June 2019 by almost 42,000 tons. In spring, the domestic deliveries at petrol had been significantly below the pre-corona values, on average at 1.34 million tons per month.

fuel prices for petrol continues to fall - Super E10 at pre -war level

 fuel prices for petrol continues to fall - Super E10 at pre -war level Munich. Motorists with petrol engines can recharge their batteries again and immediately before the Ukraine War broke out. However, the ADAC does not see the reason for relaxation. © Julius-Christian Schreiner Super E10 has again reached the level before the war. The sink flight of fuel prices continues. Super gasoline of the E10 variety is again at the level before the start of the Ukraine war, as can be seen from ADAC numbers on Wednesday. One liter cost 1.75 euros in the nationwide average o

During this time, the fuel prices had reached the heights of the war in Ukraine. A connection to the sunken demand in spring is not necessarily detectable - but obvious. Accordingly, the temporary reduction in fuel tax by 35.2 cents at petrol - and thus falling prices at the petrol pumps - may now have caused a demand for a demand. At Diesel, the increase in delivery to the previous months was significantly lower, as the data published by the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA) show. Here the tax relief with 16.7 cents was also lower.

, however, a side effect of tax cutting should also have led to a strong increase in June. Since the tax does not apply when selling the gasoline at the petrol station, but when it comes to delivery, it was profitable for petrol stations to replace its supplies at the end of May. And drivers also waited for the lower Juni prices. Accordingly, there had been the lowest domestic deliveries of the previous months with 1.29 million tons of petrol. However, as a sole explanation for the plus in June, this minus is far too small.

"It is obvious that the" tank discount "has led to a higher demand," said ADAC fuel market expert Christian Laberer. «It is also psychologically a big difference whether I have to pay 2.10 or 1.75 euros for one liter. This reduces the incentive to be particularly fuel -saving. »

petrol and diesel in Germany much more expensive than in neighboring countries .
Wiesbaden. Since the tank discount leaked, the fuel prices have passed even further. Especially in Germany, people have to dig deep into their pockets. In contrast, the fuel is significantly cheaper in the adjacent EU countries. © Marijan Murat A woman rumbles in a gas station in Baden-Württemberg. (Symbol image) After the so-called tank rabbit has expired, fuel prices have attracted fuel prices in Germany and, according to , are higher than in the direct EU neighboring states.

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