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Celebrity Drive: Chickenfoot Bassist Michael Anthony

Tuesday  22:30,   09 october 2018

Anthony daily-drives a... >>>

What we learnt from a weekend playing Forza Horizon 4

Tuesday  18:50,   09 october 2018

Does Microsoft’s latest racing game deliver on the hype? The post What we learnt from a weekend playing Forza Horizon 4 appeared first on Motoring Research. Follow MSN Autos on Facebook and Twitter >>>

Burt Reynolds Collection Brings Big Bucks at Barrett-Jackson

Tuesday  03:05,   09 october 2018

1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am “Bandit” Recreation fetches $192,500Reynolds' estate carried on with the film legend's wishes to sell five of his privately registered vehicles at the auction, some of which commanded a considerable premium due to... >>>

Holden Time Attack Concept is a vision of a 1,340-horsepower electric race car

Monday  22:50,   08 october 2018

It's a thoroughly absurd car.The Holden, which only exists in virtual form for the time being, uses four electric motors, one for each wheel, that produce a total of 1,340 horsepower and an even more jaw-dropping 2,389 pound-feet of torque. Each >>>

Meet the stars of Magnum P.I.: Jay Hernandez and the Ferrari 488 Spider

Monday  22:50,   08 october 2018

After being off our screens for almost 30 years, Magnum PI is back, but a new Magnum needs a new ride. We hit the road and get to know them both.Powered... >>>

The Inventor of the Little Arrow that Tells You What Side the Fuel Filler Is On Has Finally Been Found

Monday  21:26,   08 october 2018

I bet most of our regular readers has, at some point, blown the mind of one of their non-gearhead friends by pointing out the little arrow in almost every modern fuel gauge that shows what side the fuel filler is on. It’s a fantastic and simple bit... >>>

Trans Am 101: Building a Modern 1978 Bandit

Sunday  10:25,   07 october 2018

All-new series debuts this week on DiscoveryFor decades, no other muscle car ruled the roads like the Trans Am. So when the automotive icon fell into oblivion, car savants Scott and Tod Warmack risked everything to acquire the rights in an attempt... >>>

McLaren's epic 720S is now available with a Track Pack for the truly insane

Saturday  22:50,   06 october 2018

The $37,000 option makes the 720S lose 50 pounds and sound better, but that's most of it.The McLaren 720S is an incredibly fast car. The company that built it packed all its decades of race car and road car experience into it and the result is... >>>

Geo Was Good

Saturday  20:05,   06 october 2018

Many of you all, like me, grew up laughing at Geos. A Geo! we’d say. Ha! But it’s worth revisiting. Geo—and I know this is going to be hard to hear so take a minute if you need to—was good.Research new and used cars on MSN Autos© Photo:Geo via The... >>>

These are the retro flying cars we really want

Friday  20:05,   05 october 2018

A French artist has created a fantastic set of flying cars images. They include a host of classics – and some less glamorous candidates, too.That feeling inspired the 41-year-old to experiment with the car photos taken with his Nikon camera. Using... >>>

Evel Knievel's Formula 1 Dragster Rides Again

Friday  19:50,   05 october 2018

Wheelies on 'Vegas Rat Rods'"It was a lot of work to just get it up and running," Darnell admits. "One night while we were rebuilding it, we had a problem with the starter and I said if this car fires up I'm gonna wheelie the s*** out of... >>>

Inside the Most Amazing Japanese Import Car Collection in America

Thursday  17:51,   04 october 2018

In 1989, an American Honda dealer named Gary Duncan won a trip to Japan and the Tokyo Motor Show. In 1989, an American Honda dealer named Gary Duncan won a trip to Japan and the Tokyo Motor Show. It was there that he first saw the delightful,... >>>

Undercover Boss—A Look Inside Ford’s Prototype V10 Mustang

Wednesday  21:49,   03 october 2018

Whether you fancy corner carving or straight-line acceleration, today's hot rods give you amazing performance, and they do so without sacrificing drivability. In most cases, you get reasonable economy and can check the option box for every... >>>

We Race the Nürburgring 24 and Live to Tell About It

Tuesday  17:06,   02 october 2018

Navigating the Green Hell through the dark and the rain is harrowing and utterly excitingEven better, my teammates and I have concocted a plan to maximize our night running: We'll double-stint because conditions are so good and save our secret... >>>

Someone Just Paid $47,500 for a '72 Ford Torino Station Wagon

Tuesday  17:06,   02 october 2018

In case you were wondering about the power of 1970s nostalgia at the moment, consider that someone just paid $47,500 for this 1972 Ford Gran Torino Squire station wagon on the vintage-car auction site Bring a Trailer; with the buyer's premium, the... >>>