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McLaren Has A Corporate Reshuffle

Thursday  21:05,   28 november 2019

Zak Brown is new CEO of McLaren Racing, Mike Flewitt stays in charge of Automotive wing. McLaren has had a corporate reshuffle - literally, with the firm now split into three distinct divisions. Previously, the Woking-based outfit had its sports car >>>

Ultra-Luxurious Audi A8 Facelift To Bring Back Horch Moniker

Thursday  19:50,   28 november 2019

Audi's answer to Maybach is expected to boast the mighty W12 engine.Because he did not hold the rights to the “Horch” name, he had no other way but to rename the second company. He decided to go with “Audi” following a suggestion made by a son... >>>

Here's Where You're Expected to Put the Front Plate on a 2020 Toyota Supra

Monday  07:47,   11 march 2019

Sadly, it’s almost exactly as bad as we feared. According to screenshots of the Gran Turismo Sport video game sent in to Jalopnik by a reader (thanks, Joe from Chicago), the new Supra bumper gets a fill-in mount right in the middle-hole of its... >>>

Nothing Beats the Rumble of a '68 Charger

Monday  07:46,   11 march 2019

American muscle at its finest. As great as today's European exotics are, there's no matching the earth-shaking presence of a good old-fashioned muscle car. This 1968 Dodge Charger is a great example. This Charger is an R/T model equipped with a 440... >>>

One Off Dodge Viper RT/10 Is Ready To Bite At Auction

Monday  07:46,   11 march 2019

This 1998 Dodge Viper RT/10 was owned by a Dodge Executive and comes with some exclusive options It was the late 1980’s, Chrysler had just been bailed out and things weren’t looking so chipper for the American car industry. Apparently this didn’t... >>>

Just a Porsche 911 on Treads, Pulling a Toyota Tacoma From the Mud

Monday  07:46,   11 march 2019

While most people with old Porsche 911s are pampering them, waiting for the cars to ripen like savings bonds, somebody has turned one into a delightfully perverse all-terrain vehicle and is clearly living their best life. Jason Lightner, a Porsche... >>>

Aztec Barchetta: You could own the weirdest supercar in the world

Monday  07:46,   11 march 2019

Do you fancy an Aztec Barchetta? No, we don’t know what it is either, but we do fancy... >>>

Here's Why the Quad 4 Was One of GM's Most Important Engines Ever

Monday  07:45,   11 march 2019

In the 1980s, General Motors was hurting badly. It was the Roger Smith era, during which the company’s U.S. market share would end up dropping from the mid 40 percent range to the mid 30s. To help stop the bleeding, The General needed something to... >>>

The 1 of 7 RUF TurboR Limited Has Just 135 Miles On The Clock

Monday  07:42,   11 march 2019

This Porsche 993-based RUF Turbo R Limited is part of an incredibly rare production run that ended... >>>

Koenigsegg offers more details on 'affordable' supercar

Wednesday  01:35,   06 march 2019

Wants his sub-million-euro V8 supercar to be a technology... >>>

Beetle back: Woman reunited with her first Volkswagen 22 years later

Tuesday  22:20,   05 march 2019

Reunited with Beetle 22 years... >>>

The Koenigsegg Jesko Has 1600 HP and Promises a 300-MPH Top Speed

Tuesday  16:42,   05 march 2019

It also has a nine-speed gearbox with seven clutches. According to Christian von Koenigsegg, founder of the supercar company that bears his name, the Jesko is probably the last Koenigsegg without some form of electrification. Yet it should still... >>>

The First-Gen Nissan Xterra Is an Underappreciated Classic

Monday  22:20,   04 march 2019

When I was a kid, my dad drove a 1978 International Scout... >>>

Here's What Happens When Your Tire Explodes at 180 MPH

Monday  21:40,   04 march 2019

On a race track, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected. Ever wonder what happens when you blow a tire going 180 mph? Well, this video is a good demonstrator. This clip was originally published in 2015, but we think it's still relevant... >>>

Hennessey Performance is working on a 2019 Ford Ranger upgrade package

Monday  21:25,   04 march 2019

Focus RS power in a... >>>