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This Flat-Plane Crank Corvette Z06 Sounds Intoxicating

Monday  21:50,   01 october 2018

You've never heard an LS7 like this before. The Mustang GT350's "Voodoo" V8 isn't the only piece of American muscle capable of rocking a flat-plane crank. The owner of this last-gen Corvette Z06 decided it would be a good idea to equip its... >>>

Buy This 730 HP Supra-Swapped Mustang, Become The New Drift King

Monday  21:05,   01 october 2018

It might be sacrilegious to some, but the build looks absolutely beautiful. What happens when you merge the body of an iconic American Pony Car with the beating heart of an equally iconic Japanese engine? You become the Drift King of course – that... >>>

Porsche Will Sell You a 1:8 Scale 919 Hybrid for $14,689

Monday  19:25,   01 october 2018

You'd think Porsche would have trouble selling at that price, but 96 percent of the models have already been sold.The pricey model is for sale on Porsche's web store, where it states it is a limited run of 100 models, only four are still... >>>

Color and Shape Photographs by TJ Grewal

Sunday  10:50,   30 september 2018

"Obviously, I have a thing for Porsches ""This collaboration is meant to change that approach and be inclusive of a broader audience who is turned off by the status quo, an audience who shares a passion for the culture but are effectively left out... >>>

Roshel Senator APC Is An Armored SUV Ready For Any Apocalypse

Sunday  10:50,   30 september 2018

You can't buy this military-spec model, but a civilian version is available. These days it seems like a new apocalypse-certified off-roader pops up on a regular basis. Frankly, it’s a bit unnerving – do these people know something about the... >>>

These Are Ten Cars You Should Be Importing Now But Nobody Does

Friday  17:51,   28 september 2018

There’s a rule here in America, birthplace of tater tots and the Slanket, that you can import any car that was not officially imported into the United States once that car turns 25 years old. Most commonly, this rule is used for things like Skylines >>>

A brief history of the Chevy Blazer

Friday  17:51,   28 september 2018

The story of Chevrolet's legendary Blazer SUV.While many enthusiasts hoped that the new Blazer would also be ready to continue the old-is-new-again SUV trend that Ford kicked off when it announced plans to revitalize the Bronco at the... >>>

Lotus needs your help finding its very first car

Thursday  23:05,   27 september 2018

Its whereabouts "have never been established." This could be tough.As the glam-metal band Cinderella put it, you don't know what you've got till it's gone. Lotus must be playing that song on repeat right now, because it needs to find a very... >>>

Epic Drag Race Pits Supercars, Jet Fighter, and Kawasaki H2R

Thursday  22:50,   27 september 2018

310 horsepower on a 476 pound bike really paid off Man, we knew Kawasaki had built a beast with the H2R, but the model just pushed things a step—or a landing strip—further! The biggest airport in the world is about to open and the empty landing... >>>

Barrett-Jackson to Auction Vehicles from the Burt Reynolds Collection

Wednesday  22:50,   26 september 2018

Yes, there's a black and gold Trans Am among them,Powered... >>>

Vaughn Gitten Jr. drifts Ford Mustang around the whole Nürburgring

Wednesday  18:50,   26 september 2018

His drift car makes 900 horsepower.Gittin does indeed drift pretty much the entire race track, with the exception being the vastly long straightaway. Each corner comes with colossal amounts of tire smoke and V8 roar. He even drifts the famous... >>>

Hero Citizens Turn 'Noise Camera' Into Hilarious High-Score Board For Cars

Tuesday  23:50,   25 september 2018

Oh, Canada. That’s not me starting to sing their national anthem—more of a sympathetic sigh. Officials really tried to lower the volume of traffic for the citizens of Alberta’s capitol, Edmonton, but instead created the perfect set up to encourage... >>>

2018 Import Expo Montreal

Tuesday  22:50,   25 september 2018

Popular show series hosts indoor event in Montreal for the first timeThe show had pretty much something for all tastes, from modified NSXs to three Fast and Furious tribute cars. Even a GT86 exoskeleton car called the "GT43" built by the guys at... >>>

Shop Tour: Inside Jay Leno’s Garage

Tuesday  02:50,   25 september 2018

To see the entire scope of Jay's collection first hand is the only way to grasp how epic it really is. We had the opportunity to check out Jay Leno's garage in Burbank California a while back. It's well known that this denim-clad,... >>>