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Ferrari F40 With Straight Pipes Sounds Like An Invading Army

Monday  21:55,   20 august 2018

And Monaco is currently in its crosshairs. Take an exotic location on the French Riviera, add an exotic Italian supercar, and good things are bound to happen. ExoticCarspotters on YouTube recently went to Monaco, where to nobody’s surprise there was [...]

Roush Unleashes 650 hp Phase 1 Supercharger for 2018 F-150

Monday  21:31,   20 august 2018

When you hear the name Roushfor most enthusiasts the first thought is Mustang, or perhaps NASCAR. Roush's latest for 2018 F-150 owners is its all new Phase 1 supercharger system seen here. Designed for 5.0L V-8 models, the new Phase 1...[...]

Is Ford's 10 Millionth Mustang Really Number 10 Million?

Monday  21:17,   20 august 2018

We get the lowdown on how the Blue Oval counts its cars. Ford recently celebrated a milestone, and unless you’re living under a rock on one of Saturn’s moons, you probably heard about it. The 10 millionth Ford Mustang was recently built, rolling off [...]

Tuner Transforms VW Atlas Into Lifted 350-HP Performance SUV

Monday  17:37,   20 august 2018

The company bolted on the turbo from a Golf R and tweaked the intake and exhaust plumbing to boost the output. APR specializes in tuning Volkswagen Group's products, and the firm's latest undertaking gives the Atlas seven-passenger SUV a lot more...[...]

EarthRoamer XV-HD Is An Off-Roading Ford F-750 RV For $1.5M

Sunday  12:30,   19 august 2018

The interior looks nicer than a lot of houses, but the price is enough to buy a home. Overlanding seems like the hottest trend in off-roading. Unlike traditional rock crawling or mud wading, these vehicles take people into the wilderness and carry...[...]

The Crew 2 Game Review

Friday  20:41,   17 august 2018

The Crew 2, an open-world racing game from developer Ubisoft has been out for a few weeks. We got our hands on the game after Motor Trend hosted Ubisoft and 16 gaming YouTubers at our shop in Santa Ana, California for the King of the Road Trip...[...]

Fantastic, There Are More Car Shows Coming to Netflix

Thursday  23:01,   16 august 2018

While I am very excited about the upcoming, animated Fast and Furious show, my faith in Netflix’s ability to competently produce a good car show was severely shaken after Fastest Car. Netflix just announced that it’s renewed Fastest Car for a second [...]

2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet First Look: One Fast Pony

Thursday  19:26,   16 august 2018

Only 68 of the $130,000 race cars will be madeWhat better place than Woodward Avenue during Dream Cruise week for Ford to unleash a limited-edition 50th anniversary Mustang Cobra Jet race...[...]

1966 C2 Coupe Pays Tribute to 1963 Grand Sport

Thursday  02:21,   16 august 2018

The early '60s were truly a turning point for the high-performance world, when the C2 Corvette was in its prime and its legendary engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov made the move to secretly develop it as a cutting-edge race car, giving birth to the...[...]

1986 Nissan Sunny Truck - The Perfect Pickup

Wednesday  23:51,   15 august 2018

Nissan Sunny from Japanese Classics is a breath of fresh airEvery year, Chris and his team take a vehicle they've shipped over and turn it into something for the show circuit. "To me, it's more than just selling cars as a dealership," Chris told us. [...]

This Mercedes Unimog Camper Is The Ultimate Go-Anywhere RV

Wednesday  20:56,   15 august 2018

The Explorer XPR440 is built by EarthCruiser Australia, and it’s freaking awesome. Unimog. For those in North America and particularly the United States, that name is likely unfamiliar. It’s not some kind of strange drink or a prototype robot,...[...]

How Mazda Built a Better Miata Engine

Wednesday  02:25,   15 august 2018

Dave Coleman, head engineer at Mazda North America, explains.For 2019, the Mazda Miata makes 26 more horsepower than before and revs 700 rpm higher, which translates to 181 hp and 7500 rpm. Not massive numbers in the age of turbocharging, where a...[...]

1969 L88 Vintage Corvette Tours the Milford Proving Grounds

Wednesday  00:20,   15 august 2018

John Heinricy was inducted into the National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame in 2014. His selection was based upon his successful 38-year engineering career at General Motors. He joined the company in 1970 and retired in 2008. He summed up his job...[...]

Ford's New NASCAR Mustang Looks Surprisingly Good

Tuesday  22:10,   14 august 2018

See its debut race at the Daytona 500 in FebruaryClick the right arrow to continue...[...]

Finally, A Military-Spec Hummer You Can Actually Buy

Tuesday  18:47,   14 august 2018

Assuming you have $239,000 to spend ... The Hummer brand hasn’t been around since 2010. That's means you'll have to peruse the used market if you want a road-going humvee. But why settle for something used when you can take home a military-spec...[...]