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Here's What a Turbocharged 700-Wheel-HP Mustang GT Sounds Like

Monday  21:51,   25 february 2019

Spoiler: It's... >>>

The American-Made Vandal One R Packs 560-Horsepower

Monday  21:50,   25 february 2019

This new FIA-spec track special is asking: what BAC Mono? With track car specialist startups like Zenos and Elemental basically ceasing communication, and even TVR running into more and more delays, sports car fans have every reason to be skeptical... >>>

The Japan-Only Corvette Stingray-Bodied Mazda Miata Is Sold Out

Monday  21:50,   25 february 2019

All 50 examples of the Mitsuoka Rock Star, a Miata cloaked in Corvette-esqe bodywork, have been spoken for. Update 2/22/2019: According to Japanese car site Bestcarweb.jp, Mitsuoka has managed to sell all 50 examples of its Corvette-bodied MX-5... >>>

This Could Be the Cleanest, Newest, Most Original S2000 On the Planet

Monday  19:27,   25 february 2019

It has 91 miles, has never been titled, and still has the factory warranty. And now Graham Rahal is selling it. Buy... >>>

Datsun Skyline, 240Z, & Sunny - Triple Threat

Saturday  16:11,   23 february 2019

Carbon Signal Automotive (CS) might not be a familiar name to most, but it's quickly mastered what neither the best in California or Japan can do yet, which is what's helped put its name onto the map. CS was founded by Aamir Ali and Lotfi Aichour,... >>>

This Lovely Old Toyota Was Restored By a Kid Starting When She Was 12

Friday  23:40,   22 february 2019

This Lovely Old Toyota Was Restored By a Kid Starting When She Was... >>>

Driving the Rambo Lambo

Friday  19:05,   22 february 2019

Lambo's Rambo Lambo is the best Rambo Lambo, mostly because it's Lambo's. 2/4 SLIDES © Lamborghini Driving the Rambo Lambo 3/4 SLIDES © Lamborghini Driving the Rambo Lambo 4/4 SLIDES © Detectandpreserve - Wikimedia Commons The wagon conversion for... >>>

Who Is Brave Enough To Drive This S281 Supercharged Mustang?

Friday  17:40,   22 february 2019

If performance-tuned Mustangs don't do it for you, you clearly haven't met the Saleen S281 – a supercharged monster that separates the men from the... >>>

This 1976 LS-Swap Winnebago Has 600hp!

Friday  17:40,   22 february 2019

What happens if you take a 1970s Winnebago Chieftain and blend it with an unbranded eBay turbo and an LS swap? Answer: the fastest house you'll ever... >>>

McLaren's Top-Exit Exhaust Has Real Performance Benefits

Friday  17:02,   22 february 2019

It's lighter, creates less back-pressure, and doesn't disturb aero. Every mid-engine car should have top-mounted exhaust exits. If you haven't already heard, the McLaren 600LT uses a top-mounted exhaust. In addition to looking cool and sounding... >>>

Your old tires could help concrete structures withstand a fire

Friday  16:56,   22 february 2019

Fibers inside your car's tires could be used in place of virgin plastics to help prevent a dangerous phenomenon known as spalling. Having a bridge undergo spalling weakens the structure and can lead to a collapse. Your browser does not support this... >>>

$500K bulletproof, souped-up Cadillac Escalade built for rich and famous

Thursday  18:55,   21 february 2019

A Toronto company that turns high-end SUVs into rolling offices capable of withstanding grenades now builds vehicles to transport pot in... >>>

This Supra 2JZ-Swapped 1973 Chevrolet Impala Donk Is a Cultural Crossover

Thursday  16:51,   21 february 2019

And the award for most unexpected engine swap of 2019 goes... >>>

Foose ‘Overhauled’ 1967 Dodge Charger For Sale

Thursday  03:40,   21 february 2019

Previously featured on a once popular television show, this classic Charger is looking for a new... >>>

Lego Built a Life-Size, 400,000-Piece Volkswagen Type 2 Camper Van

Wednesday  17:00,   20 february 2019

Despite hitting a delay caused by a Lego brick shortage, a dozen or so builders put the model together in just six... >>>