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Watch This Impossibly Quick Nissan GT-R Break a Quarter-Mile Record

Tuesday  17:20,   19 february 2019

At 6.58 seconds at an absurd 232 mph, this is now the quickest drag-racing GT-R in the world. The Nissan GT-R is a massively popular choice among drag racers, and for good reason: Its engine can put out huge amounts of power, while its all-wheel... >>>

VW Preparing Beefier 1.5 TSI Engine For The U.S.

Tuesday  14:06,   19 february 2019

But VoA hasn't green-lighted the upgraded four-cylinder yet. Volkswagen unveiled the 1.5-liter TSI engine at the 37th Vienna Motor Symposium late April 2016 as a replacement for the 1.4-liter TSI. You’ll find the turbocharged four-cylinder mill in a >>>

Miami Vice Boat Selling For $20M, Comes With Daytona Spyder

Monday  20:50,   18 february 2019

The iconic 38-foot Wellcraft Scarab KV was prominently featured on the classic 1980's television show, along with the Ferrari Daytona Spyder replica. Children of the 1980s who recall the adventures of detective Sonny Crocket in the iconic TV show... >>>

This 1055-HP Corvette Z06 Drag Car Sounds Delightful

Monday  20:35,   18 february 2019

It's hard to beat a V-8 rumble as deep as this one. The Chevy Corvette Z06 sounds fantastic from the factory, but like most cars, a bit of aftermarket magic does wonders. It's now making over 1000 horsepower to the wheels, and lays down sub... >>>

Three Little-Known Facts About the Original Acura NSX Supercar

Monday  18:05,   18 february 2019

It lacked VTEC, Ayrton Senna disliked it, and Honda couldn't decide what NSX meant. This 30-year-old supercar has seen some... >>>

Car With Two Steering Wheels Is Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Friday  20:35,   15 february 2019

Put your relationship to the test by giving your partner control of one front wheel. Master Milo on YouTube is at it again, and this time the crazy car guru has outdone himself. Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes this epic Opel Corsa build with... >>>

How Koenigsegg Made a Better Ford V-8

Friday  17:41,   15 february 2019

The Swedish company's naturally aspirated V-8 has humble beginnings, but has become something extraordinary. Koenigsegg revealed a 600 horsepower naturally aspirated engine at the Geneva Motor Show last year, but something about it looked very... >>>

Here's the Best $1,000 You Can Spend When You Buy a Jeep Wrangler

Friday  17:07,   15 february 2019

The new turbo four-cylinder is the best Wrangler powerplant yet. I'm rolling toward the chain-control checkpoint outside Truckee, Cali., snow falling hard, when the Toyota Highlander arcs into my peripheral vision. It's a first-gen model, painted in >>>

Buy This Six-Speed Chevy SS Before It Disappears Into a Collection Forever

Friday  15:56,   15 february 2019

The SS sedan is a rare breed of car, especially with three pedals. Here's one you can own. For the handful of years it was for sale in the US, the SS sedan was the most under-appreciated new performance car in Chevy's lineup. Based on the... >>>

2020 Ford Mustang Getting More Powerful EcoBoost Engine?

Friday  14:00,   15 february 2019

Official NHTSA document suggests Ford is looking to bridge the gap between the base EcoBoost and the V8. As it stands, there’s a massive gap in terms of power between the Ford Mustang EcoBoost and the beefier GT, with the two being separated by no... >>>

Why V-4 Engines are Brilliant, And Why You Never See Them In Cars

Friday  03:30,   15 february 2019

In high-performance motorcycles, V-4 engines are common. In cars? They're almost never used. You've probably seen a Craigslist ad where the seller inadvertently writes that their car has a V-4 engine instead of a inline-four. It's an understandable... >>>

This amazing photographer has made a Lamborghini Miura SV EXPLODE

Thursday  21:40,   14 february 2019

Fortunately, the beautiful Italian supercar was unharmed by the work of Fabian... >>>

Here's Why Cars Use Both Port and Direct Injection

Thursday  20:05,   14 february 2019

It might not make much sense on the surface. But there are lots of good reasons. Lots of new car engines these days are built with both port and direct fuel injection. On the surface, that might not make much sense. Why would a carmaker use two... >>>

Super-rare Mazda MX-5 Miata coupe pops up for sale

Thursday  13:51,   14 february 2019

It's not cheap, but it's the holy grail of Miatas and... >>>

Red Bull reveals its first Honda-powered F1 car

Thursday  01:00,   14 february 2019

Red Bull has unveiled its first Honda-powered Formula 1 car in what it called a "one-off" livery. The four-time constructors' championship-winning team has moved away from long-time supplier Renault in a bid to fight for titles again, and issued... >>>