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This $13 Million Rolls-Royce Took 4 Years to Build

Saturday  02:26,   03 june 2017

If you happen to own a McLaren F1 GTR, a Ferrari F12tdf and numerous other cars, planes and yachts, you might as well commission Rolls-Royce to go more bespoke than ever before.The inspiration came from the cars of the "golden era," otherwise known... >>>

Rapid Intervention Vehicle unveiled as military jeep

Saturday  00:00,   03 june 2017

A military jeep that can do 100mph on desert sand.A military jeep that can do 100 mph on desert sand and out-accelerate many family cars has been built by a UK test facility that provides development and consultancy services to vehicle... >>>

Seven Cool Classics from the 2017 Concorso d’Eleganza

Friday  23:15,   02 june 2017

CERNOBBIO, Italy — The Concorso d’Eleganza on the grounds of the Villa d’Este estate in Cernobbio, Italy, is a picturesque classic car event with plenty of history. Launched in 1929, the show enjoyed years of varying success until 1951, when it... >>>

Show ‘n Tow 2007 Ford F-650: When Really Big is not Quite Enough

Friday  21:45,   02 june 2017

Six-Door F-650 Construction Hauler Racks Up 30,000 Miles a YearWhile many of us might buy a candy bar or shirt on impulse, Joe demonstrated his awesome allegiance to big trucks by purchasing this huge six-door Ford, a strong and sturdy ride capable... >>>

1993 Acura NSX - Troublemaker

Friday  21:40,   02 june 2017

900+hp K20-powered... >>>

Is This Turbo-Powered Porsche 911 SC A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?

Friday  19:11,   02 june 2017

Porsche began enhancing their 911 models with power-adding turbochargers.Porsche began enhancing their 911 models with power-adding turbochargers beginning in 1976 with a 3-liter flat-six engine, then bumping that up to 3.3 liters which carried on... >>>

Mercedes R63 AMG Owner Completes $57,000 Rebuild

Friday  17:16,   02 june 2017

This is the most complex way of avoiding dealership parts markup we've ever seen.It was back in September of 2016 that Grassroots Motorsports forum member mazdeuce was faced with the massive repair estimate from his local Mercedes dealership... >>>

Never, Ever Try to Outrun the Law

Thursday  20:36,   01 june 2017

Elwood Blues was right: you can't outrun a police radio, or a helicopter.Yet people keep trying. It seems that nearly every day there's a pursuit in Los Angeles. Just yesterday, a chase happened near where I live in Massachusetts, ending with... >>>

This Pimp My Ride AMC Pacer for Sale in Denver Has Seen Some Horrors

Thursday  19:39,   01 june 2017

Another mid-Aughts fever dream hits the auction block this summer.Pictured here: the latest case in point. 10 years after Xzibit and West Coast Customs officially pimped Jessica's AMC Pacer, the ignominious result can now be yours at a Mecum auction >>>

RM Sotheby's sells 911 RSR for over $2M, 918 for over $1.5M

Thursday  00:40,   01 june 2017

Two of the 918's contemporaries didn't sell.The almost-never-used 911 RSR went for a whopping $2,254,492. The Porsche 918 Spyder was sold for $1,628,244. The RSR fit right in with RM Sotheby's estimate, while the 918 exceeded the estimate by >>>

Aston Martin 3-D Scans Owner’s Body for Upcoming Valkyrie Hypercar

Wednesday  22:26,   31 may 2017

Bottoms up for your road-legal racecarIt could be the gnarliest road car we ever get behind the wheel of. And while we're still months away from seeing anything near production, the Gaydon-based supercar manufacturer will ask each owner to travel to >>>

Hot Rods From The Show That Barris Built

Wednesday  21:30,   31 may 2017

Hot rodding has been a tradition in Culver City, California, going back to the ’30s.Things had changed a lot by 2004 when show car builder George Barris, King of the Kustomizers, teamed up with Culver City to present the first Cruisin' Back to '50s... >>>

The Myths of the High Mileage Car

Wednesday  21:05,   31 may 2017

Cars with more than 100,000 miles are common today, but they are not as recent a development as most think.Robert Marx bought a new 1956 Chevy. Today it would be unthinkable to try to run one of these classics over 100,000 miles, but at the time it... >>>

California DeLorean DMC-12 Driver Given Speeding Ticket for Hitting 88 MPH

Wednesday  20:01,   31 may 2017

Time travel was not achieved.According to KTLA, White was merging onto the highway last Friday when he accelerated to 88 mph-reportedly after a little encouragement from his mother. The California Highway Patrol officer quickly pulled over White and >>>

50 Years of Mazda Rotary Engines: Driving a '67 Cosmo Sport, '93 RX-7, '01 RX-8, and More

Wednesday  19:54,   31 may 2017

Celebrating 5 decades of Wankel With 5 Historic MazdasPhotos by William Walker, Video by Cory... >>>