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23:30  04 june  2018
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  Dale Earnhardt Jr. says Redskins are ‘nation’s team’ and wants to be ‘relevant’ again NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. doesn't hide his affinity for the Washington Redskins. He also doesn't hold back when asked about the team.Asked Saturday about the Redskins and their direction, Earnhardt says "…we just want to be relevant," according to the Washington Post's Kimberley A. Martin."I always felt like this was the nation's team, man. We're here in D.C.," Earnhardt said, per Martin. "I know the Cowboys are 'America's team,' but we're in D.C. We're supposed to win. And to be relevant again, and be respected in the NFL, is all that any team wants.

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Headed for America

After a bit of will they/won't they, Team Green decides to bring its retroed-out retro to American shores

When we talked about Kawasaki's Z900RS Cafe last November, we were pretty excited about it. Then we learned that it was only going to be available to our friends overseas, and we were devastated. We had a pretty good cry about it here at HQ, then kinda forgot about it because it made the pain easier. Looks like we can dry those tears now though, 'cause Kawasaki finally decided to bring it to the States (and Canada).

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2018 Kawasaki H2 SX SE - Favorites And Fails

  2018 Kawasaki H2 SX SE - Favorites And Fails What’s great—and, well, not so great—about Kawasaki’s latest supercharged sportbike.We know what you’re thinking. “The H2 SX is just an H2 with different bodywork and softer power settings in the ECU.” Although it might look that way from a cursory glance, the SX is so different from its H2/H2R forebears when you get up close and then actually ride the thing, it really does deserve a look if you’re interested in something a little more lively than the usual boring sport-tourers on the market. I’ve ridden both the H2 and H2R (as well as many other S-T bikes available), so I have a pretty good perspective on how the H2 SX SE fits in the grand scheme of motorcycling.

The limited edition 2018 Z900RS Cafe is the latest addition to Kawasaki's retro stable. It features the same 948cc inline four, six-speed trans, fancy pants clutch setup, trellis frame, and suspension as the Z900RS. It's tuned for low-mid range power “delivering strong torque that facilitates control for riders of all skill levels” according to Kawasaki. The bike also comes with Kawasaki’s own branded traction control which they call KTRC and has two performance modes for whatever your riding needs, or there's always "off" if you're trying to do a burn out.

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Instead of the R900RS's clean, unadorned lines, the Cafe sports a sexy café racer-style cowl and stepped seat, black drop-style handlebars, a brushed finish on the silencer, and some other retro-adjacent bits and bobs to solidify the look. It's only available in a beautiful vintage lime green paint job with a white stripe but we can't see anyone wanting any other color in this styling. This bike is aimed at the rider in search of a well-rounded ride with all of the modern conveniences without sacrificing heritage and style. It looks like a historical piece of the Kawasaki puzzle and we definitely wouldn’t mind being seen riding that vintage green around town.

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Photos courtesy of Kawasaki Motors

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