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A Four-Seat Ural Motorcycle Is Cooler Than Your Minivan

  A Four-Seat Ural Motorcycle Is Cooler Than Your Minivan ​Don't ever give up the adventure. ​Yes, some ball-and-chain significant other forces your hand! The rugrats have finally neutered your masculinity! It's time to begin the long, slow oblivion into death and Dockers Relaxed-Fit khakis-say goodbye to all that two-wheeled adventure! It's time to succumb to a Raymond Carver short story!

Motorcycle Safety The Topic NHTSA In Action Resources. Motorist Awareness Motorcyclist Safety Road Ready On the Road. Safe riding practices and cooperation from all road users will help reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on our nation’s highways .

Motorcycle safety concerns many aspects of vehicle and equipment design as well as operator skill and training that are unique to motorcycle riding. Traveling on a motorcycle carries a much higher risk of death or injury than driving the same distance in a car.

<span style=Have you ever had this happen to you? What did you do? Let us know, or add your tips of how to deal with hostile drivers in the comments below." src="/upload/images/real/2016/11/03/span-style-color-222529-font-family-source-sans-pro-helvetica-arial-sans-serif-font-size-13px-line-h_670998_.jpg?content=1" />© Illustration: Rich LeeHave you ever had this happen to you? What did you do? Let us know, or add your tips of how to deal with hostile drivers in the comments below.

Even though divided highways are statistically safer than most other roadways, the relatively high speeds, frequent lane changes, and congestion can be unnerving. To survive this sometimes-hostile battleground you need to foresee problems before they materialize and continually position yourself to be seen and defend against aggression.

The hazard you’re most likely to encounter is a driver merging into you. Drivers who are distracted and generally careless routinely change lanes without a glance. As much as we’d love to change their behavior, it ain’t going to happen. Even responsible drivers will inadvertently invade your space if they don’t see you.

Watch This Motorcycle's Wheel Pop Off Mid-Ride

  Watch This Motorcycle's Wheel Pop Off Mid-Ride When “popping a wheelie” becomes a little too literal.Popping a wheelie on a motorcycle comes with a few inherent risks, but most of those can be more or less cancelled out through some basic safety measures: using a helmet, wearing a cycle jacket, not popping a wheelie in the first place. To that list, however, we are now forced to add an addition that should have been obvious: make sure your front fork is securely fastened, or else your motorcycle's wheel might pop off.

How to stay safe on your Long Rides and especially rides to Leh Ladakh. How to ride Safely on our Indian Roads. AVOID NIGHT RIDES - That is the most

Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The CHP Motorcycle Safety Program (MSP) Unit is responsible for co-leading and participating in a dedicated California Motorcycle -Involved Statistics. Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System data indicates that motorcyclist fatalities in California have.

You can minimize the risk of getting caught up in another driver’s mistake by spotting potential hazards early. Keep a lookout for brake lights and sudden head or arm movements that may indicate slowing traffic, imminent lane changes, or an erratic maneuver. Identifying these subtle clues allows you to avoid last-second decisions and desperate reactions.

If you ride where drivers can’t see you, don’t be surprised if you experience a lot of close calls. Be as conspicuous as possible by choosing lane positions that place you where drivers can easily see you, either through their windows or in their mirrors. On the highway, this means not lingering in the area just behind the front doors, a.k.a. the blind spot. Make sure to ride through this danger zone and avoid changing lanes into a driver’s blind spot. Instead, accelerate ahead before moving over. Understand that you have blind spots too. Typical motorcycle mirrors aren’t great at revealing what’s behind you, so take a quick glance over your shoulder to be sure it’s safe before changing lanes.

BMW Unveils a Concept Motorcycle Fit for Batman

  BMW Unveils a Concept Motorcycle Fit for Batman Since its founding in 1916, BMW has forged a legendary path with such iconic cars as the M-series and the Roadster. Yet today they are making news for a different type of vehicle: a concept motorcycle. Dubbed the BMW Titan, this new model was created by Turkish designer Mehmet Erdem, a man responsible for several other beautiful BMW motorcycles. Some might not first think of BMW when they think of motorcycles. However, manufacturing two-wheel vehicles was how the company began to flourish, when, after World War II ended, the German manufacturer was forced to use its engines for purposes other than aircrafts. The design for the BMW Titan, which looks so futuristic it very well could be in the next Batman movie, was inspired by the elegant shape of a shark. The front of the vehicle mimics the head of the massive fish. Further to the rear, the body begins to narrow, eventually tapering toward the rear tire, which is meant to resemble a tail. Hidden handlebars and a masked front tire further contribute to the design’s sleek and otherworldly aesthetic. BMW hasn’t announced a production date for the Titan, so it is unlikely that the motorcycle will be built anytime soon—if ever. But street-legal vehicles aren’t always the goal of such concepts. For Erdem, inspiring other manufacturers to take bolder risks with their next motorcycle designs is one of many reasons for conceiving of the Titan. As for BMW, its latest concept motorcycle shows that the company’s designers remain one or more steps ahead of the competition.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers safety riding courses throughout the state. Courses are offered locations throughout Mississippi; find the nearest one and call for course information and cost. The Basic course spans a few days or a weekend, depending on location and the type of course.

Speeders and lane changers are all around, here are some motorcycle safety tips for highway riding.

Besides making you visible, the optimum lane position allows you to see well ahead so you can spot problems early and provides a space buffer between you and surrounding vehicles. Smart lane positioning also includes ample following distance that gives you good forward vision and the time and space to respond calmly if traffic stops quickly or if a shredded truck tire or other debris suddenly appears from underneath a car in front of you. Heavy highway traffic doesn’t always allow prudent following distance. To increase forward vision and reduce the risk of being hit by inattentive drivers, position yourself to the left or right to create an escape path between lanes if you need it.

If a driver insists on crowding your six, change lanes to let him by. If you can’t shake the tailgater, increase following distance from the car ahead. Tailgaters become less problematic if you maintain the pace set by the average driver and stay out of the left lane unless passing. When passing, do so quickly to minimize riding in blind spots and to stay out of the way.

Motorcycle gear—it’s between you and the road

  Motorcycle gear—it’s between you and the road Motorcycle gear—it’s between you and the roadLive to Ride: My New Life on the Road

On the highway , motorcycles are "small fry". And who has a greater interest in motorcycle safety than the motorcyclist himself? The cyclist who takes responsibility for ensuring he has taken every precaution to make his ride a safe one is less likely to find himself injured in a serious accident.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) California Motorcyclist Safety Program. Every vehicle on the Road has its place on the road, but motorcyclists face additional dangers because motorcycles require exceptional handling ability and are harder to see.

When entering the highway, use the entrance ramp to accelerate to speed before merging into traffic. Give drivers ahead plenty of room in case they decide to slow—sudden braking is common and extra dangerous when merging. Once you’re on the highway, change lanes gradually and stay out of the right-hand lane when approaching exit or entrance ramps to avoid cars that are entering or exiting the freeway.

Other things to watch for are poorly secured loads on car rooftops and in trucks and trailers—potential debris! You also need to be wary when approaching tollbooths, as drivers frantically jockey for a place in the shortest line. Pick your lane early and clearly signal your intent. Using a “Fast Lane” transponder allows you to roll through the booth without stopping to search for coins.

When riding on rural highways with little traffic, your biggest challenge may be simply staying alert. In contrast, surviving a highway run during rush hour requires steadfast diligence. Keep your wits sharp and adopt effective highway strategies to ensure your safe arrival.

Honda Just Invented a Self-Balancing Motorcycle That Never Falls Over .
The Honda Riding Assist concept motorcycle keeps itself upright at a stop or during low-speed maneuvers.Honda Riding Assist was first demonstrated today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The system is brilliantly simple: When engaged, the system increases the fork angle, lengthening the bike's wheelbase and, apparently, disconnecting the front forks from the handlebars. The system then uses minute steering inputs to keep the bike perfectly balanced, without the use of heavy gyroscopes or other mass-shifting devices.

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