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03:05  07 december  2018
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Don't Call It a Trike: Why We Love Yamaha’s Double-Front-Wheel Motorcycle

  Don't Call It a Trike: Why We Love Yamaha’s Double-Front-Wheel Motorcycle It's not a trike. It’s a blast.But Yamaha has a history of taking chances for no obvious reason, only to end up being completely right. “We wanted to make a motorcycle with more grip,” says Leon Oosterhof, Niken’s product planning manager. The company didn’t start out thinking they’d build a three-wheeled bike, but “once the solution was set, we decided we definitely needed an extra front wheel.” Most companies won’t turn a screw before conducting years of consumer-trend studies. Yamaha didn’t think twice.

Knowing when to say " no " takes practice. Learning this skill can help keep you safe and allow you to build and maintain strong and healthy relationships. It can also help you learn to identify and take the best

Saying no when you just don't feel like doing something is okay, as long as the thing you're being asked to Saying no to a situation that makes you uncomfortable is perfectly okay. You never have to step It's cruel to give false hope to anybody who's got a lot riding on the outcome of your decision.

When To Say No To Riding© Motorcyclist Archives Factors that can lead to trouble.

Six clues to judge when it’s best to not ride

America is a big, sprawling place, vast enough that no one can cover all of it in a lifetime. It is easy to be thirsty, to want to ride every inch from the blue stone shores of Maine to the wide expanses of Nevada. But sometimes it’s best to leave those miles unridden. Everyone has different thresholds for when it’s too hot, too cold, or too wet to ride. The same goes for state of mind, your health, and your level of conditioning. When do these variables form enough of a distraction to merit leaving the bike in the garage? When does exposure to riding conditions make the risk greater than the reward? Here’s where we might draw the line.

Ask RideApart: I Had My First Crash. What Did I Do Wrong?

Ask RideApart: I Had My First Crash. What Did I Do Wrong? Learning the hard way.

Learn about when it may be appropriate for students to say no . It is OK to say no when somebody is asking you to step outside your true responsibilities and outside your comfort zone to take on a task that is dangerous or one that will overload you and affect your academic work and your reputation.

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Nasty Weather

Riding in rain is no big deal if you slow down and are adequately prepared. A forecast of torrential downpours or gale-force winds, however, should have you rethinking your ride or reaching for the car keys.

Extreme Heat

Temperatures reaching triple digits can lead to hyperthermia, especially if your skin is exposed to the sun and hot wind. Vented gear and a hydration pack can help, but there’s no shame in bagging a ride until the evening when temps have become more manageable.

Chill Factor

Riding in 50 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t sound too bad, but there’s a reason cold comes at you so hard on a bike: windchill. Add 65 mph of hair-waving breeze through your gear and exposed parts of you will feel like they’re riding through 39-degree weather. The longer you’re exposed, the greater the likelihood of hypothermia. Bottom line, if you’re going to ride in the cold, dress the part.

How To Stay In Riding Shape Over The Holidays

How To Stay In Riding Shape Over The Holidays Learn how to keep the extra pounds at bay and stay in riding shape this winter. If you’re anything like me, along with cheer and lots of family time, the holidays bring on carbs, calories from too much animal fat, and ungodly amounts of sugar. We will drink, be merry, pass out on the couch and put on a couple of pounds - at least. More importantly, the holidays mark the real transition into winter. It’s a time of relative inactivity and for those in the colder climes, less opportunity for riding a motorcycle.

When you say no , you control your time. You control what goes into your days. Saying no also doesn’t mean a loss of opportunity. It’s more important to say yes to the right things and the right opportunities rather than saying yes to everything.

Few things foreigners should familiarize when riding a vehicle in Cagayan de Oro City.. The fare, where you start riding , where you will get off and how

State of Mind

Moto therapy can do wonders for a person’s mood, but swinging a leg over the saddle when you’re irate can skew otherwise good judgment. Pent-up anger, disappointment, or frustration can be enough of a distraction to delay decisions and fuel foolish behavior.


Sometimes your body just isn’t up to the task of operating a motorcycle. This is often the case when you’re really tired, recovering from illness or injury, or when other medical issues arise. Keep your key pocketed if recovery includes strong meds.

High Risk, Low Reward

It’s easier to accept the risk of riding a motorcycle when the reward outweighs the risk. If your commute is a perilous nightmare, then you may want to reserve your two-wheeled outings to the weekends. Sometimes quality trumps quantity.

Harley Offers Rider Training Discount.
But only until the 3rd of March! Harley Davidson has announced special pricing for their New Rider Course. If you sign up before March 3rd you can take the class at a 50% discount. This is only good for the H-D training and you must take the course before the end of 2019. Now is the time:Ask RideApart: What Should I Know About Riding Classes?Ask RideApart: The Beginner's Guide To Getting Licensed Ask pretty much anyone who rides and they will tell you the best way to learn to ride a motorcycle is though a certified training program.

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