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MotorcyclesElectric Ducati? We're All Dying For It

16:30  10 may  2019
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Ducati Extremes—Diavel 1260 And MIG-RR

Ducati Extremes—Diavel 1260 And MIG-RR Production begins on two Ducatis that couldn’t be more different. Ducati is always full of surprises, and we love her for that. These days the Bologna-based company is about to put on the market what appears to be two models set at the opposite extremes of the two-wheeled vehicle world. On one side, off the Borgo Panigale assembly lines are rolling the first units of the new edition Diavel 1260, the meanest, most powerful cruiser from Bologna. Unveiled at EICMA 2018, the new Diavel is a more “Ducatized” interpretation of the power cruiser theme.

If Ducati is planning on a real electric motorcycle (and beyond Domencali’s electric -future proclamation, this scooter is all we have), we ’ re going to pounce on it faster than your cat on that moth you just let into the house. I have faith that Ducati ’s designers can come up with something really

2019 is going to be the year that electric motorcycles take over the biking industry and we couldn't be more excited than ever. Motorcycle manufacturer, Lightning electric motorcycles , based in California has announced that they will unveil their new bike this March and we ’ re excited to see the results.

Electric Ducati? We're All Dying For It© Ducati Electric Superbike 2

This, though? This isn't it.

The electric motorcycle revolution continues, though the large motorcycle manufacturers seem to be behind the curve. Everyone is waiting impatiently for Ducati’s entree into the segment. When rumors were popping and then fulfilled with a Chinese scooter, well, there was disappointment, to say the least.

Oh, Ducati
For Your Viewing Pleasure: A Very Pretty Ducati Vid
Ducati Could Go Electric Much Sooner Than We Expect It

Cute Stuff Alert! A Tiny Ducati Engine!

Cute Stuff Alert! A Tiny Ducati Engine! It's a fully assembled tiny tiny model! While at first glance it looks like the real thing yanked out of a frame and put on display like a rare jewel, it is in fact a 40% scale model of a Ducati “square case” bevel L-twin. Also Small and CuteThis Tiny Car Towing A Tiny Scooter Is Totes AdorbsUPDATE: The Tiny Kawasakis are Here and They're Spectacular The “square case” 863cc engine was developed in the mid 70s as an attempt to simplify the earlier “round case” engines on the Ducati 750s. The most well-regarded “square case” bevel engine was produced in 1978.

“The future is electric , we ’ re not far from starting series production.” This isn’t the first time that Ducati has expressed its intentions to develop an electric motorcycle. Now Domenicali’s remarks represent the strongest confirmation yet that we’ll see an electric Ducati . And this time, the confirmation comes

Because Ducati is planning to build an electric motorcycle between now and 2030. Molto Bene! “Yes, I think electric propulsion will be very interesting for the future, uh, even if we still consider today to be too early for how the technology of the battery is , and so when you put that on a motorcycle you

The CEO of Ducati, Claudio Domenicali,  has said that “the future is electric” so there is no doubt that we’ll see a proper electric motorcycle with the Ducati logo on it. Some day.

Some folks out there do not want to wait, though, and so an “aspiring” automotive designer by the name of Aritra Das has mocked up some renderings of what we all probably want that new electric Ducati to look like. Panigale? Absolutely. Electric Panigale? Hold us all back. These renderings seem to simply be... barely-photoshopped images of a Panigale. OK, we’ll take the vents out of the side fairings because big flat batteries. That’s… not really how any of this works but, fine, we’ll run with it.

Electric Ducati? We're All Dying For It© Ducati Electric Superbike

While these images are in fact an artist’s rendering and, as far as we can tell, in no way connected to Ducati or any kind of an actual prediction of what Ducati’s electric motorcycles will eventually look like, we can dream. So many of the newest members of the electric motorcycle market are uninteresting at best and ugly at worst (not you, Energica, you just keep on with your gorgeous self), the yearning for a beautiful Italian electric offering is strong. Please, Ducati, make something pretty. That scooter you’ve just introduced? That is not Ducati pretty. I mean, it might not be first-gen Multistrada ugly, but it’s no showstopper. Generally the enormous, flat, squarish battery pack that’s integral to the workings of an electric motorcycle is crammed into the frame where an internal combustion engine traditionally sits, and the absolute lack of any mechanical workings makes that surface flat and absolutely boring. It’s begging to be coated in pretty plastics, but that is tough to do without making things look blobby.

Ducati Releases First Electric Model...A Chinese Scooter

Ducati Releases First Electric Model...A Chinese Scooter We heard whispers about a Ducati scooter project…we didn’t think it’d be built in Nanjing. Back in January, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali remarked, “the future is electric and we’re not far from beginning production of the series”. With seemingly every manufacturer getting in on the EV trade, we took Claudio’s statement very seriously. Perhaps too seriously, since we finally got word of Ducati's electric project and it isn't quite what we expected.

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Rumor is Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali loved this electric Hypermotard conversion so much, he's considering using a battery-powered drivetrain in the future. We 've seen a fair number of motorcycles converted from gasoline to battery power, and while we admire each effort, this latest example from

This collection of artist’s renderings have been picked up by some media and run as a tease. Don’t let it fool you. If Ducati is planning on a real electric motorcycle (and beyond Domencali’s electric-future proclamation, this scooter is all we have), we’re going to pounce on it faster than your cat on that moth you just let into the house. I have faith that Ducati’s designers can come up with something really lovely. Eventually.

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Watch This Zero SR/F Smoke A Ducati 959.
Erika Lauren now holds the record for the fastest 1/8 mile run on a Zero SR/F. There's a new record holder in town. Not only has Erica Lauren set a new 1/8 mile record for the Zero SR/F, but she also did it in style by beating a Ducati 959 in the process. We Gonna Rock Down To Electric Avenue:Behold: The All-New Zero SR/FWe’re Getting A Zero SR/F In Our Fleet And We Want Your Ideas "World record holder pic," posted Lauren on the Zero Motorcycle Owners Group on Facebook. "Fastest 1/8 mile on a Zero SR/F. 95% SOC cold battery at 7.5 seconds. Won’t last long but was the first to my knowledge.

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