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Axell Hodges Injured Practicing for World-Record Longest Motorcycle Jump Hodges avoided life-threatening injury, but will not be able to jump during Sunday's "Evel Live 2" broadcast on History.

Most motorcycle crashes don’t involve injuries except to the riders’ pride, their insurance premiums, and the If you see a crash , or are among the first on the scene right after one, what you do next can mean the difference between someone having a bad day, and having the worst day of their lives.

If you ride a motorcycle long enough, you will go down eventually. What you do before, during, and after your motorcycle crash may just save your life, so it helps to pay attention and plan for the worst as a motorcyclist . Choosing the right insurance. Insurance goes beyond your motorcycle policy.

You see it in a flash as you round the blind corner on the twisty mountain road—the cloud of dust, your friend’s bike jammed under the guardrail, and they’re lying on their back in the middle of the road, not moving. Your first thought is, “Wow, that’s a bad crash.” Your second thought is, “What the hell do I do now?”

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Most motorcycle crashes don’t involve injuries except to the riders’ pride, their insurance premiums, and the amount of **** dished out to them by their riding buddies. But not everyone who eats asphalt is lucky enough to get up and walk away with nothing more than a bent lever and a story to tell. If you see a crash, or are among the first on the scene right after one, what you do next can mean the difference between someone having a bad day, and having the worst day of their lives.

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Here is my Audio/Video recording setup: Yi 4K+ Camera https Motorcycle Crash - Mulholland Riders 5/19/2013 - Продолжительность: 3:52 RNickeyMouse 1 478 465 просмотров. Motorcycle Crash Aftermath - Продолжительность: 4:35 A MOTO 1 212 351 просмотр.

Came across a fallen motorcycle in late August next to #BatterseaPark . I stopped to see if I could help with the accident. The rider was still on his back

The first thing to do is secure the scene. Pull off the road and park in a safe spot, leaving enough room for emergency vehicles to stop close to the victim. Go up the road, or send someone, to flag down oncoming traffic so there isn’t a second accident right after the first. Then see to the rider.

Now is when you determine whether to call 911. Crash victims can be loosely divided into three categories: not hurt; partially hurt; and badly hurt. But those aren’t clearly delineated categories—there can be some overlap depending on the circumstances.

If the crash was a simple low-side and the rider is already up, cursing the gravel on the road or the deer that jumped out of the forest (or more rarely, but more accurately, their lack of sufficient riding training) and trying to lift their bike back on its wheels, it’s a category one and you probably don’t have to call 911. If they were wearing good riding gear they might not even have a scratch.

Check Out This Crash Course On How To Crash Your Bike

Check Out This Crash Course On How To Crash Your Bike Weirdly enough, there’s a right and a wrong way. Bret Tkacs is a motorcycle instructor who specializes in adventure riding training. On his YouTube channel Mototrek, he documents his off-road adventures and teaches us about certain aspects of adventure riding. We recently covered one of his videos in which he compares a production with a retrofitted Rekluse automatic transmission, which we thought was really neat. In his latest video, Bret teaches us “how to crash”. Of course, nobody wants to crash and you can’t really practice crashing.

Here ’ s why. You can probably get a ticket. “Failure to control” or some other type of bull. You really don’t need that, especially after you hurt your baby. Jk breh. This is why we are coming up with a “ crash plan.” Here is what you need to do . Gather yourself as soon as you can.

Table of Contents How to Prepare Before a Motorcycle Crash How to Safely Crash a Motorcycle What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash How to Prevent a Motorcycle Crash . Here are ways to prepare for a crash , what to do if or when you crash , and how to move on from a crash .

But if you actually saw the crash as it happened, and they tumbled or hit their head or landed on their back, or they seem dazed and not entirely with it, get them to leave the bike, sit down, and chill. Neck and spine injuries don’t swell up right away, and they could do more damage to themselves with a feat of adrenaline-fueled weightlifting than is obvious at first. Any pain or tightness in the neck or back after 10 minutes or so pushes them into category two, and warrants a 911 call.

Other category two injuries worthy of dialing for help include closed fractures (broken bones that don’t poke through the skin) and any injury that bleeds a lot. Road rash looks bad but typically doesn’t bleed that much, although if it’s extensive, as it often is for riders who believe tats, a tan, and a tank-top constitute safety gear, you need to watch for signs of shock, such as glassy eyes, and pale, ashen skin. If it’s hot, try to keep the victim cool, and if it’s cold, keep them warm; the idea is to return their body temperature back to normal. Don’t give them any fluids until help arrives.

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This book is going to help you understand the important “dos and don’ts” of the motorcycling world! Either way, crashing can really put a damper on your life. I suggest preparing for the worst, and here ’ s how you can do that.

10 things to do after you’ve had a minor motorcycle crash : Secure the scene. If you can, move yourself and Since this is a minor crash and you are not injured nor required to attend to any injured victims It gets a bit legally tricky here , so we advise you read this article about SD card evidence.

The best thing to do with a closed fracture is leave it alone until the EMTs arrive. Don’t try to take the boot off a broken foot or ankle, or the jeans, riding pants, or jacket off someone who has a broken arm, collarbone, or leg. Let the EMTs cut clothes off at the scene, and then the rider should thank that leather or textile riding gear for doing its job so they can ride another day. Compound or open fractures are another matter, as they often bleed, sometimes a lot. Stop the bleeding as soon as possible by putting pressure on the wound, cutting away whatever clothing prevents you from doing it.

You’ll know a category three crash when you see one: The rider will be unconscious, or not breathing, or both. Even if you suspect spinal injury, you need to get the victim’s helmet off right away, because if they’re not breathing they’ll be dead in about four minutes anyway. This is a job for two people, one to support their neck and the other to lift the helmet off.

Now check their ABCs—airway, breathing, and circulation. First make sure their airway is clear. If they’re not breathing just clearing the airway might get them started again. Then look at their chest to see if it’s moving, or put your hand or cheek near their mouth to see if you can feel their breath. If they’re breathing they have circulation, but check it anyway by feeling for a pulse in the carotid artery. Keep them still and calm until the EMTs can take over.

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Learn more about what to do after a motorcycle accident by visiting our FAQs page: http After a serious crash , contact St Louis motorcycle accident injury lawyer John Page by calling (314) 322-8515. Visit our office at 12166 Old Big Bend Rd, Ste 100, Kirkwood, MO 63122.

Here are the 6 most important steps you should take immediately following a motorcycle accident. Step 1: Collect Contact Information. Many times, the exact cause of an accident is unclear immediately after the accident. Accidents can be jarring, and you might not recall every detail until

There are first-aid kits small enough to fit in a saddlebag, tank bag, or backpack that are sufficient to treat minor cuts and scrapes, and bandage small bleeding wounds. You can find them at many camping supply stores or order them through some motorcycle accessory companies. Look for one that has at least the following items: four-by-four-inch gauze bandages; a CPR mask; latex gloves (or better yet non-latex to prevent an allergic reaction); alcohol wipes for sterilizing a dirty wound; and adhesive tape. Then add the following: a space blanket for shock victims; some Band-Aid-type adhesive bandages in several shapes and sizes; gauze pads larger than the four-by-fours; scissors in case you have to cut away clothing; and a pain reliever like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Also carry a small flashlight to check for airway obstructions.

That should be enough to deal with all but the most serious crash injuries. Remember, the goal of first aid isn’t to heal or cure an injury, it’s to stabilize the victim until trained professionals arrive. Short of becoming one of those professionals yourself, you can take low-cost Red Cross CPR and emergency first-aid courses. If at least one rider in your group has basic first-aid skills, it increases the chance of all of you making it home to ride another day. Of course if that one rider is the one who crashes, then you’d better have two graduates in your group. Better yet, get together with all the people you ride with often and take a course together.

Jerry Smith’s latest book, Missed Shifts, spans a career riding fast bikes and covering the motorcycle industry. You can get it on Amazon here.

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