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02:50  04 may  2021
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2021 Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo First Look Preview

  2021 Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo First Look Preview Aprilia kicks off a racing series to highlight the talents of its new RS 660.Editor’s note: We’ve covered the RS 660 in review forms during the 2021 Aprilia RS 660 First Ride Review and 2021 Aprilia RS 660 MC Commute Review articles/videos. We also speak about its technical underpinnings in the 2021 Aprilia RS 660 Preview First Look, 2020 Aprilia RS 660 First Look Preview, and 2021 Aprilia RS 660 Technical Review articles.

Best Gear for Big Riders . Bikes , gear, and clothing for bigger , taller, heavier cyclists. By Bobby Lea. More than any other part of your bike , the saddle can mean the difference between a good ride and a bad one. This is true for all cyclists, not just bigger , taller, heavier ones. The right saddle will properly support your sit bones—by the way, a wide backside doesn’t necessarily mean wide sit bones.

― best gravel bike for big riders ―. Clydesdale Draft. For big , tall riders who place enormous amounts of strain on standard equipment, DirtySixer specializes in building durable bikes for really big riders . The company made headlines when it unveiled a bike made for Lebron James, but he was just the latest in a long line of NFL and NBA stars to order bikes from DirtySixer.

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a sunset over a body of water: Jared is 6'5 © Steve Christo - Corbis - Getty Images Jared is 6'5" and 285-pounds. He wanted a good road bike. Nearly a dozen bike companies said,'No way.'

In a previous newsletter, I said the bike industry has a weight problem. It does a good job building equipment for riders of average-ish size but gets lower marks at making equipment for riders on the margins of the bell curve.

I knew this, but sometimes it slips to the back of my mind because I’m of average-ish size, so everything works for me. Jared was my wake-up call.

Möve Bikes insolvent: Thuringian pedelec manufacturer is looking for investors

 Möve Bikes insolvent: Thuringian pedelec manufacturer is looking for investors The bicycle and pedelec manufacturer Möve Bikes from Mühlhausen had to file for insolvency at the beginning of February 2021. Business operations should continue without restriction. © Möve Despite modern pedelecs: Möve is insolvent. At Möve Bikes GmbH in Thuringia, the insolvency administrator now decides. He is looking for investors and sees good prospects for success. That is why he decided to keep business operations running normally.

he races too muchm he races too little. some of you said everything about him these years. and it´s great. he delivered when at the top of his game, and some rides were great. now he´s struggling, but he ain´t throwing the towel yet. keeping going Dawg! Road Professional Road Racing Enthusiast Road Cycling Q&A Games and Fantasy Cycling Community Community Terms and Conditions Off Road Mountain Biking General Track Cycling Cyclo-Cross Bikes & Gear Cycling Gear & Accessories Workshop & Maintenance Form & Fitness Exercise & Fitness Discussion Cafe The Clinic Non-Cycling

Brought to you by the world’s biggest cycling channel, the Global Cycling Network (GCN), GCN Tech goes deeper into the bikes , kit and technology stories that matter. GCN Tech is utterly obsessed with seeking out and showcasing the best in bikes , tech, products and upgrades. Cycling is for people of all shapes and sizes. Since joining the team at the end of last year, you may have noticed that Conor falls into the category of 'taller riders '. But, that hasn't stopped him having a successful career racing bikes and enjoying every pedal stroke.

Jared is a friend-of-Bicycling, and recently I was asked to help him find a new bike. Jared is not average: he’s 6’5” and 285 lb. (down from 320+). He is strong, and he likes to ride fast, and he’s having a hell of a time finding a fast production road bike that’s big enough, robust enough, and durable enough.

He has borrowed some of Bobby Lea’s, our 6’2” test editor, bikes to get by, but they’re too small, and they don’t hold up,“He flats and breaks chains like it’s nothing,” said a coworker. Currently, he’s riding Bobby’s Canyon size XL Aeroad test bike.

a bicycle parked on the side of a building: Jared borrowed our XL Canyon Aeroad test bike, but it’s too small and he © Trevor Raab Jared borrowed our XL Canyon Aeroad test bike, but it’s too small and he

Carefully riding it, as the Aeroad has a 260 lb. weight limit,“I can hear it screaming,” said one of my coworkers who regularly rides with Jared.

Harley borrows Detroit's used-car playbook to pursue younger riders

  Harley borrows Detroit's used-car playbook to pursue younger riders Harley borrows Detroit's used-car playbook to pursue younger ridersCHICAGO (Reuters) - Harley-Davidson Inc has decided the best way to get younger customers to buy a new motorcycle is to sell them a used one first.

Sport Bikes for BIG Riders and Beginner Sport Motorcycles for Tall People - Ask a Motorcycle Guy - Продолжительность: 9:38 Alex Simmons 110 989 просмотров. 5 Best Beginner Cruiser Motorcycles For New Motorcycle Riders - Продолжительность: 11:46 DanDanTheFireman 608 798 просмотров.

There should be a place for manly sized riders . Fat tires and big frames are perfect for the Clydesdales out there. Fat tires and big frames are perfect for the Clydesdales out there. Lets here from the people who played football and basketball in school and got into mountain bikes . If you break spokes and chains on easy/moderate rides that's cool. Here's to stiff Aluminum frames, real seats and good beer.

I love a good challenge, so I dove in to find Jared a bike. I knew options would be limited, but with so many bikes on the market, I figured there had to be a few bikes that could work. Because though Jared is not average, he’s not unique, and I want to believe our sport is welcoming and accommodating to anyone who finds joy in riding a bike—just like you and I do.

Boy, was I shocked and disappointed. I reached out to over a dozen brands and researched many more. Weight limits are a big problem, though I shouldn’t have been surprised. Some years ago, I tested a Wilier Zero.6 Unlimited with an 80kg, 176 lbs., total (rider, bike, all accessories) weight limit. That means if the bike weighs 14 pounds, 162 pounds are remaining for bottles, bottle cages, shoes, clothing, helmet, computer, saddlebag, and, of course, the rider. I was around 155 lb. at the time, and technically, I was over the weight limit dressed to ride with bottles and a repair kit on the bike.

Ducati wants to keep its six MotoGP bikes for 2022

  Ducati wants to keep its six MotoGP bikes for 2022 Ducati is keen to continue fielding six bikes in MotoGP beyond the 2021 season and has been in contact with Gresini Racing about a potential tie-up. © Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images Johann Zarco, Pramac Racing Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team The Italian manufacturer is the only one of the six present on the current MotoGP grid who supplies bikes to two satellite squads on top of its factory effort.

The best bike for any rider , regardless of age, is the one that you'll be sure to ride on a regular basis. Shop around, ride a variety of bikes , and make your choice. Anyhow, the best answer to that question is a bike that fits the best and will be comfortable and enjoyable to ride . You don't have to spend a lot of money to get that. The advantage that the department stores have is she can try

Riding your bike in the city can be tricky. Traffic is not always easy to negotiate and is often intimidating for cyclists. In this video, Hank explains how The Global Cycling Network puts you in the centre of the action: from the iconic climbs of Alpe D’Huez and Mont Ventoux to the cobbles of Flanders, everywhere there is road or pavé, world-class racing and pro riders , we will be there bringing you action, analysis and unparalleled access every week, every month, and every year.

That bike’s weight limit was exceptionally low. Still, it is illustrative of an industry that is great at catering to a small group of enthusiasts but is less good at embracing the general population.

The other issue was frame size,“That dude is a BEAST. We don’t make a frame big enough for him,” said one brand representative in what was a typical response. Another brand rep— 6’5” tall—stated that the brand he worked for didn’t make a bike big enough for him.

When you put together Jared’s height and weight, most brands tapped out. What was incredibly discouraging was the number of brand representatives who said,“Has he considered a custom bike?” which effectively proposes a financial penalty on Jared because he’s not a shorter, skinner dude.

a bicycle leaning against a wall: A customized DeSalvo Builder’s Special steel bike is one of the few bikes I know would work for Jared. © Trevor Raab A customized DeSalvo Builder’s Special steel bike is one of the few bikes I know would work for Jared.

But unfortunately, the bike that, so far, I feel best about is custom adjacent. It’s DeSalvo’s Steel Builder’s Special with disc brakes.“Yes, I could build a steel bike that would hold up to him,“Mike DeSalvo told me.

Citi Bike rival e-bike service 'JOCO' to launch in Manhattan next week

  Citi Bike rival e-bike service 'JOCO' to launch in Manhattan next week Starting next week, JOCO bikes, a privately-run transportation start-up will have thousands of e-bikes available for rent at 30 privately-owned locations, according to its founders. JOCO’s e-bikes will charge passengers $1 to ride plus $.25-cents a minute,costing less per-ride than a single trip on a Citi Bike and offer riders unlimited 45-minute trips at $49 a month. © Provided by WINS Radio New York JOCO Bikes Its bikes docks will be located on private properties like residential buildings, hotels and offices.

The Steel Disc Builder’s Special bike sells for $4,500, complete with a nice Shimano Ultegra build, a helluva deal for a boutique bike. Though it is not a fully customized bike, DeSalvo does tune each Builder’s Special to suit the individual customer. A frame built for Jared will weigh“A pound or two,” more than a typical Builder’s Special frame, DeSalvo said, but the result should be a bike that has better performance and fewer compromises than a lighter frame.

I wish I were able to come up with more suitable options for Jared. A few production bikes might work, but“might” doesn’t make me comfortable. I want to know the bike will work so Jared can have his best ride, every ride. There should be more bikes that let him.

Update April 2021: I found a production bike for Jared. It’s a 61cm Cervelo Aspero 5 GRX Di2 ($7,100) with Reserve carbon wheels (Cervelo specifically recommended the carbon wheels for Jared because of his weight).

Even better, I was able to get a sample of this bike for Jared to ride.

a person riding on the back of a bicycle: Jared’s all smiles on the Aspero 5 © Courtesy Jared Mast Jared’s all smiles on the Aspero 5

The Aspero 5 is a gravel bike, not a road bike. But it is a fast gravel bike: Lightweight, with aerodynamic tuning, and quicker handling. I've ridden the Aspero, and with narrower slicks, it is a pretty damn fast road bike. Plus, Jared, like many of us, is feeling the pull of gravel riding, so this bike is working out well for him.

After a few rides on the Aspero Jared texted me to say,“I always felt like the Canyon was going to shatter underneath me, but the Aspero feels stable and sturdy. It’s a fun and fast bike that has really cool versatility and is not overly delicate or twitchy. I think this could be a single bike for folks like me.”

A full review and video of the Aspero 5 by Jared are in the works, so stay tuned for more on this important topic.

When It Comes to SoulCycle At-Home Bike vs. Peloton, It's All About Preference and Cost .
Both indoor cycling bikes offer great workouts, but there are some key differences between these two competing products.Over the past year, the global pandemic forced many of us to embrace home workouts. And rather than ditching them to return to the gym, you might be looking to upgrade your home set-up to include a top-of-the-line indoor bike like a Peloton or SoulCycle bike so you can keep spinning and sweating in the comfort of your own home. If so, you’re not alone.

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