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Harley borrows Detroit's used-car playbook to pursue younger riders

  Harley borrows Detroit's used-car playbook to pursue younger riders Harley borrows Detroit's used-car playbook to pursue younger ridersCHICAGO (Reuters) - Harley-Davidson Inc has decided the best way to get younger customers to buy a new motorcycle is to sell them a used one first.

Las Vegas Motorcycles 2021 . Information found on the website is presented as advance information for the auction lot. Photos, materials for videos, descriptions and other information are provided by the consignor/seller and is deemed reliable, but Mecum Auction does not verify, warrant or guarantee this information. The lot and information presented at auction on the auction block supersedes any previous descriptions or information. Mecum is not responsible for information that may be changed or updated prior to the auction.

Mecum Auctions in Las Vegas . Location. Las Vegas Convention Center 3150 Paradise Road Las Vegas , NV 89109. Doors open daily at 8 AM Gates close one hour after the final motorcycle of the day crosses the block. MOTORCYCLES: Wednesday through Saturday, April 28-May 1 at 10 AM. ROAD ART: Will begin prior to motorcycles April 28-May 1. SAFETY PROTOCOLS: Daily touch-free temperature screening will be required for all attendees and employees prior to entering the auction grounds.

January’s Las Vegas motorcycle sales often set the tone of the motorcycle market in much the same way auctions in Kissimmee and Scottsdale are perceived to in the collector car market. Judging by how they went this year, motorcycles will be a hot commodity for the rest of 2021.

a motorcycle parked on the side of a road © Provided by Hagerty

The sales, like so many events these days, happened a bit differently than in the past. The headliners, Bonhams and Mecum, typically auction off bikes the same week, but Bonhams held its sale later in January at a new location, the Rio Hotel and Casino, and Mecum chose to wait until the end of April (which is why we’re talking about it now). As we’ve seen at car auctions, there were fewer lots on offer: Mecum’s event slimmed down from 6 days last year to 4 days this year—and nearly 600 fewer lots. Despite and perhaps because of the limited supply, demand was strong. In fact, we saw some astronomical, record-setting sales. Let’s zoom in on six big sales from Mecum Vegas for a better perspective.

Looking for an E-Bike? These 2020 Cannondales Are on Sale at REI

  Looking for an E-Bike? These 2020 Cannondales Are on Sale at REI Four of Cannondale's e-bikes are discounted up to 24% right now.For commuters and around-town riders there's the Canvas Neo 1 or Neo 2. They're both comfortable, fast e-bikes with disc brakes, good components, and powerful 250-watt Bosch motors. The 1 has a top speed of 20mph with pedal assist, while the 2 tops out at 28mph.

Are you an InfoNet member or Mecum Customer? We’re closely monitoring the potential impact to our event schedule related to COVID-19. Las Vegas October 7-9 1,000 VEHICLES.

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2004 Honda Rune

a motorcycle parked on the side of a building: Mecum © Provided by Hagerty Mecum

Sold for $55,000

#1-condition (Concours) value: $25,500

The Rune is likely Honda’s boldest-ever design move, from a company known for playing it safe, and one of the brand’s most polarizing bikes. It was created in 2004 as a radically-styled concept based on the Goldwing, intended prove Honda could build an even better exotic cruiser better than Harley could. With an MSRP of $24,999, it cost more than most other bikes on the road.

Limited production and a high entry fee meant that the Rune was coveted from day 1, and it has held its value. Many nice examples exist, but we rarely see one transact for #1 (Concours) value of $25,500—about the bike’s original MSRP (although inflation means the amount doesn’t exactly equate to an even trade).

Citi Bike rival e-bike service 'JOCO' to launch in Manhattan next week

  Citi Bike rival e-bike service 'JOCO' to launch in Manhattan next week Starting next week, JOCO bikes, a privately-run transportation start-up will have thousands of e-bikes available for rent at 30 privately-owned locations, according to its founders. JOCO’s e-bikes will charge passengers $1 to ride plus $.25-cents a minute,costing less per-ride than a single trip on a Citi Bike and offer riders unlimited 45-minute trips at $49 a month. © Provided by WINS Radio New York JOCO Bikes Its bikes docks will be located on private properties like residential buildings, hotels and offices.

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The Mecum motorcycle auction rolled into Las Vegas last weekend for the second time this year, adding the sale of about 400 vintage bikes to the nearly 1,000 that crossed the block in January. “Once again, Las Vegas proves itself as the premier vintage-motorcycle enthusiast gathering place,” said Ron Christenson, president of the Mecum motorcycle division. A 1969 Triumph Bonneville on the auction stage. The auction, held at the South Point Hotel and Casino a few miles south of the famous Las Vegas strip, was a laid-back affair as befitting a roomful of motorcyclists gathered among such a

All to say, this $55,000 sale came out of nowhere. At more than double the #1-condition value, it leaves any comparable transaction in the dust—and leaves us scratching our heads. The Rune market isn’t an arena where we’d ordinarily expect to see much movement, and this single sale does not mean values for these bikes just doubled. More likely than not, this result will be as polarizing as the Rune itself. No doubt it’s a lot of scratch, but what’s for sure is that at least two people with deep pockets were willing to shell out for this special cruiser.

1986 Honda CR250

a motorcycle parked on the side of a road: Mecum © Provided by Hagerty Mecum

Sold for $12,100

#1-condition value: $5200

Whereas we can dismiss the Rune sale as something of an outlier, for now, there’s no doubt ’70s and ’80s super bikes have been on the rise, and our price guide has frankly struggled to keep pace (although we did call them out, along with the Knucklehead, below, in our motorcycles to watch in 2021 story back in January). This CR250 sale demonstrates that in high relief.

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 review: one of the best electric bikes for zero-effort commuting

  Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 review: one of the best electric bikes for zero-effort commuting Incredibly nimble for an e-bike, the Vado SL is like a normal bike with all that boring effort taken awayIt's an understatement to say that demand for ebikes has shot up over the last few years. A gradual swell in interest over the previous decade turned into an all-out sales frenzy as lockdowns pushed commuters off public transport.

Famed French restaurant guide Michelin announced their top Manhattan and Westchester eateries for 2021. Michelin awarded 76 restaurants their stars in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Westchester. Since the pandemic hit the city, restaurants that have shuttered number at least 1,000. Alas, 15 previously Michelin-ranked restaurants didn’t make the cut this year — while seven new places were added to the list. Upscale Manhattan staples such as Le Bernardin, Per Se, Masa, Eleven Madison Park and Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare all kept their status as three-star places.

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Dirtbikes were long viewed as utilitarian, even disposable, with many of them wearing plastic components rather than chrome and metal. Their appeal had long been limited to established enthusiasts and collectors. Until recently, that is, when faired sportbikes started to become widely accepted, and ’80s dirtbikes began their own price creeping.

Dirtbikes generally lived punishing lives, meaning today’s supply isn’t high, and as demand ticks up, so do prices. A CR500, the most iconic and valuable of all dirtbikes, will sell for upwards of $20K if it’s in excellent shape. This $12K sale of a Honda CR250 further solidifies the burgeoning value of lower-cc bikes.

1946 Harley-Davidson FL Knucklehead and 1943 Harley-Davidson E Knucklehead

a motorcycle parked on the side of a building: 1946 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FL © Provided by Hagerty 1946 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FL a motorcycle parked on the side of a building: 1943 HARLEY-DAVIDSON E MODEL © Provided by Hagerty 1943 HARLEY-DAVIDSON E MODEL

FL sold for $220,000, and E Model sold for $220,000

#1-condition (Concours) value: $87,000 (FL); $87,600 (E)

We have been watching as Harley Knuckleheads slowly climb the price ladder, going so far as to lay out just how badly millennials want your Harleys. That said, we didn’t expect to witness sales even close to the original-paint “Greenie” Knucklehead that sold last year for $220,000. Well, it happened again at Mecum Vegas 2021. Twice. These most recent results are nearly triple our #1-condition price guide value, and the ’46 sets a new record for a the model year.

The Last Of The Original CSX3000 Cobras To Sell From Dealer Stock Is Heading To Mecum Auction

  The Last Of The Original CSX3000 Cobras To Sell From Dealer Stock Is Heading To Mecum Auction In 1965 Carroll Shelby began production of the 100 planned 427-cid powered Cobras carrying the iconic CSX3000 serial numbers and by October 1966 CSX3042 was delivered to Grappone Ford in Concord, New Hampshire. After hearing about the troubles plaguing production of the new Cobras that lead to its discontinuation, John Grappone made the decision to keep the car instead of selling it. Ultimately this decision paid off as it did not take long for the car, as one of just 27 S/C Cobras produced, to gain in value.

The J.C. Burgin collection from which the bikes were sold was part of the late Johnnie Clifton Burgin’s estate. He was the owner and caretaker but also the restorer of the majority of the Knuckleheads for sale from the collection; one Knucklehead for each of the 12 years Harley made them.

As prices lift ever higher in the mid-range tier—CB750s at $50K, Z1s at $35K, and CR500s at $20K—the top of the collector market is showing some signs of following suit. Harley experts caution us that these two sales reflect frenzied bidding in the room rather than a tectonic shift in Knucklehead values, but there’s no doubt these venerable bikes are performing well.

1973 Kawasaki Z1

a motorcycle parked on the side of a road: Mecum © Provided by Hagerty Mecum

Sold for $36,300

#1-condition (Concours) value: $22,600

The Z1—Kawasaki’s answer to the Honda CB750—is regarded as the first true superbike. These machines have proven time and time again that they are capable of commanding big dollars. The earliest 1972 production bikes sit on top of the value pile, commanding large premiums over later bikes and changing hands at or above $30K in the last year. At first, such prices seemed like outliers (this is sandcast CB750 money, after all) and then they just kept coming.

This example from Mecum Vegas tells us prices might go higher still. See, it’s not an early VIN. This price would have seem outlandish four months ago. At the pace things are changing, though, we could very well be saying it was bought well four months from now.

The Class Of ‘71: A Collection Of The Last Of The HEMI Cars

  The Class Of ‘71: A Collection Of The Last Of The HEMI Cars 1971 marked the end of an era for Mopar fans. In the blink of an eye the HEMI left the muscle car stage as quickly as it came and with it, the 440 Six Pack went as well. While it lasted though, the HEMI and 440 cars of the 1970s were really something incredible. With an arguably underrated 425-horsepower and 385-horsepower, respectively, and muscle car style like none other, these cars were some of the most revered on the road. Unfortunately, many of them fell victim to ignorance and not a whole lot of them have survived the last 50-years.

1963 Triumph Bonneville TT Special

a motorcycle parked on the side of a road: Mecum © Provided by Hagerty Mecum

Sold for $71,500

#1-condition (Concours) value: $20,500

At a time when Japanese bikes both old and new are taking the spotlight, British bikes have sat idle or even declined from their peak values. At least, that is, until this TT Special pulled in $71,500. That’s almost #2-condition Vincent Black Shadow money.

This particular TT Special is, well, special in several ways. It is the first and least common year for production, and the bike is said to be in 100 percent original condition with only 500 miles on the odometer. Being all-original might command, say, a 25 percent premium over a restored bike in #1 condition, especially for such a rare machine, but in this case it brought a truly shocking 248 percent premium. It’s not Steve McQueen’s TT Special, so what gives?

Clearly British bikes are not wholly falling out of favor, and the timeless style of the Bonneville—not to mention its recognizable nature among car and motorcycle enthusiasts—will ensure they are held as icons for years to come. Will $70K+ for a Bonneville happen again any time soon? Time will tell, but for some the Bonneville’s mystique remains worth a pretty penny.

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